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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. More on the very important IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDR) event that I posted yesterday.

    While I regard this guest’s somewhat cavalier attitude towards the conjuring of more fiat as unsettling, he makes some sense. The further debasement of the primary fiat currencies will be a fantastic advantage for he who holds the gold when the tide goes out, and the world sees who is naked. Debasement is ultimately as good as claim. No country now short of liquidity–despite having mishandled their own financial houses due to doubtlessly VERY LEFTIST policies and corruption–can refuse.

    So it may not matter whether the SDR needs to be repaid. Debasement will be quite enough for gold holders to scoop up the most valuable assets in any country, for a song.

    And let it be known that the Great Reset always was first and foremost an economic event long before these Green Schwab neo-Nazi maniacs with their UN Agendas hijacked it.

    Arguably, August 15, 1971 was the first day in the rest of our current lives, whenever this comes to pass. This seminal date is more pertinent to our existence right now than ever before. Those of you old enough to remember can be nostalgic for those big old cars and hoola-hoops. I know I am, and we’ve come full circle. Today is not just linked to that fateful day, but is welded to it:

    So Nixon, a man I truly admire, was forced into a hard place for the buck and had to act. But isn’t it remarkable the clarity supplied by time? In this short clip he pacifies Americans’ concerns by saying no noticable difference in their standard of living will be detected so long as they buy domestically-made goods. No one imagined the day less than 50-years henceforth when the majority of goods purchased would, in fact, be foreign made. Remarkable, too, was the effort to simutaneously let the Chicom genie out of it’s bottle. Kissinger should be recognized by history for his efforts here. I cannot pretend to know what compelled such a genius to endanger all of western civilisation with Red Chinese empowerment. Either he underestimated their abilities because of his own arrogance or racism, or he was a globalist of some early manifestation. I don’t know, but don’t shoot the messenger who delivers such obvious questions. Now more on the SDR:

  2. Easter is the Christian celebration of God coming as mortal man on Earth, sacrificing his perfectly innocent life to save those who Believe in Him from all their sins and receive Everlasting Life. Breaking the curse of Adam and Eve since their Fall in the Garden of Eden.

    Christ The Redeemer.

    However. This didn’t really happen. There is a Bible you can read. A book that was only freed to be read in other languages 1500 years later, after William Tyndale was assassinated by the agents of the Roman Church.

    It is not healthy to be staring at this Candle of Easter. Because if you waver in your Faith – you’re toast. And reducing it to Chocolate Eggs, helps no one either.

    Fortunately, when you read the Christian Bible you see an allegory to a broader meaning, starting from Mark’s Gospel. You are meant to be Jesus. “Be perfect as I am perfect.” Death to sin, leads to a freedom. “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.” “Forgive seven time seventy times.” It is a path to find the truth of you own realization that sets you free. Love your god… and love your neighbor as yourself. Your responsibility.

    Not a hypnosis for wearing the breastplates of Superheroes. Jesus, being just another Mary Sue. Get your head out of the movie.

    Those who are not slaves, are free to think, speak and act. The Left, deploy Hate Crimes on anyone opposed to them. “Motivated Violent Extremists,” but never told motivated by what. Anyone against them are extremists. The marginalized have no voice.

    Certain laughters, forbidden. Happiness, envied. All riches, stolen. Mean, Suspicious Gods. The Bible is banned in Islamic and Communist countries. Priests have hidden its meanings and the researched sources. Therefore, it worth reading, not just as a novel but looking over the shoulders of the authors for their intent. For something miraculous and non-conformist is taking place. It is a direct violation against any Earthy Authority to control your mind. The truth will separate your yoke from them.

    Belief. A Prayer Faith for Hope and Change. And never will. Or teach us how to pray not like the Pagans do.

    • “Jesus said to them, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” And they were amazed at him.”

      You mean there’s no Pope to tell us how to think?

      You mean the Socialists can’t tell us how to give?

      You mean the muslims cannot enforce Sharia Law?

      You mean there shall be no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the reporting it; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Emperor for a redress of grievances?

      God has no man stand in your way: Prophet, King, Emperor, Seer, or Guru, etc. Make them your Voice of God, and you and your children be slaves to rituals all your lives and checking your privileges.

      Happy Easter. It’s your resurrection that should be celebrated, and the freedom of the Free World.

    • “Jesus is no myth. He is a man made of flesh and blood and he stands as a fully real part of history. We can go to the very places where he himself went. We can hear his words through his witnesses. He died and he is risen.” – Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI), from his book “Jesus of Nazareth, vol. I.”

      • I had a phone call from my neice on Easter, after 17 years without contact. He mother had always told her that if she talked to her father’s side of the family she would disown her. So this was in secret.

        She was living a very professional life. But missed a father’s voice.

        I talked about forgiveness, of facing the truth of judging your bully, to stop playing god, to be sincerely sorry for holding your grudge, to let go of resentment, and it will set you free. They were wrong, it did happen, but she can’t change this fact or them. Only yourself. The courage to be free no matter what.

        She asked if I was a Christian. I explained that a man went to John The Baptist, repented and went out into the desert to face his demons. I said, she could too meditate in stillness, and find the source of the stress she was running from all her life. Just remove the Pride.

        Saying 1:
        “And he said, “Whoever discovers the meaning of these sayings won’t taste death.”

        Saying 2:
        “Jesus said, “Whoever seeks shouldn’t stop until they find. When they find, they’ll be disturbed. When they’re disturbed, they’ll be […] amazed, and reign over the All.”

        Unless you repent, you won’t see the kingdom of heaven. The gospel is for the sick. For many, their Christianity is just a Religion, distracting from facing their own thorns, and a promise from their emptied pocket that they will enter Heaven clothed in the Blood of Jesus. While still secretly judging their neighbors and calling them fool.

        “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.
        Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you shall be satisfied.
        Blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh”

        “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Period.

        • One day a year devoted to serious repentance is enough for me.

          The rest of the time I try to AVOID the sins for which I’d have to repent. That makes more sense than carrying the burden of a guilty conscience.

          • Does Yom Kippur heal the sick in the House of Israel?

            Because this is what repentance is about. Not repenting because someone watching you might not like what you did and fix the problem so it goes away. Or declare: ‘you had the chance to forgive me, and you blew it. I’m done with you.’ Like a ‘fairness’ cult?

            The repentance from John The Baptist is because you have a problem with rage. To repent so that you can then seek to find the truth that you have been searching all your life, to set you free. This was his healing ministry. Not a New Religion. Not to change The Law but fulfil The Law.

            The evidence of both, is there is no need for any therapy, to guide you to the dark corners you are afraid of. Does Israel have little or no therapists?

            “(17) Jesus says:

            “I will give you what no eye has seen, and what no ear has heard, and what no hand has touched, and what has not occurred to the human mind.””

            • If however, repentance is only for atonement of sins, instead of facing the demons that drags a person to do them, then I guess using Jesus as a human sacrifice will have exactly the same effect.

              Wouldn’t this be psychologically damaging. To have people worshipping their therapist?

  3. Faith on a most religious day of Faith.

    Here is the fundamentalist American Christian position on the state of things. And blame them not for any quackery when we all are all forced, as thinking nonautomatons (how’s that for a new word?), to figure out the puzzles presented by furtive authorities. Speculation becomes the order of the day. I don’t know what Greg Hunter’s reach is but my guess is it is substantial:

    • “The Georgia Guidestones were commissioned by a man who called himself Richard C. Christian. ” (Roman Catholic Christian?).

      “Richard went to the Elberton Granite Finishing Company in 1979 and said he wanted to build a monument that would send a message to mankind.”

      “At the bank, Richard spoke with banker Wyatt Martin. He told Martin that Richard C. Christian was a pseudonym and that he and a private group had been planning the construction of the Georgia Guidestones for twenty years.

      Christian agreed, but with a few conditions. After completing the transaction, the documents bearing his name must be destroyed. Wyatt must also sign a document stating he would never reveal Christian’s identity to anyone. After agreeing on these terms, Christian set about finding a location for the monument and getting all of the details sorted out.

      The name of the group Christian represented was never disclosed, nor any of the identities of the parties involved.”
      “The rumors became worse following the completion of the monument on 22 March 1980. Some people believe that it was commissioned by the New World Order. Others believe that it sets forth the commandments of the antichrist. Others opined it contains guidelines, or advice, for survivors of the apocalypse.

      Yet another belief is that followers of Thomas Paine commissioned the construction of the monument. This actually may be true, given that there are certain parallels between the guides and Paine’s, “The Age of Reason.”

      Ten New Commandments written for the rulers on this Earth on the Guidestones in eight different languages: English, Swahili, Russian, Spanish, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Arabic, and Chinese. To the main language diasporas?

      Presented in this order in every language:

      “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”

      “Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity”

      “Unite humanity with a living new language”

      “Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason”

      “Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts”

      “Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court”

      “Avoid petty laws and useless officials”

      “Balance personal rights with social duties”

      “Prize truth – beauty – love-seeking harmony with the infinite”

      “Be not a cancer on the earth – leave room for nature – leave room for nature.”

      • Isn’t is strange that Western Values, once did not have marriage out of wedlock, that couples had a chaste courtship, that unemployment was a stigma as much as Welfare services were, that people were not imported if they had nothing to offer a country. That populations were already going down.

        Then the Socialists changed it… …and now this is their Solution.
        Instead of just having the failed states of Marxism and Islam to warn about, they made it everywhere, and now clamor for a one world government to save us.

        Animal Farm. The writing on the wall.

        Richard C Christian. Their name the hide behind to mock.

  4. As you get into this interview you think wow, these guys are kind of nuts. Yup. And I’ll take them lock stock and barrel.

    These believers don’t want to tell you what to do. They don’t order you to worship government or any RedGreen alliance. They really just want to be left alone to live their lives. This puts them on the right side of freedom. It also begs the question how long until they become kinetic. There are plenty of them:

  5. Ex-crown prince of Jordan issues scathing anti-government video after being told not to leave home
    Then-Vice President Mike Pence sits across from Jordan’s King Abdullah II at a long table
    Jordan’s King Abdullah II, right, speaks across a table to U.S. Vice President Mike Pence during a 2018 lunch at the royal palace in Amman. (Khalil Mazraawi / Agence-France Presse)
    APRIL 3, 2021 UPDATED 8:16 PM PT
    AMMAN, Jordan — Hours after being confined to his home by military officials, Jordan’s popular former crown prince issued a scathing broadside Saturday against the longtime rule of King Abdullah II, blaming the government for corruption and incompetence even as it tolerates no dissent.
    Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, who was removed from his role as crown prince in 2004, spoke in a dramatic video hours after an announcement from the state-run Petra news agency about a series of arrests of leading Jordanians including Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, a member of the royal family, and Bassem Awadallah, a prominent official who once ran the royal court. The pair, according to an unnamed official, were detained along with others after “close monitoring.”

    It was an unprecedented series of arrests and public airing of grievances in a kingdom known for stability, amid rising discontent over the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic policies.

    Hamzah, 41, said in the video that he had been told by the army’s chief of staff — with the sign-off of the head of police and the country’s mukhabarat, or intelligence service — to restrict his movements to his home after attending meetings in which the government and the king were criticized, even though he had not participated in the criticism.

    Since being told to remain home, Hamzah says in the video, “a number of my friends have been arrested, my security has been removed and the internet and phone lines have been cut.” He adds that he had been able to send out the video through a satellite internet service he expected would soon be cut off as well.

    “As I said to the chief of staff when he came, I’m not the person responsible for the breakdown in governance, for the corruption, and for the incompetence that have been prevalent in our governing structure for the last 15 to 20 years, and has been getting worse by the year,” he said. “I’m not responsible for the lack of faith that people have in their institutions. They are responsible.”

    Earlier Saturday evening, Jordanian army Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Yousef Huneiti issued a statement saying Hamzah had not been detained but instead was “asked to stop movements and activities that were being employed to target Jordan’s security and stability,” adding that this was done within “the framework of comprehensive joint investigations undertaken by the security services.”

    “All the procedures were conducted within the framework of the law and after being required as a result of vigorous investigations,” he said. “No one is above the law, and Jordan’s security and stability is above any consideration.”

    The prince’s home in a quiet suburb in the capital, Amman, according to observers and activists on social media, had been raided by a 20-vehicle force, which detained members of his security detail. His head of office, Yasser Majali, was picked up after a heavily armed force burst into his relatives’ home, according to Basma Majali, a family member who wrote of the incident on Twitter.

    “Communication was lost with him more than three hours ago,” she tweeted.

    The news has rocked the tiny desert kingdom, a close regional ally of the U.S. often lauded for its sense of calm in a crisis-ridden neighborhood. That has made it a major destination for those fleeing conflict in their own countries, including 600,000 Syrians and more than 2 million registered Palestinian refugees. It borders Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the West Bank.

    The Saudi royal court issued a statement in solidarity with Abdullah, asserting it stood with the Jordanian monarch and supported whatever decisions he makes to “preserve the security and stability and frustrate any attempt to tamper with them.” Both Bahrain and the Palestinian Authority followed suit, and Egypt said that Jordan’s stability is integral for Egyptian and Arab national security.

    U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price said: “We are closely following the reports and in touch with Jordanian officials. King Abdullah is a key partner of the United States, and he has our full support.”

    Jordan’s 59-year-old king came to power in 1999, when King Hussein before his death elevated him from his relatively obscure position as head of Jordan’s special forces to become the new monarch. Since then, Abdullah has been a top U.S. ally, often allowing U.S. troops to stage operations from Jordanian territory and participating in the anti-Islamic State campaign. The kingdom, which has scant resources, received some $1.5 billion in assistance from the U.S. in 2020 — a result of Abdullah’s popularity among congressional leaders.

    Yet he is decidedly less popular at home, where Jordanians often contrast him negatively with his father, a deeply popular, charismatic figure who steered the country through many convulsions, including several regional wars, a military coup and more than a dozen assassination attempts. Some of that nostalgia rubbed off on Hamzah, who bears a striking resemblance to the former king and was often considered his favorite.

    Hamzah was thought to be King Hussein’s top choice as successor; he was passed over because he was still in school. Nevertheless, Hussein insisted on putting Hamzah next in line to the throne after Abdullah.

    When his half-brother removed him from the role in 2004, Hamzah largely receded from the limelight. But in 2012, a year after the Arab Spring uprisings felled neighboring regimes, his name was frequently invoked by the country’s main opposition movement as a possible replacement for Abdullah.

    Awadallah was a former minister of planning and finance who also once headed Abdullah’s office and his royal court. He served as Jordan’s special envoy to Saudi Arabia, but Abdullah removed him from the role in 2018 over what were said to be his overly close ties to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. He later became chief executive of Tomoh Advisory, a Dubai-based consultancy.

    In Hamzah’s video, which lasts 5 minutes and 42 seconds and has the prince speaking to the camera with a picture of his father behind him, he excoriates the country’s ruling class for putting personal and financial interests above the “lives and dignities and futures of the 10 million people that live here.”

    “I am making this recording to make it clear that I’m not part of any conspiracy or nefarious organization or foreign-backed group as is always the claim here for anyone who speaks out. I have spoken with people … in the hope that they realize that there are members of this family who still love this country, who care for them, and who will put them above all else,” he says. “Apparently that is a crime worthy of isolation, threats, and now being cut off.”

    The turbulence comes at a precarious time for the monarch. Relations with Israel are at a low point, with tensions brewing over Israel’s plans to annex the West Bank as well as a series of tit-for-tat diplomatic slights with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Domestically, the country is experiencing a brutal coronavirus wave, with fatalities only recently dipping below 100 a day. Discontent has risen, with Jordanians increasingly angry over the government’s handling of the pandemic and its inability to contain the economic devastation wreaked by strong lockdowns and weekend quarantines. Many complain that a culture of corruption has become all-pervasive in government quarters (though those complaints usually steer clear of the king), emptying state coffers even as the government levies taxes that have disproportionately affected lower-income segments of the population — an issue Hamzah emphasized throughout his video.

    “Unfortunately, this country has become stymied in corruption, nepotism, and in misrule,” he says. “The result has been the destruction or the loss of hope that is apparent in pretty much every Jordanian, the loss of hope in our future, the loss of dignity, and a life under constant threat because we simply want to speak the truth.”

    Jordan is rated as “Not Free” by the U.S.-based think tank Freedom House, with an electoral system that keeps the opposition at a disadvantage as well as restrictive laws on media and civil society groups. But even Jordan’s harshest critics acknowledge its tolerance for dissent is far greater than most of its neighbors.

    Well past midnight on Sunday, Jordanian Minister of Media Affairs Sakher Dudin said the government would issue a detailed statement to clarify what happened in Saturday’s arrests.

    • sky news UK – Prince Hamza planned to ‘destabilise Jordan’, says country’s deputy PM

      Jordan’s Prince Hamza bin al-Hussein planned to “destabilise” the country in a plot which involved “foreign parties”, according to the country’s deputy prime minister.

      Ayman Safadi told reporters that the plan had been foiled at the “zero hour.”

      It comes after Prince Hamza said he was placed under house arrest as part of a crackdown on critics.

  6. Police break up Good Friday church service over apparent Covid rule breaches
    Worshippers at Christ the King Polish Catholic church in London told they could be fined or arrested

    Police address worshippers
    Police break up Good Friday church service in London – video
    Harry Taylor
    Sat 3 Apr 2021 13.14 EDT

    A Good Friday service in south London was broken up by police over apparent breaches of Covid-19 regulations.

    Footage uploaded on YouTube showed Metropolitan police officers addressing worshippers at the Christ the King Polish Catholic church in Balham, south London, late on Friday afternoon.

    The video shows an officer telling the congregation that they could be fined £200 or arrested for the potential rule-breaking. He said: “This gathering is unfortunately unlawful under the coronavirus regulations we have currently. I suggest, ladies and gentlemen, that though it is Good Friday, and I appreciate you would like to worship, that this gathering is unlawful, so please may you leave the building now. Thank you.”

    A statement posted on the church’s website on Saturday said that they complied with the order to close the service and for people to go home, but insisted it had met all government requirements. It claimed the Met officers had misunderstood regulations on church services during the pandemic.

    They said: “We believe, however, that the police brutally exceeded their powers by issuing their warrant for no good reason.”

    They added that they had been in touch with the Polish Catholic Mission of England and Wales and the police about the incident and were waiting for a more detailed explanation.

    Covid-rule breaking party on steps of Senedd condemned by Welsh authorities
    Read more
    In guidance issued to churches before Holy Week, which encompasses the Easter celebrations, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales said: “Care should be taken for the numbers of people present for this liturgy, which is very popular with the faithful. If necessary, additional celebrations can be considered, taking into account the risks associated for the faithful in travelling to and from church.”

    A spokesman for the Metropolitan police said no fines were given, and the force was engaging with church authorities over the Easter weekend. He added: “Officers attended and found a large number of people inside the church. Some people were not wearing masks and those present were clearly not socially distanced.

    “We are particularly concerned about the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 virus as a result of large indoor gatherings at which people are not socially distanced and some are not wearing masks. As such, officers made the decision that it was not safe for that particular service to continue.”

    This is getting out of control. And the sick part is that the over here, the pro-Anthony Fauci followers get off on this sort of stuff, especially the political class. While this incident is beyond absurd especially since there were zero COVID deaths reported in the city around this time—it’s just a taste of the nightmare that is to come if we allow this COVID passport idea to take root.

  7. Russia and China prepare a two-fer at either end of Asia – Liberty Unyielding
    J.E. Dyer
    17-22 minutes

    Russia and China prepare a two-fer at either end of Asia

    Russian MOD

    Today, a survey of two hot spots where trouble is brewing in the Eastern hemisphere. In a different time, there would have been a pause to acknowledge America’s years of earnest preparation to meet the requirements of “two major regional conflicts” simultaneously, and consider how the current moment measured up. But the irony that we quietly stopped doing that a decade ago is a bit too melancholy to dwell on now.

    These two developments are being couched, antiquely, as “tests” for the Biden administration. The Biden administration is applying little but words to them, but in any case, we are really beyond Russia and China “testing” new U.S. administrations at this point. The leaders in Moscow and Beijing see the leaders of the West more clearly than the Western media do. Their purpose is not to test the reaction of the U.S. but to achieve objectives.

    At the western end of Asia, Russia’s objective appears to be consolidating the division of Ukraine begun seven years ago. NATO is growing more alarmed and jittery. Ukraine says some 20,000-25,000 Russian troops have been moved to Ukraine’s eastern border (in 28 “battalion groups,” which would be optimized for dispersed infantry combat) and believes there are about 3,000 Russian “advisers” in various guises, in separatist-held portions of Ukrainian Luhansk and Donetsk.

    • US Mission to the United Nations – Remarks at the Virtual Fifth Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region

    • How Ambassador Robert Ford Attempted to Whitewash the CIA’s Dirty War on Syria

      In a recent essay for Newlines Magazine, former U.S. ambassador to Syria Robert Ford discussed the ways in which the so-called Syrian revolution went wrong.

      He does so by recounting his interactions with two prominent Syrian opposition leaders, political activist and lawyer Razan Zeitouneh and Free Syrian Army (FSA) commander Colonel Abd al-Jabbar al-Akaidi.

      Ambassador Ford argues that the anti-government protestors’ goal of “a liberal, tolerant system of government guided by a democratic process” was never realized, in part because “we didn’t help them much in their cause.”

      More specifically, Ford argues that U.S. planners refused to provide weapons to the allegedly moderate elements of the armed insurgency fighting to topple the Syrian government.

      As result, Ford argues, extremists from the Syrian wing of al-Qaeda, known as the Nusra Front, were able to hijack the Syrian revolution from the moderates of the FSA.


      The vast U.S. and UK-led propaganda campaign to characterize the war in Syria as a popular uprising led by moderate rebels against a dictator has largely been successful.

      However, cracks in the narrative have emerged with time, as the nature of the armed groups fighting with U.S. assistance against the Syrian government becomes more widely known.
      More and more observers are coming to realize, as academic Tim Anderson has pointed out, that the war in Syria was not a popular revolution but rather a dirty war against the Syrian government, fought by Salafist militias acting as proxies for the U.S. and its regional allies.

      It is perhaps because this narrative is losing credibility that Ambassador Ford has once again attempted to whitewash the role of the Obama administration and the CIA in destroying the Syrian state, and thereby deflect blame for the unimaginable suffering and death that Syrians have had to endure as a result.

    • What is implied in the video (but not states) is that China is trading military equipment and tech for the oil, they aren’t paying cash for it, they will then turn around and sell the oil to some of their client states at the Global Prices for US Dollars. This gives them a little more money to buy time to figure out how to solve their economic crisis.

  8. (Richard: I didn’t know there was a active Maoist terror/guerilla campaign inside India until I stumbled over this video)

    Chhattisgarh encounter: 22 bodies of security personnel found; search ops on

    • China has become very active since Buyden stole the Presidency. They’re all over the place.
      China: Peace is War, War is Peace. Especially with a weak and incompetent USA.

  9. CBS News – Hunter Biden on “Beautiful Things” and his struggles with substance abuse

    Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, and author of a new memoir, “Beautiful Things,” opens up to “Sunday Morning” correspondent Tracy Smith about his abuse of drugs and alcohol; the loss of his brother, Beau; and becoming the center of an election-year firestorm launched by his father’s political opponents.

    + 9 min 44 video

  10. Sky News UK – Islamic State attack in Mozambique revealed in exclusive new footage

    The first pictures of the attack by Islamist militants on the northern Mozambique town of Palma show scenes of absolute carnage and a hectic rescue mission to save survivors who were being hunted down by insurgents.

    The bodies of people murdered after being pulled from cars and lorries are littered across the town.

    A series of photographs and videos, passed exclusively to Sky News, are the first glimpse at the scale of the assault on the town of 52,000 people by the militants who are aligned to Islamic State.

  11. French hospital struggles to accommodate latest wave of Covid patients

    In the Covid-19 intensive care unit of the Antony Private Hospital south of Paris, no bed stays free for long and medics wonder when their workload will finally peak.

  12. Florida Gov. Declares State of Emergency Near Radioactive Spill: ‘Collapse Could Occur at Any Time’
    By Jack Phillips
    April 4, 2021 Updated: April 4, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency and county officials evacuated residents near a phosphate processing plant over the weekend as officials warned that a pond filled with toxic wastewater could collapse “at any time.”

    “A portion of the containment wall at the leak site shifted laterally,” said Manatee County Director of Public Safety Jake Saur to WSTP after a “significant leak” was discovered at the Piney Point processing plant. Saur further cautioned that “structural collapse could occur at any time.”

    Officials on Saturday night and Sunday morning unsuccessfully tried to repair the leak, the report said. Crews used heavy equipment to use rock and earth to “kind of plug the hole in the dam” of the breach, Manatee County acting county administrator Dr. Scott Hopes said. About 800 million gallons of process water, rainwater runoff, are kept in several retention ponds near Highway 41.

  13. TAMPA, Florida, now:

    ‘Imminent’ collapse of Florida reservoir wall will flood Tampa Bay with 20ft wall of polluted water, officials warn: Gov. DeSantis tells residents to evacuate NOW

    Officials in Florida on Sunday warned of a 20 foot wall of wastewater and ‘catastrophic flooding’ after a significant leak at a large pond threatened to burst a system that stores polluted water.

    Governor Ron DeSantis took part in an aerial tour of the site and later held a press conference after more than 300 homes were evacuated near the large reservoir in the Tampa Bay area north of Bradenton Saturday.

    He was joined by Manatee County Administrator Scott Hopes, who warned: ‘So if you are in an evacuation area and you have not heeded that, you need to think twice and follow the orders.’

  14. Gang members ‘instructed’ to shoot Chicago police officers – Patriots 4 Life
    by Patriots 4 Life about 2 hours ago
    2-3 minutes

    Gang members were reportedly “instructed” to shoot at Chicago police officers after the Adam Toledo shooting, according to a Saturday report from The Chicago Sun-Times.

    Police fatally shot 13-year-old Adam Toledo on Monday.
    What’s a brief history on this?

    Authorities have said that Chicago police officers responded to a city alleyway for reports of gunfire. When they arrived, they discovered Adam and a man. One officer ended up chasing the 13-year-old — who police said was armed — and shot him in the chest behind Farragut Career Academy High School.

    Adam’s mother was not notified of her son’s death until two days after the incident, and authorities waited an additional three days to publicly reveal that Adam was just 13 years old.

  15. Montana Bans Sanctuary Cities For Illegal Immigrants
    By Tim Pearce

    Apr 3, 2021

    UNITED STATES – AUGUST 18: Rep. Greg Gianforte, R-Mont. attends the Crow Fair in Crow Agency, Mont., on August 18, 2018. Gianforte is being challenged by Democrat Kathleen Williams. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)
    Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via Getty Images

    Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte (R) signed legislation banning so-called sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants within his state on Wednesday.

    The move is largely symbolic since Montana does not have any sanctuary cities, though it is representative of state GOP executives pushing back as President Joe Biden and a Democratic Congress continue to push progressive reforms. Former Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, a Democrat, vetoed similar legislation in 2019.

  16. Big Tech’s Greatest Threat: “They leave no paper trail for authorities to trace. They are the perfect weapon for changing… the outcome of elections”
    Robert Epstein
    44-55 minutes

    (Image source: iStock)

    “Ephemeral experiences”: You might never have heard this phrase, but it’s a very important concept. These are brief experiences you have online in which content appears briefly and then disappears, leaving no trace. Those are the kinds of experiences we have been preserving in our election monitoring projects. You can’t see the search results that Google was showing you last month. They’re not stored anywhere, so they leave no paper trail for authorities to trace. Ephemeral experiences are, it turns out, quite a powerful tool of manipulation.

  17. Urdu-Language Daily: ‘More Than 5,000 Chinese Troops Will Be Deployed In Iran, And A [Military] Base…
    5-6 minutes

    On March 27, 2021, China and Iran signed an economic and security cooperation agreement according to which Beijing will invest $400 billion in Iran over the next 25 years. This is a far-reaching agreement that is certain to increase the Chinese strategic influence in the Middle East for decades to come.

    Pakistani analysts are also watching how China’s new focus on Iran will influence Chinese investment in Pakistan. In a report, the Urdu daily Roznama Ummat tried to assess the impact of the Chinese agreement with Iran.

    The report is titled: “The Deployment Of 5,000 Chinese Troops In Iran [is] Part Of The Agreement.” The Roznama Ummat report sees the deployment of 5,000 Chinese troops in Iran in positive terms for regional stability. Following is the text of the report.

  18. The Strange Sinovac Vaccine Phenomenon: Countries Report Increased Cases After Using Vaccine
    By Eva Zhao
    April 3, 2021 Updated: April 4, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    The Hong Kong government recently rolled out a large-scale vaccination plan against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, commonly known as COVID-19, but it’s been mired by frequent reports of serious adverse reactions. In just one month, 13 people died in Hong Kong after being inoculated, 11 of whom had been injected with the Sinovac vaccine, a Chinese domestically made vaccine.

    The CCP has not reported a single case of serious side effects or death after it announced the administering of 100 million doses of the Sinovac vaccine in China on March 28.

    But there are four strange phenomena of the Chinese Sinovac vaccine, analyzed as follows.

  19. Senators Request Big Corps to Reveal Details on Foreign and Domestic Buyers of User Data
    By Samuel Allegri
    April 3, 2021 Updated: April 3, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    A bipartisan group of senators is questioning eight major U.S. corporations about the transmission of American user data to foreign bidders, used for digital advertising in the majority of cases.

    “We write to seek information about your company’s sharing of Americans’ personal data in order to understand how that information may be obtained and exploited by foreign governments to the detriment of our national security,” the letter (pdf) reads.

    It was sent on Thursday by Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) to the companies, seeking information specifically about the “real-time bidding” process, which refers to the milliseconds before ads are shown to people on their electronic devices when hundreds of companies participate in an auction for their advertisement to be displayed.

  20. FRANCE – BÉZIERS – 5 MUSLIM women arrested in France on suspicion of plotting terrorist attack on religious site during Easter holidays

    French counter-terrorism police have arrested a family of five women after one of them was suspected of planning to attack a religious site. A sword and dangerous chemicals were reportedly found in their home.

    French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin confirmed the operation in a tweet, thanking counter-terrorism agents for their work.

    Several French news outlets reported earlier that authorities had learned a woman – who has not been publicly identified – was planning a terrorist attack on a religious site in the southern city of Montpellier during the Easter holidays. She was said to have been radicalized by watching videos from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS).

    The woman was apprehended on Saturday night in the city of Beziers, 70km from Montpellier, and taken into custody along with her mother and three sisters, one of whom is a minor.

    During a search of the women’s home, police reportedly found a sharp sword and chemicals that could be used for explosives. At the same time, Le Point magazine cited a source which said the chemicals may have been bought for household use. A probe has been launched into whether the woman had ties to terrorist groups.

    Beziers Mayor Robert Menard told Le Figaro newspaper that the detained family were “Islamists.” He added that the city’s La Deveze neighborhood, where the family lives, is “a difficult district affected by massive immigration.”

  21. SWITZERLAND – Tear gas and Molotov cocktails exchanged during Swiss protest against COVID restrictions

    Police used rubber bullets against rioters who hurled bottles and Molotov cocktails in the northeastern Swiss city of St. Gallen on Saturday. More than 30 people were temporarily banned from entering the city.

  22. FRANCE – LYON – Police use tear gas after Turkish restaurant attacked during Kurdish protest in Lyon

    Police used tear gas after protesters attacked a Turkish-owned restaurant in Lyon on Sunday, as a march decrying a recent alleged attack by the ultra-nationalist ‘Grey Wolves’ group on Kurdish cultural centre took place in the city.

    Earlier demonstrators marched from the attacked Kurdish cultural centre, chanting slogans denouncing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a ‘terrorist.’

    Speaking before the march, Co-president of the France Kurdistan Rhone association, Roselyne Kisa, linked the assault on the centre, that left four injured, to the French government’s increased closeness with Turkey.

    “Every time that the French government gets closer to Turkey, there are arrests of Kurdish people in France. We have recorded some recent arrests in Marseilles and Paris,” she said, adding that the incident was “an organised and deliberate attack.”

    A local member of the Kurdish community also posited that the attack took place on April 3 due to this being when celebrations of imprisoned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Ocalan were taking place.

    The ‘Grey Wolves’ have been frequently linked with violence against Kurds and Armenians in Europe and around the world, with the international organisation being banned by the French government in November 2020.


    SOT, Roselyne Kisa, Co-president of France Kurdistan Rhone association (French): “Every time that the French government gets closer to Turkey, there are arrests of Kurdish people in France. We have recorded some recent arrests in Marseilles and Paris.”

    SOT, Roselyne Kisa, Co-president of France Kurdistan Rhone association (French): “And the ‘Grey Wolves,’ who are based in the Lyon region actually, feel reinforced and commit actions like yesterday, on Saturday 3rd of April 2021, where there were 20 individuals armed with knives and iron bars, wearing balaclavas, so it’s an organised and deliberate attack. They came to the cultural centre ‘House of Mesopotamia’ to attack the Kurdish people who were inside at the time.”

    SOT, Local Kurdish community member (French): “The 3rd of April is the birthday of the Kurdish leader, Ocalan and that’s why this date is important.”

    SOT, Local Kurdish community member (French): “This was not an improvised attack; it had been planned for months. They (Grey Wolves) have dared to act because they have some support here in Lyon through the Turkish consulate that they use as a logistic base. They also have the support of the Turkish intelligence services, who help them logistically. This is not a group of amateurs, it’s a paramilitary organisation linked to the fascist regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.”

  23. europravda – “On veut rentrer en France” : l’appel des femmes de djihadistes retenues avec des enfants en Syrie

    Elles avaient rejoint les rangs de l’État islamique et sont depuis retenues dans des camps kurdes.

    Plus de 80 femmes françaises, et avec elles 200 enfants, se retrouvent aujourd’hui prisonnières derrière ces grilles.

  24. Ready to take your life back?

    The government of Canada and its paid shills continually say one of their biggest priorities is to “build vaccine confidence in communities so that everyone can make an informed decision on vaccination”.

    This is something repeated by doctors, scientists, and politicians alike.

    When you hear that statement, what do you imagine them doing to help people come to an “informed decision”?

    Would you have guessed it’s to pay people hundreds of thousands of dollars to find the best way to manipulate you?

    That’s right, it’s not to inform you about the potentially dangerous blood clots caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine or the fact that getting vaccinated doesn’t protect you or others from getting or transmitting Covid-19, it’s to lie and trick you.

    Let me say that again, the government’s idea of helping you make an informed decision is paying people to trick you into doing what they want you to do.

    When you have a friend like the government, who needs enemies.

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