Something more civil-war like than even usual, is going on in Pakistan

According to comments, various Islamic militant groups in Pakistan want to inspire hatred against France for their stance on depictions of Mohammad and freedom of speech. Getting a huge mob worked up to a frothy lather in Pakistan is cheap and easy as a general rule. But this looks like it has some internal energy.

Lahore Pakistan:

Below the following video on Youtube, is a long explanation of what this is. Sort of.

It does seem to emanate from mosques though. Like all good mob actions, they often start by a “chutba” or sermon at some mosque about how Muslims are somehow the victim of revenge for something they are about to do.

Graphic: Appears to be injured by police maybe? In Pakistan

At least two supporters of the banned Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan were killed and 50 injured in a clash with the Lahore police Sunday afternoon. The protesters had gathered outside the party’s Saddar office and were chanting slogans against the arrest of TLP chief Saad Hussain Rizvi. A police team was sent to the area at 8am to clear the protests. During the operation, a clash broke out between the two groups Bullets were fired and stones were pelted Following this, a heavy contingent of police and security teams have been deployed to the protest sites. Protests by TLP supporters erupted in major cities across the country Monday afternoon. The demonstrations lasted for three days in which hundreds of Molanas shaheed Thousands of supporters were arrested and booked for france shafeer and blocking roads. On Thursday, Pakistan decided to ban the party. Pakistan bans TLP On Thursday, the government formally proscribed the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, a US base is under attack, almost certainly from Iran or Iran backed militias.


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  1. Massive inbreeding, madrassahs everywhere, low education. That is one doomed nation.
    I read earlier today there were 500+ injured since their ‘protests’ began a few days ago.

  2. Are you sure that this is happening in Pakistan and NOT in a big City in France?
    Because I cannot see the difference any longer between a former Western European City and a Third World Shithole.

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