The inexplicable vaccine hesitancy across much of the world: Links 1, April 22, 2021

1. There seems to be some vaccine hesitancy in Australia for some reason.

2. Mother’s legs erupt in agonising blood-filled blisters ‘after getting AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine’ – as 34-year-old reveals rare reaction left her wheelchair-bound and fearing she’d need her limbs amputated

A mother has claimed her legs erupted into painful blood-filled blisters that ‘merged together’ after receiving AstraZeneca‘s coronavirus vaccine.

Sarah Beuckmann, from Glasgow, said she suffered flu-like symptoms after getting her first dose in mid-March — a very common side-effect. But the 34-year-old began to feel a tingling sensation in her legs just a week later and noticed a rash flaring up around her ankles.

She called the GP to arrange an appointment that morning, but by the afternoon her skin was already breaking out into blisters. The mother-of-one was rushed to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, and claimed at one point she feared her legs might have to be amputated.

Ms Beuckmann spent 16 days in hospital, with blisters also appearing on her hands, face, arms and bottom. She was discharged to recover at home but is wheelchair-bound because she struggles to walk due to the bandages on her legs and blisters on the soles of her feet. 

3. Bethel Park mother left paralyzed after getting first dose of Pfizer vaccine, doctors say nervous system played a part

(Video at link)

BETHEL PARK, Pa. — There have been some negative side effects reported worldwide from the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines, but a Bethel Park woman told Channel 11 she has been affected by something that hadn’t been seen at all yet: paralysis.

Doctors at Allegheny General Hospital ran a bunch of tests but then Rachael Cecere, 33, from Bethel Park was moved to the Cleveland Clinic a few days ago.

She spoke exclusively with Channel 11 from her hospital bed at the clinic. She received her first shot of the Pfizer vaccine last week at Rite Aid in Castle Village.

Twelve hours later, Cecere said almost her entire body was paralyzed.

4. 12-year-old girl paralyzed and injured in moderna covid-19 “vaccine trial”

5. Peeling paint, unsanitary practices among issues at U.S. plant making J&J COVID-19 vaccine -FDA

A U.S. plant that was making Johnson & Johnson’s (JNJ.N) COVID-19 vaccine must fix a long list of problems including peeling paint, shoddy cleanups, and poorly-trained staff to resume operation, according to a highly critical report by the Food and Drug Administration.

Experts said addressing the issues raised in the scathing FDA inspection report could take months.

Neither J&J nor the FDA has said when they expect vaccine production to resume at the Baltimore plant owned by Emergent Biosolutions Inc (EBS.N). Only one plant, in the Netherlands, is currently producing the key drug substance used in J&J’s vaccine, the company said.

“It may take many months to make these changes,” said Prashant Yadav, a global healthcare supply-chain expert at the Center for Global Development. He described some of the issues raised by the FDA as “quite significant.”

6. Document from UK Gov on side effects of mRNA Pfizer – BioTech injections.

Thank you all, the many people via comments, Twitter, email and txt who sent in information that made up this post.

Every day I get a lot of articles from good and less good sources on damage done by these various experimental technology injections. Mostly we don’t post them. But it is getting much harder to ignore. And again, the main issue is the one raised by Texas Cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough. The focus has been on lockdowns and a vaccine when science shows that 85% (EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT!) of deaths and hospitalizations could have been prevented by early treatment with one or more of over 6 effective off label medications. This list includes HCQ, Ivermectin, Colchicine, Monoclonal antibodies, along with Zinc and Z-pac and more I don’t remember at the moment. But the fact that Google, perhaps the pinnacle of evil in the history of the world, if that old axiom is correct, that absolute power corrupts absolutely, suppresses all meaningful and truthful evidence that points to other than lockdowns and a vaccine, points a much bigger problem.

For those who haven’t seen the video of Peter McCullough, here it is again. For those that have, you get more out of it the second time through.

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6 Replies to “The inexplicable vaccine hesitancy across much of the world: Links 1, April 22, 2021”

  1. Many people I know who have got the vaccine did not know about the alternatives, they have been scared into getting it. We are all so different in our daily lives, an older lady who does not have a computer said to me “It must be true or they would not be able to say it on TV.”

    Others have said they don’t want to hear what I am telling them, I am scaring them, and of course I am a negative conspiracy type.

    Today is Earth Day I am going to plant more trees on my property. More people from the city are here, cutting down trees and talking about global warming.

  2. People don’t trust their governments.
    Mainly because they’ve been lying to us about all sorts of things since at least back when I became cognizant that people will lie for some reason, or no reason at all.
    Check out the UN’s Agenda 21 plan and ask yourself what it means to you & the people you love, and how injecting some unknown substance into your body could help fulfill the globalist utopia.

    • People who do trust their governments might enjoy drugs. Thats probably why they are legal now in Canada. Don’t ask questions. Just light up another one.

  3. Vancouver media still encourages it, showing social media people sharing second shot as a celebration with little else to cheer for these days and oh if it encourages those who hesitate to take the shot all the better 🙁

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