Canada two weeks away from internet censorship? Links 1, April 19, 2021

1. Time to start a new category: Trump was Right

2. It appears that a MAJOR destruction of freedom of expression online and off is about to be implemented by the ironically named, Heritage Minister, who in true Orwellian Newspeak appears to be about the destruction of heritage. Check out this thread.

It appears that any opposition to crushing the Alberta oil sands is”hate speech” as well. It’s worth a trip to Twitter to read the thread and responses from Friends of Science.

3. Transgender schoolboy, 15, who took his own life has TWO funerals and separate headstones after his parents battled in court over the gender and name he would be remembered by

A 15-year-old transgender boy who took his own life has had two funerals and will have two headstones after his parents argued over his gender in court.

When the Perth schoolboy – who cannot be named for legal reasons – died on March 4, his parents could not agree on what name to put on his memorial plaque during a dispute at the Family Court of Western Australia.

The mother and father have since agreed to split their son’s ashes in half, have two memorial plaques and held separate funerals and memorial services. His father wanted to use the child’s deadname – his female name which is on his birth certificate – while his mother opted to use the name her son chose when he came out as transgender, reported the West Australian.  

4. It seems to be Church burning season again. There was an old one in France just the other day as well.

5. Ontario Public Police shove a kid to the ground, possibly for being in a park. Ezra suggests these cops should be sacntioned and the OPP block him for it. The shove is right at the start of the video. Watch closely.

It’s been a very long day with some disappointing discoveries about this country and city. For example, the War Museum is now a Church of Dialectic Negation on Sussex Dr. Ottawa.

Canadian War Museum to Global Centre for Pluralism. How Hegelian.

Thank you all for your comments and contributions to this site today.

This is better than beer. Another video of a real person throwing state tyrants off their property. In this case, a pro-lockdown politician, leader of the opposition in the UK, who tries to go into a pub which has suffered a lot under this nonsense.


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