ANTIFA attempts to destroy the freedom movement by rioting inside Montreal protest, German court decision against masks, SD: Links 2, April 12, 2021

1. In Italy, the Pied Piper now has a whole band

2. Germany’s classical Liberal party, the AfD, suggests that Germany leaving the EU should be added to their election platform for the next election!

3. A great example of medical theatre. A very few red jacketed activists hold a demonstration with black phoney and most importantly, empty coffins to DEMAND harsher and longer lock-downs. Could they have another agenda hidden in those black boxes? Because generally when there is a deadly pandemic, you don’t need to make up a bunch of cardboard coffins and call a presser. Everyone is too busy burying the dead.

For some reason, the video above reminds me of the 2nd punch line of this old Sesame St. classic:

4. Montreal moves curfew to 8:00 PM from 9:30. Protests start which get hijacked by ANTIFA.


This is a very common and older tactic by leftist revolutionaries. They destroy the reputation of peaceful non-leftists who have a legitimate grievance by spectacular violence and vandalism, and ideally, try and get the protest to represent their interests where possible.

5. There has been a court-decision in Germany that moves our way. One district found that PCR test aren’t made to show, and don’t prove infection. This is a giant leap towards sanity, at least for one city-state in Germany.

For German speakers we have this:

Press release is here and a PDF of the ruling can be seen here.

Miss Piggy translated some of the good bits:

B: Reasons for decision
I. Admissibility of the request to the family court
II. merits of the petition to the family court
1. general
2) The lack of benefit of wearing masks and observing distance regulations for the children themselves and third parties.
for the children themselves and third parties
3. the unsuitability of PCR tests and rapid tests for the measurement of the
infection incidence
4. the violation of the right to informational self-determination through
rapid tests in schools
5. the right of children to education and schooling
6. result

Here is a link to the English article, but from a source I don’t personally know yet, so Miss Piggy confirmed more or less what this article says, although it is limited to one City-State.

The Weimar District Court has ruled that the obligation to wear a mask, to maintain minimum distances and to perform rapid tests in schools pose a threat to the mental, physical or emotional well-being of the child. So serious that, without any intervention, significant harm to children can be foreseen with a high degree of certainty. The judge stated in his decision:

“There is such a risk here. Because the children are not only endangered in their mental, physical and spiritual well-being, but are also currently damaged by the obligation to wear face masks during school time and to keep their distance from one another and from other people. This violates numerous rights of children and their parents under the law, the constitution and international conventions. This applies in particular to the right to free development of personality and to physical integrity from Article 2 of the Basic Law as well as to the right from Article 6 of the Basic Law to education and care by parents (also with regard to health care measures and ‘objects’ to be carried by children ).”

The entire judgment (Weimar District Court, decision of April 8th, 2021, Az .: 9 F 148/21) comprises 178 pages and is a general statement with the Corona regulations in schools. You can find it under this post.

Thank you M., Miss Piggy, Richard, ET., Major Tom, Sassy, DM., EW., Yucki, Mad W., Johnny U., Oz-Rita, Kontrarian Kim and MANY more who are not afraid of the light.

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6 Replies to “ANTIFA attempts to destroy the freedom movement by rioting inside Montreal protest, German court decision against masks, SD: Links 2, April 12, 2021”

    • I had my 2nd Moderna last Wednesday. They’ve been going from highrise to highrise, high-density apts with hundreds of residents. Moderna was developed here, trained the personnel directly.

      There were a lot more people this time, as it was open to people outside the building. But they were still very efficient: RNs and MDs to observe for allergic reactions, waiting time variable depending on patient history.

      A headache the day after, that’s all.
      They’ve done millions. Perspective gets distorted by focus on dramatic outliers. And those who populate echo-chambers.

      • That’s great, Yucki. Living in a high residential building would be worrisome as everybody uses the elevators and probably the air exchanger.
        I hope you keep well and no side effects show up in a few months, as reported. You’re a super-healthy individual thus you shouldn’t have any problems.
        Meanwhile, don’t forget your face mask, hand sanitizer, and keep your distance.

  1. Rebel News should get wise to the agents provocateurs. I mean, hell, is that a surprise by now that a demo will be infiltrated? DUH!

  2. ITEM 5, the REPORT in English: Does anyone remember the front-line physician of a New York hospital about one year ago on the Tucker Carlson show who repeated, over and over, not to put your hands to your face? That was the secret. Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands.

  3. Item 3, noCovid is a way to destroy capitalism, that’s why all the lefties can’t get enough of lockdowns, and no ld is hard enough. B*stards.

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