Canadian Lawyer, Rocco Galati on Trudeau’s leaked Covid agenda

Some months ago, this website posted a leaked memo which was very suspicious, that came from someone who claimed to have sat in on a meeting where the next year or more had been mapped out for Canada. We posted it but with a lot of caveats. According to Rocco, Ezra at The Rebel talked about it but also said it was bunk. There were good reasons to think so. Some of the terms and protocols in the memo seemed inaccurate for an insider. But in retrospect, all the events discussed did in fact take place. And Rocco predicts that next, is martial law, and soldiers on the streets.

Seems that police are enforcing all these fascist edicts though

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16 Replies to “Canadian Lawyer, Rocco Galati on Trudeau’s leaked Covid agenda”

  1. CBC is censoring and lying . The lancet pulled the HCL study last June cause it was bogus , it actually works along with lots of other drugs ! No one had to die imagine that , most that did seems to be the ones that the system owes. Just a observation of course

    • CBC is enemy propaganda, not fake news. It is critical that we understand that. This is not hyperbole. They really are enemy propaganda and a key part of the communist revolution.

      • They have no choice look who funds them . Harper silenced them Trudeau manipulated them . Once they were on our side a long time ago . I don’t want to talk about political parties I don’t affiliate with any but our journalist may need the public help too ????. It’s easy to say quit and do the right thing but perhaps they have mouths to feed .

  2. Hey CBC and politicians I told you about the blood clots months ago remember ! In all those scientific journals pre-covid. You all should have a hundred emails from me , still waiting . My name is Pauline Dover I live in Nanaimo BC . Stop threatening our doctors stay in your lane!

  3. I have been through so much with this plandemic, if you can give me some guidance or recommend a good lawyer I have some information for the right lawyer. I have reached out to several places but no reply

    • Rocco Gilatti is one that seems to be shaking some branches, also the JCCF are working towards restoring basic rights. The rest I know are total pawns and tools.

    • I put in a request with the JCCF to be able to request life saving treatment on the onset of symptoms . As British Columbia states that these life saving medications such as invermectin is only used in study’s while some countries have doctors who want to save lives we have PM who won’t let our Doctors save our life . Perhaps if more requested they could take it forward ?


    They had a study on how to manipulate people on Twitter to get the gene therapy . I don’t think many said yes not as many as they say . We are censored so it’s harder to communicate plus the Shame the media puts on us trying to divide us over flu shots? I heard a pro shot individual happy at the thought of a no shot individual getting Covid anc dying! Look people we are better then this , if you hound someone to take the shot they might die how would you feel ? If you tell someone not to they get covid and die how would you feel!? Don’t let them do this to us please. We will find a way to make it right

    • Exactly. We don’t want anyone to get sick or die. This is not a Schadenfreude occasion. I always wish people good luck who have decided to get the shot. In a genuine way. Hey once the human trials are over, I may as well if it turns out to be safe. But my money is on treatment and living as normally as I can.

      I fully support those that get it. I fully oppose those who try and coerce me to get it in any way at all.


        This was just sent to me , people need to learn the truth for our kids sake. Any man willing to put us through this and our children should be fired . You speak up about facts of a vaccine and your a “conspiracy theorist “ it’s actually normal to question when your being forced into a experiment . This has to stop a young lady lost her mother in Edmonton a few days back along with other human beings losing human loved ones

        • Their disclaimer, Pauline:

          “However, the report should not be relied on for medical or other purposes,…”

          So I don’t.

      • Hi thank you for allowing me to share some data and not remove my post . I have been deactivated from CBC just for asking a question about the vaccines and I’m that moment I felt everything change . I wish you good health and thank you for posting this video as it has been scrubbed quite a few times . It’s alarming and it’s time for action . I’m going to do my part and do what I can . In fact I’m dropping my university classes to put everting iI van into saving what is left of our democracy as it’s truly the priority over anything right now as we have a generation who will be destroyed by this , thank you again . All the best

        • Thanks for your thoughtfulness and dedication but don’t forget to take care of yourself

          I hope you finish your studies and god bless

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