Five events and stories that are good illustrators of the time: Links 3, April 9, 2021

1. The beginning of the end of money as a personal-use token of freedom

Bilyana Martinovsky responded with:

(You have to click her tweet I think to see the whole image)

2. Sir John A. MacDonald is being erased, negated from Canadian history by cancellation. Two high schools to be renamed to avoid “controversy”. 

HALIFAX — Two schools in the Halifax area will be changing their names this fall, after recognizing controversy surrounding their historical namesakes.

Halifax Regional Centre for Education (HRCE) announced Wednesday that Sir John A. Macdonald High School in Upper Tantallon will be renamed Bay View High School, while Tallahassee Community School in Eastern Passage will be renamed Horizon Elementary School.

The process to rename Sir John A. Macdonald High School began last November, after a years-long discourse on Macdonald’s legacy.

3. Tucker Carlson on the Democrat’s dishonest attempts at “gun control”.

4. Moderna boss: mRNA jabs are “rewriting the genetic code”. We call it “Information therapy”.

5. Iran seems to have launched an ecological attack against Israel, devastating wildlife and sea-life and ruining beaches for some time to come.

That Oil Spill That Ruined Israeli Beaches Was No Accident

We haven’t forgotten the oil spill in the Mediterranean, this past February, that led to hundreds of tons of tar (the thicker emulsion that results from the oil-and-water mix) coming ashore along almost all – 160 km. out of a total of 190 km. – of Israel’s coastline. The damage to marine life was extensive, to the beaches, horrific. Thick gobs of the tarry stuff, in places some four to five inches thick, along with many thousands of smaller blobs, covered the waters and the rocky shore, spread over the the beaches that for a very long time will be unfit for use. Thousands of volunteers have been working ever since, laboriously collecting the tarry globs. Sea turtles, marine birds and endangered marine mammals were some of the wildlife that have perished or have been affected by the spill.

Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry estimates that the oil spill occurred more than 50 km. off the coast of Israel, outside its territorial waters. Not only will the waters and rocky shores be arduously difficult to clean, but the oil spill event will also continue to corrupt the Mediterranean’s natural marine ecosystem for many years to come due to the widespread nature of the incident.

Israeli investigators immediately got to work trying to determine from what ship the oil had been spilled and whether the spill was deliberate or an accident. At first they had thought it might have been a Greek ship, the Minerva Helen, which years ago had caused a similar oil spill elsewhere in the Mediterranean. But after a surprise raid on the ship by Israeli and Greek investigators, it was determined that the Minerva Helen had nothing to do with the latest oil spill off the Israeli coast.

Now the Israelis believe they have the culprit. It’s a Libyan ship that was sailing from Iran, and the oil spill was no accident. A recent report is here.

Thank you Richard, Kim K., Johnny U., TB., ET., Xanthippa, Kiki, M., Malca and MANY more who care enough to share here.

Tucker Carlson does a follow up video after his interview with the Arkansas governor, who vetoed a bill trying to stop mutilating and sterilizing procedures from happening to children.


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  1. 3. Gun Control

    “The Left Has Been Working With Communist China For Decades…Think About It”
    by L. Todd Wood – November 3, 2020


    Gun control – the push to take away your guns…a totalitarian state wants America disarmed. The 2nd Amendment was not meant for self-defense, it was meant to stand up to a tyrannical government, as our Founders did against the greatest empire in the world at the time. China is the tyrnanical force that is pushing this effort, we are sure of it. An invading China doesn’t want weapons in the hands of patriots.

    • Decades not years, the Gun Control push stated in the 1930s with the National Firearms Act, this was done by various left leaning politicians while the rest of us were sleeping. The Supreme Court of the time ruled it Constitutional after the FDR administration lied to them and said that machine-guns, suppressors and short barreled shotguns weren’t used by the military.

      The left tried to push more gun control through Congress in WWII but the majority said that it wouldn’t be right to pass laws restricting gun ownership while the men were fighting a war. The men came home and having seen how we used gun control in Germany wanted nothing to do with it in the US.

      It wasn’t until the 1960s when photos of the Black Panthers holding M1 Carbines filled the papers and TV news that gun control gained enough supporters to start the current push.

      There are rumors that several members of SCOTUS want to kick out almost all of the gun control laws in the US (there are over 20,000) but they don’t have a 5 vote majority in favor of this action. Biden and his puppet masters may convince majority of the Judges to restore the 2A rights to what the founders wanted.

  2. “The Chinese Want Gun Control — in America”
    by Selwyn Duke – December 22, 2012


    In an article published by the Chinese government-front media outlet Xinhua, the Beijing regime calls on the Obama administration to use the Sandy Hook massacre as a pretext for more gun control. The outlet writes, “Every time a tragedy occurs, there are renewed appeals for gun regulation. However, the calls disappointingly always fail.” Gee, we wouldn’t want to disappoint the Chinese fascists again now, would we?

    And, obviously, Beijing doesn’t trust us with them, either. Maybe they heard about how the Japanese ruled out invading the U.S. mainland during WWII because, we’re told, they knew that Americans were heavily armed. Hey, it would be nice if you never had to worry about such a stumbling block in the future, eh, you Chinese oligarchs?

    Ironically, on the very day of the tragic Newtown massacre, a criminal in China slashed 22 schoolchildren with a knife. And I realize, Chinese-government mouthpiece Xinhua, you would no doubt say that because of your laws, his attack wasn’t nearly as deadly as Adam Lanza’s. I would say that because of our laws, our government isn’t nearly as deadly as yours.

    • “Of Seers, Auspices, Scholarly Prognosticators and Soviet Spies”
      by J. R. Nyquist – February 12, 2021


      Now that I have talked of other people’s predictions, I’d like to make a prediction of my own. Sometime this year, the Federal Government will demand our guns. In order to facilitate this, some kind of violent provocation will be arranged. It will have to be shocking, bloody – and blamable on right-wing “racists.” I hope I’m wrong about this; but the unconstitutional trial of a private citizen (i.e., Donald Trump) in the United States Senate, without the Chief Justice presiding, without due process of law, is suggestive of what we’re up against.

  3. 4 – So they were playing with and human testing mRNA injections before the release of the Chinese Flu, how convenient.

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