Turkey solves the problem of police violation of human rights: Links 2, April 30, 2021

1. At least one state thug in matching pants suit has been charged for “assault with a weapon” for his ultra-vires attack on a skateboarder outside.

(As we have stated on this site a couple of times, being pro or anti police is as useless as being pro or anti war. One is pro-police and celebrate them when they protect our individual rights, property and personal safety from crime. In this case, our gratitude is deserved and should be shown. But when police are attacking, beating, tasing, storming private residences and institutions all to enforce mandates under an act that doesn’t even grant these suspensions of our legal rights (the definition of ultra-vires) they become state thugs in matching pants suits. Similarly, when war is the cost of defending our culture, values, personal safety, and the cost of not waging war is our extinction or enslavement, then war is a damn fine thing. Conversely, when its expansionism, Lebensraum, the enslavement of others, the imposition of one’s culture on others by force of arms, then war is a very bad thing. As usual, the left plays with levels of abstraction to make it difficult for us to argue against their agenda. So we must not fall into the trap of being anti-police. The left wants this. And they are anti-police in the way we like police. Because they defend rule of law and private property. They want us to hate the police as part of the plot to use us as tools of our own undoing. But when police are tasked to be agents of the destruction of our freedoms and culture, we have another issue.)

2. Entire Randy Hiller family charged with what would be more accurately called, a public display of opposition to state mandates. Funny how when the left oppose a law, our leaders literally bend a knee to them. Trudeau came out and honoured tens of thousands of people violating the first lockdown for a Marxist event under the banner of BLM. The first round of protests over the death of a man who violently robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint, George Floyd.

3. This link is to a video of a woman suffering what appears to be profound neurological issues as a result of the mRNA injection. I don’t want to embed it. The degree of tragedy makes it seem voyeuristic to do so. But you can see it on Bitchute here.

4. Turkish interior minister bans all recording of police during protests. (One cannot help but wonder how long till…)

Rights groups have condemned a new directive banning citizens from recording any footage of the police during protests, calling it an act of censorship and a blow to both accountability and citizens’ journalism.

General Directorate of Security, Turkish Police on Friday issued<b> a directive banning all audio-visual recordings of citizens at protests.</b>

“These kind of audio-visual recordings prevent them [the police] from fulfilling their duties and must not be permitted; they should prevent those taking recordings of a protest or action,” the directive said.

It said legal action will be taken against any citizens who record the police in any social events.

The police claim that audio-visual recordings of officers while they are fulfilling their duties during social events violate their privacy and reveal their identities.

Rights groups condemned the new directive as blatant censorship.

The Istanbul branch of the Association of Progressive Lawyers, CHD said that it was clearly introduced to guarantee police anonymity <b>ahead of any incidents on May 1, International Labour Day.</b>

“If your personnel are recorded while torturing someone, this could be presented as evidence. Once again, your duty is not to torture, it is a crime!” CHD wrote on Twitter. CHD told citizens that if they see a crime being committed, they can take audiovisual recording as “evidence.”.

Additional links:

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5. In this video of Montreal Police going after Jewish people for walking around, one police offers the Rebel reporter the titbit: “You have no more rights”. Ok then. Even accidental honesty is better than none.

A heartfelt thank you to this entire community for your readership, contributions, support of this site financially, and sustained ability to maintain a level view as reality itself becomes increasingly skewed. 

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6 Replies to “Turkey solves the problem of police violation of human rights: Links 2, April 30, 2021”

  1. link “to a video of a woman suffering what appears to be profound neurological issues as a result of the mRNA injection. I don’t want to embed it. The degree of tragedy makes it seem voyeuristic to do so”

    Why record and post the video if not to illustrate the problem?

    • I did put the link. But the horror of her condition was difficult to see. You are correct of course. But sometimes its too much. I guess it depends on our individual sensitivities. For example, this site got in deep and very hot water years ago for posting jihadi videos of sharia punishments such as beheadings and so on. Our reasoning is if you don’t show it, no one will believe that it was done, and its a necessary evil in order for people to understand the horror and threat doctrine of Islam.

      I still believe that. But this seemed a kind of obscenity that was unkind to the living victim. Even so, because you are correct, I posted the link to the video.

      • I agree with you. Nothing should be censored. How else are we to know what is involved if we don’t see it? Also, censorship is a disservice to investigators as people who might be helpful in identifying individuals in the videos don’t get to see the videos.

  2. Now I understand why
    Oct 17, 2013 — Some 40000 Jews left Quebec following Parti Quebecois’ rise to power in 1976. With the new Charter of Quebec Values, many more may
    — from https://www.timesofisrael.com/will-rising-nationalism-renew-montreals-jewish-exodus/

    Everything in this sounds logical until you ask why a bylaw is created that affects only one segment of the population–those that want synagogues on a particular street. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/outremont-places-of-worship-ban-hasidic-1.3859620

  3. ITEM 5 – I recognize the area from when I lived in Montreal. About two kilometers away, there’s the Muslim area, it’s very spread out.

    I know of entire residential buildings, from three to five storeys, where all the residents are Muslims. Many meet up in one apartment for their ritual prayers, all males. That’s much worse than walking on a sidewalk and you can bet police wouldn’t dare knock on their doors.

    My former Muslim brother-in-law, every evening, there were between 12 to 15 males, none are family-related, that showed up for their prayers.

  4. ITEM 4 – Erdogan is in trouble. The economy is in free fall. They now have food lines where the government hands out basic staples. And there’s also the matter of corruption where huge amounts of money have disappeared.

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