Ontario’s Ford announces new Covid measures for the province

Details at CBC

Ontario will step up enforcement powers for police and extend its stay-at-home order to a minimum of six weeks in a bid to stem the exponential rise in COVID-19 cases, but won’t institute paid sick days — despite modelling showing that cases will remain high through the summer without additional support for essential workers. 

Speaking at a news conference that was twice delayed-on Friday, Premier Doug Ford also announced that non-essential construction will be shut down and outdoor amenities like golf and playgrounds will be restricted. 

Outdoor gatherings with people outside a person’s household will be prohibited, effective 12:01 a.m. Saturday.

Effective 12:01 a.m. Monday, capacity at religious gatherings, weddings and funerals will be limited to 10 people. Also beginning Monday, Ford said, there will be checkpoints at provincial borders with Quebec and Manitoba with exceptions for essential travel.

Police will also have the authority to ask anyone outside their residence to indicate their purpose for leaving home and provide their address. That includes stopping vehicles and potentially issuing tickets of approximately $750. 

Inspectors will also visit law offices, accounting firms and other such locations to check that only essential workers are in the building.

“I’ve never shied away from telling you the brutal, honest truth,” Ford said. “We’re losing the battle between the variants and vaccines … We’re on our heels.” 

Ford, along with Solicitor General Sylvia Jones, told reporters the stricter measures are necessary because of a lack of vaccine supply. However, health experts have repeatedly said vaccines alone cannot stop the surge of the virus.

“Without stronger system-level measures and immediate support for essential workers and high-risk communities, high case rates will persist through the summer,” Ontario’s COVID-19 science advisory table said Friday. 

The province did say it will boost vaccine supply by 25 per cent in hot spots, but did not provide details on when that boost might take place.

Ford and his cabinet met again Friday morning to consider further COVID-19 restrictions to combat a worsening third wave that is pushing the province’s health-care system to the breaking point.

The meeting came ahead of the scheduled briefing from the province’s COVID-19 science advisory table, which contained stark new forecasts for the weeks ahead.

Revised modelling suggests Ontario could see more than 10,000 cases per day by the end of May with the current measures in place and 100,000 vaccinations per day.

A six-week stay-at-home order with an average of 100,000 vaccinations per day “is the only way to flatten the curve,” the modelling shows.

It goes on like that for a while.

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7 Replies to “Ontario’s Ford announces new Covid measures for the province”

  1. And I thought things were bad here in the People’s Republic of Covid Compliant New York!

    Hard to believe, but I guess there are even worse tyrants in Canada than Killer Cuomo. I don’t understand how the Canadians put up with it, things are now full Gestapo up there.

    I don’t know very much about Canadian politics other than what a POS Baby Doc Trudeau is, but I thought that this guy Ford was supposed to be a conservative for what that’s worth.

    Also, was his brother the guy that smoked crack who was a mayor or something? I seem to remember some scandal with the Ford family. I assume it’s the same bunch.

    We are so lucky in the USA to have incredible Freedom Fighters like Ron DeSantis!
    I hope someday he runs for President, especially if President Trump decides not to go for another run.


  2. I don’t understand.

    How many people in Ontario have been exposed to Covid-19 naturally, or have been injected with the information therapy meant to “flatten the curve”? Many. Yet, there is no effort by authorities to release these people back to freedom, to industrious lives, to happiness. There is no release. No “Get Out Of Jail” card.

    Where will the money come from for millions of people to remain inert while being prevented from making a living? The fact is that the money will not come. If money does not come we will see riots and looting from desperation. What other conclusion can be made if this madness continues?

    This eventuality is so obvious to me it actually seems stupid to say it. Does Doug Ford not foresee the consequence of extended isolation on a massive scale, coupled with financial ruin? He must. I do hear all the reports of hospitals being overwhelmed. There is real panic here in this provincial government, and I do not doubt the hospital reports, this time. How could such a massive fraud be perpetrated? No, this must be real. Which leaves me with only one question:

    What colour is the Texas sky?


  3. They are using the word ‘cases’ as a weapon to exert ultimate control over the population.

    How many of these cases are and/or will be directly related to medical issues arising from constant masking and inhaling chemical sanitizers, thus resulting in a weakened immune system?

    And still no consideration for alternative therapies.

    The guy is literally shutting down the province and the economy. And who benefits? Because there is always someone who benefits? The multinational corporations.

    • They NEED to stop all vaccinations and stop the farcical PCR a testing.

      Who would imagine anyone who is not sick, getting a test to tell you you are sick. Then get a vaccine that makes you sick, and more people are in the hospital because the vaccine made the, sick.

      Dropped on your head syndrome is out of control.

      Stay home,
      Shut the hell up and do what the “sick politicians tell you.
      YOU ARE SICK because your government is making you that way.

      Go outside, get some fresh air.
      Do not wear a mask
      Do NOT get the vaccine / gene therapy.
      Take vitamins C, D and zinc everyday.
      Lose some weight
      Drink lots of water
      Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
      Your Mama was right. – and don’t forget to stand up straight lol listen to music, not the propaganda on tv — they are lying to you. Build Back Better – – my ass.

  4. Years ago, the Ontario provincial conservatives did a coup on its then leader, Patrick Brown. Yah, the party members said, we’ll get a leader who represents the grass roots…and after some questionable delays in the voting…Doug Ford got put in the spot. Social conservatives….he got rid of….refuse to tow the party line…Randy Hillier…tossed.

    Ford is like Covid checking by the pcr test, it has allowed the premier to over amplify natural dictatorial instincts. And yes, by some accounts, this has paid very well. Unconfirmed reports online have said this has allowed the leader’s net worth to soar from three to fifty million. The person officially in-charge, the family firm is profiting by being a major maker of the covid warning stickers seen in most big box stores.

    A quick set of questions to toss out here.

    Does Ford have a financial interest in fewer or more restrictions in Ontario? WHO really is in control of the province, if Ford says he obeys health experts? How much control does the average Ontarian have over their own person health in this day and age? Can a citizen dictate the number of pcr amplification cycles?

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