Israel reaches zero deaths by Covid, 80% vaccinated: Links 1, April 24. 2021

1. Interesting conversation between Dr. Tenpenny and USAF surgeon, Dr. Lee Merritt

2.  Ontario

3. Japan. Given that China has a special kind of hatred for Japan, the emergence of this much more dangerous variant emerging in Japan just now, especially during times of increased hostility in the whole region, seems somewhat… suspicious. Put this link into google translate. Ill post a screen grab of the first part of the article here anyway. But it sure adds a lot of circumstantial to the notion that this is a Chinese bioweapon.

4. More doctors on Ivermectin

4. Israel records ZERO daily Covid deaths for first time in ten months as it closes hospital coronavirus wards with more than 80% of adults vaccinated

(This would mean that the vaccine may have given herd immunity to Israel, and that this leaves 20% for those who do not want, or cannot have the various injections. Very interesting development)

5. Forbes video: 168 cases of ‘rare’ blood clots linked to AZ injection

Thank you M., ML., Richard, ET., EB., RDawg, Johnny U., Yucki Gates of Vienna, and all who sent in materials overnight and today.

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5 Replies to “Israel reaches zero deaths by Covid, 80% vaccinated: Links 1, April 24. 2021”

  1. 4)
    Could it be that they already killed off everyone that was succeptible?
    And now those ones that die from the Jab are anyway “exempt” from everything, since they died from “Pre-conditions” and not from the Mengele Juice.

    Now we will have to wait and see if the convinient “JapaneseVariant” mysteriously appears all over the Western World…….and if that is the “NEXT ONE” were people will take Note, as Bill “Mengele” and Melinda “Irma Grese” Gates so eloquently stated some month ago.
    And so convenient for the Global Pharma Tyranny.

    Stock up on Ivermectin, Doxycylene and Zink Acetate, or on Hydroxy, Azithromycin and Zinc Sulphate.

    • I posted it because I will not filter information that goes against my own suspicions, that may be true. I have a moral and ethical obligation to post materials from sources I generally like, which suggest a thing could be true which goes against my own grain.

      What has not changed though is:

      1. What is a case?

      2. Why has their been no treatment, and all strategy has been based on lockdowns and vaccines?

      3. Why is MSM and Social media suppressing information on cheap effective treatments which could have reduced total Covid deaths by EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT?

      If they came out with a safe effective cheap vaccine today, these questions remain the most important thing about this pandemic. Because it goes to something much more important than even a few million deaths to disease. The total control of information and the end of democracy for shadowy interests.

  2. ITEM 3: Just in time for Japan’s Tokyo Olympics 2021. This is one coincidence too much.

    ITEM 4: the arrival of summer is also helpful. The weather is full sun and next week, sunny all week with 90F weather. The virus doesn’t like the sun.

    – “UVC light has been shown to inactivate the novel coronavirus in experiments.

    Ultraviolet (UV) light is produced by the sun and by special lamps. There are three types of UV light—UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC light includes wavelengths of light from 200 to 280 nanometers. These UVC wavelengths have the most energy of the three types of UV light. Energy from UVC wavelengths is absorbed by, and quickly destroys, the genetic material inside viruses and other microbes, rendering them inactive.

    In a few laboratory experiments, UVC light has been found to destroy the ability of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to infect a host (for example, a mouse or a person), another indication that it is effective against germs. UVC light has also been shown to inactivate the genetic material in other coronaviruses.” –

    • #3 – That thought occurred to me also, as did that after tgus varuabt was discovered Japan’s Prime Minister decided to not fight for Taiwan.

  3. For some reason WP is filtering Kalloi’s comments and they arent even in Pending. I don’t even know how to fix this but it feels like a plot by WP and or Askimet to filter out things they dont like, for example Bitchute links, and put it beyond the reach of the site owner to fix it. These are dark times. Anyway, Kalloi’s comment:

    Wordpress will not post my comment so I am sending it here:

    Item 4 — “This would mean that the vaccine may have given herd immunity to Israel, and that this leaves 20% for those who do not want, or cannot have the various injections. Very interesting development”

    — Yes, interesting but most probably it has nothing to do with health and everything with politics.

    I think that this 80% or (90% by other claims) is a relative 100% meaning that the number of jabbed is about the maximum they could reach without physical force and concentration camps. In other words they now got EVERYONE who took the jab somewhat voluntarily (with a decent amount of brainwashing).

    “the green pass did its job as a way of encouraging people to get their vaccine” — writes the Spectator.

    Therefore at this stage, if they kept on lying that there are still “infections” the whole system (Corona scam) would have fallen apart. So they must have turned down the number of cycles of the bloody fake PCR tests to get zero “infected”, and it has resulted in “zero dead” by now.

    And they also do not have to produce more (fake) Corona-dead since the population is already on the hook, and as the next stage of the plan is the “passport” anyway and that has been completed.

    Now they only have to threaten the sheep that their passports will be withdrawn to persuade them to take the next jab. The new kinds of incentives will be interesting though, if the passport does not work:

    Spectator: In Israel, vaccine passports are already redundant

    “All activities are officially subject to those attending having a green pass. But the reality is that you barely ever, if at all, get asked to show your pass.”
    ‘The truth is that the green pass was never really meant to be a condition for getting into places,’ one senior public health expert admitted to me. ‘It was meant as an incentive so younger people would feel they were going to get something out of being vaccinated.’

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