Extinction rebellion terrorism fail, Islamic State terror success, CSIS becomes a revolutionary force: Links 1, April 3, 2021

1. Apparently, communists under the beard of environmental activists, have been both throwing oil on buildings recently, as well as climbing them for the purpose if throwing black paint on them. I have no idea if this is what happened here, but as a general rule, its probably smart not to try and climb the same buildings you throw oil on.

Fans of the TV show, Supernatural, might be tempted to speculate about the nature of this creature that bleeds black goo. But its was his vandalism kit that broke.

2. CSIS, Canada’s domestic spy agency, appears to have been re-tasked to as a revolutionary force. The following video will explain how they no longer will name a threat which presents revolutionary forces in a bad light, but will confuse the issue so that in the minds of the observer, a moral inversion can take place. We already see this in most North American mass media where the victim is the aggressor when it is revolutionary to do so, such as when the aggressor is muslim, he becomes a white male. A major report on domestic terrorism that was published by the government some months ago, actually called 911 an act of domestic terrorism done by white males and no where mentioned Islam. (For more on the TEVUS report, click here) In the following video, you can see how they are preparing to use what I call, “The Levels of Abstraction Trick”. By calling acts of Islamic jihad, “religious extremism”. In other words, they jump categories until they find one that also contains things they are targeting, and then can move the public sentiment against the targeted group from the actual group that did it. As just one example, they can move blame for muslim terror attack by calling it religious extremism, and then offering examples, probably ancient historical ones, of Christian violence to deflect from the current  event. We have all heard that tactic after 911 when all we heard was “what about the Crusades?”. They do the same thing with leftist terror by calling it, “politically motivated terrorism”. As they say, a half truth is the damnedest of lies. Perhaps more importantly, Kung Fu Tze said: “The beginning of wisdom is the proper naming of things.”

3. Australia to invest $1B in defence as a response to China’s new posture of what sure looks like global manifest destiny.

4. Philippines: “Beijing has swarmed into disputed waters”. (Also report on Taiwan)

5. Islamic State group claims control of northern Mozambique town of Palma

The Islamic State group said Monday it had seized the coastal town of Palma in northern Mozambique, after days of fighting.

“The caliphate’s soldiers seize the strategic town of Palma” following a three-day attack against military and government targets that killed dozens, the group said in a statement on its Telegram channels.

The jihadist group’s claim came after thousands of survivors of coordinated jihadist attacks in the town fled on boats to the provincial capital, Pemba, according to sources in the city.

International aid agency sources said between 6,000 and 10,000 people are waiting to be evacuated to safety following the raid on Palma that began last Wednesday.

Thank you Richard, M., Malca, ML.,Gates of Vienna, C., Johnny U., ET., EB., PC and MANY more who are staying focused this Easter Weekend.

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  1. 4 – The weather is warming up and China is making new moves in the himalayan mountains, note how the commentator recognizes that the importation of a different demographic groups can be used to shift ownership of large areas of a nation.. This is what the left is trying to do to the US.

    Himalayas becoming ‘new South China Sea’ as entire villages secretly built on enemy turf.

    • China is forcing the Quad + or – ti spread their forces around, India is being pressured by China in the Tibetan region and the Chinese Client state of Pakistan in the Kashmir region with a possibly flooding of refugees from Burma. Then there is the incursion into Philippine waters by what is probably armed militia ships, the Chinese incursions into Taiwan’s airspace and the Chinese moves on some of the Japanese Islands. As well as Chi9nese efforts to build bases on Islands near Australian.

      All of these areas have to be guarded which means that the alliance will have fewer ships, planes and personal to use to counter the Chinese aggression in one specific region. Also given the size of the Chinese military They might start trouble on one or two regions to suck military assets to them before the make their move on Taiwan or one of the other areas they are threatening to conquer.

      The wild card in this deck is the US, when China makes their move or Russia or more probably both at the same time move on the opponents what will Bidens puppet masters order him to do? He has talked tough about both Russia and China but will he do anything? Both countries have evidence of his corruption that will destroy him and probably a lot of Democrats if they make it public. Will the Dems risk either China or Russia or both releasing the evidence of Bidens true corruption?

      No matter which way Biden’s bosses decide the US is going to act we are in a constitutional crisis, Japan and Australia will come to Taiwan’s aid and we have mutual defense treaties both both. The Philippines is another nation we have a defense treaty with, if anyone of the three calls for help we are bound by those treaties to go to their aid. Big crisis if we don’t, if we do and Russia or China releases the evidence of the Biden corruption big Constitutional Crisis, especially it the evidence includes evidence that Obama knew about the corruption and got part of the bribe money.

    • “entire villages secretly built on enemy turf.‘ this has been going on in Britain (andEurope) since the 1960s, importing blocks of Asian and muslum incomers from porkistan and Uganda into communities.
      Last month I had to return ( briefly) to an area I grew up in north London, every building was either muslum or Indian Asian, not one single white person from one end of a 6 mile high road to the other. The only building I recognised was the telephone exchange.
      This is all over the country. We have just completed the 2021 census: will we ever get to see the results??
      Isn’t population replacement a commie= fascist plan?

  2. 2.
    You don’t know why you were raped in the street?
    Wonder why your children were run over and stabbed?
    Confused why your local shops were torn up and looted?

    We do: Motivated Violent Extremism. Wrong Think.

    It’s complicated. Governments know best. No one gets offended.

    Stay Home. Stay Comforted. Stay Safe.

    • To the matter of ‘there is no Left and Right,’ in that all Canadians who are “Motivated Violent Extremists,” are on the Kinsey Scale of either Left and/or Right and most of them are bi-squirrels in the Middle. It’s Marxist Propaganda deception that criminals are just like us.

      “Motivated Violent Extremists” are not conflicted. They are all Left (Left, Far Left, or Far Far Left).

      For if you love your god (Right) then you cannot kill the image of god. Period.

      Peter Hitchens shares his move from Left to Right.

      But Canadians by deliberately making their enemies unseen, calling them ‘Left or Right,’ and hunting down the imaginary White Supremacist who is not on the Left, they will openly let in the terrorists who are just like them.

      The Far Left hate Fascists (Far Far Left) who hate Useful Idiots. No one on the Right hates anyone on the Right, no matter the creed color or religion.

      The Right do not create Hate Crimes to protect themselves from each other.

      When the Communist attack weakness, and they will, by air, sea and land; your Generals will declare they are not connected but only Motivated Violent Extremists.

      Behind the mask, they dare not look.

      That’s a subject for Easter.

      • Peter Hitchens: ‘When I was Trotskyist… I had no morals at all … you set out to do what you thought was right at the expense of anything or anybody that got in your way… to achieve the Bolshevik Revolution.’

        Was he a Motivated Violent Extremist? A little bit on the left and right? Or was he someone with a clear singular goal (shared amongst many comrades) to force people into being Proletariats, the slaves to the Mother State? Are muslims willing slaves to Muhammad and his Allah? Are sexuals willing slaves to vice? Are these the slaves on the Left releasing their thorns of inadequacy by being given approval for them, or are they on the Right? Are they the cloaked in new robes needing a Parent watching over them; or they the transparent ‘I and my god are one’?

        Were they raised by a father who then passed on his father from his father into them to go into the world as free spirits. Or were they cut off from the god of the first Adam, to now seek anyone who will give them comfort in validation and affection to nurse their pride?

        Do you think that Jews are increasingly cut off from their fathers. Or do you think Canadians are increasingly cut off from their fathers?
        Is the gulf widening between them?

        Because Every Motivated Violent Extremist is cut off from their father. Extremists are not from the Right, but from the Left.

        It is the followers of Muhammad, Stalin, Mao and Hitler who would say that those with freedom of conscience are Motivated Violent Extremists. Yes they would. And this is their Big Lie. Because freedom of conscience includes the right to be wrong. It doesn’t hate evil. There is no violent reaction. It will let you suffer in your own stew. But you then cry out to your momma to fix it, and your growing Mother Church robs everyone else just to feed you. Bringing the world down to be run by Apostles whose sole job is to go out and create the fatherless to bring into their orphanages.

        Their truth can never sets you free. And is never intended to. Death to the Unbeliever.

        “Motivated Violent Extremists.” And they made you blind to what is going on around you.

  3. ITEM 1: Extinction Rebellion: It’s a young adult female, I’m certain. When I saw it yesterday, I looked at it over and over, just something that felt good. The City should charge her for the costs of sidewalk cleanup.

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