More data points of the continuum of the move from equality and Rule of Law, to Marxism and tribal politics: Links 3, April 17, 2021

1. Majorly peaceful protests in Portland last night that was definitely not an insurgency or any kind of anti-state act.

While a pregnant women is facing years in jail for doing nothing on January 6 2021 in DC, this man who seems to be a regular catch and release, was caught again as part of the firebombing of Portland last night. And is probably already released.

2. It APPEARS that Justin Trudeau, the son of the Fabian Society school LSE graduate, Pierre Trudeau, has deleted the Charter of Rights and Freedoms from the Government Website.

3. Climate change models Vs real data

4. Long time readers of this site may remember this moral-inversion video, where German police were looking for the person who released video of a muslim who kicked a German woman down subway stairs, but didn’t seem that put out by the actual kicking down the stairs.

Today in Paris, a similar event. A woman who is having some kind of argument with what appears to be an Arab in Paris ends up getting shoved down the stairs, where a passer by says she broke her head.

5. Jamie Glazov interviews the expat Polish pastor in Alberta who famously cast the “gestapo” police from his Church recently when they continued their campaign of intimidation against him which goes back far before Covid.

Thank you all for your attention, and apologies to all to bring such grim material.

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  1. FRANCE – A 16th century church in flames at 6h00 a.m. today. –

    The church of Saint-Aubin in Romilly-la-Puthenaye (Eure) was completely destroyed by a fire this Saturday, April 17, in the early morning. Several works of art went up in smoke. The damage is estimated at 1 million euros.

    An investigation will be opened Monday to determine the origins of the fire. For the moment, the criminal motive is not favored. “But I am wary, we hear so many things today …”, continues Jean-Bernard June who also mentions the possibility of a “badly extinguished candle” or “a short circuit”. According to this retired farmer, the church was not in bad condition. Two years ago, after a storm, the rooster and the cross of the bell tower had already been renovated.

  2. ITEM 3 – The Dawn Of The E-Vehicle Battery Environmental Disaster …Discarded Even Sooner Than Expected

    E-vehicle batteries, once having served their intended use in e-vehicles – after about 8 years – can be reused for other lower demand purposes – a so-called second life – such as a home battery. But recycling them is inevitable – and ot’s complicated, energy-intensive and expensive. Nobody knows how many are currently actually recycled, or simply just getting thrown into the landfill.

    We’re creating a huge, costly a mess for the next generations.

    Ending up in the trash “prematurely” – Worse, Claudia Scholz at the Handelsblatt here reports that e-vehicle batteries are already increasingly ending up in the trash – and doing so “prematurely”. “The e-car problem: thousands of tons of batteries end up in the trash prematurely.”

    Already thousands of tons of batteries – The Handelsblatt reports how Matthias Schmidt, managing director of the recycling company Erlos, “is astonished”.

    “Actually, his industry had expected to be inundated with batteries from recently produced electric cars only in eight or ten years,” writes the Handelsblatt. “In fact, however, thousands of tons of batteries are already ending up at waste disposal companies.”


    • A friend of mine in Germany that is a member of the Volunteer Fire Department told me a couple of years back that those Batteries are BOMBS waiting to go off.
      They’re really cautious when there’s a accident and a electric car is involved and that there have been incidences where Rescue Personnel simply refused to go near one again after the person/persons had been dragged out of the wreckage.

  3. I am pretty sure that the man who kicked that woman down the stairs several years ago was a Bulgarian Gypsy. I am not sure if he served any time. She was lucky, only broke an arm.

  4. Can’t even break a sarcastic smile at the BLM 100% off joke anymore.
    It really is a grim situation now.
    If it wasn’t for the Holy Spirit I would probably make the news headlines and in a very bad way.

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