Several stories on mRNA injection damage, a court victory, and a court destroyed: Links 3, April 30, 2021

1. MSM interview with a woman who was paralyzed after her second Pfizer shot. She already had Covid. Which means she had ideal, robust and wide immunity to Covid which would last at least 17 years. She then took the mRNA shot and had this happen.

2. FOUR Western Countries voted to put Iran on the UN’s Commission for the Status of Women.

BUT WAIT! There is More! The vote was SECRET! So we are not allowed to know which ones voted for Iran.

I would put even money on Canada and Sweden for 2 of them though.

3. A Judge in Canada has ruled that till at least May 13, the Church doors will remain open and no fines given for Pastor Artur.

4. Woman has bad reaction to J&J injection

5. Judge in Germany bans mask use at schools based on the science. Germany’s highest court overturns judgement, arranges to have his office and home raided and searched, removes his cell phone. We must know more about this event!

6. Five month old baby dies after being breast fed by mother who had both mRNA shots.

Thank you Miss Piggy, M., Johnny U., Gates of Vienna, ET., EB., Richard, EW., Major Tom, Sassy, and many more who I have lost track of in the torrent of horror that is today’s reality.

The only good news one might suppose, is that the obviousness of the nature of things today is such that we can be tortured by less doubt as to what is going on, and those who do not get it yet, and are safely in the cocoon of their own need to believe in a benevolent state and honest pharma and politicians, will likely never get it and we can stop wasting our time.

Having said that…

I do notice that people who have not been vaccinated that are young and healthy, seem more willing to entertain the notion that something in the narrative is terribly wrong, and are postponing that first or second shot. In any case, while the mRNA injection’s cost benefit is still in question, taking the Red Pill can easily save your life. So there is that.

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  1. «Weimar, it´s a town in Germany…»

    Yes, I do think I remember that name from somewhere, might be from something on tv about history?

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