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4 Replies to “Two tier prison society mapped out”

  1. So finally somebody gets shot by the police for no reason and the media just can’t be less interested. Talk about crickets. From what little information they have allowed about Ashley Babbit’s shooting it would appear that some cop simply did the wrong thing and whacked her, plain and simple. Unlike Michael Brown and all the other BLMers she wasn’t resisting arrest, she was just stepping through a broken window.

    Take a good look, folks… This is what the USA is going to look like all the time if the Democrats get their super-majority and become demographically unbeatable. The life of a black Democrat criminal resisting arrest and fighting with the cops will be worth ten times as much as the life of a conservative voter who supports the Republicans and loves her country. They want to make white conservatives into the Jews of Nancy Germany. Look hard at Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and tell me that’s not exactly what she has in her hateful little mind…

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