Youtube Winston Smith’s the vote down button for select content: Links 2, March 30, 2021

1. China keeping heavy pressure on the WHO to make sure the narrative is preserved, and that Winston Smith destroys all evidence of what actually happened. Which is that it leaked from a lab doing gain of function on a bat virus, allowing it to infect humans which it couldn’t do in nature.

2. AstraZeneca changes name to avoid the reputation which it’s injection now has.

Introducing ‘Vaxzevria’: AstraZeneca renames Covid vaccine as firm fights off controversy over drug

AstraZeneca has renamed its Covid-19 vaccine, a move that coincides with the company’s struggle to reassure the public that its drug is safe, following numerous reports of potential adverse effects.

The British-Swedish pharmaceutical has rebranded its jab, which previously went by the simple ‘AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine’, to ‘Vaxzevria’. In a press release, the company said that the name change does not involve any alterations to the actual drug. Medical workers should be made aware of the rebrand though, the firm said, because the labeling and packaging can look different. 

The European Medicines Agency signed off on the new name last week after AstraZeneca sought approval for the change from the EU regulator. Covishield, which is based on the same formula but was developed in collaboration with the Serum Institute of India, will retain its current branding.

The debut of ‘Vaxzevria’ comes as AstraZeneca fends off growing uncertainty about its drug, which was created in tandem with Oxford University. More than a dozen countries across Europe have temporarily halted their rollout of the vaccine following reports of blood clots. EU health officials, as well as the pharma firm, have maintained that the vaccine is safe and not related to the medical episodes, some of which led to death.

Reader’s Links have a lot on this. Here is a link from the Brussels Times.

3. Google’s Youtube creates new form of suppression and censorship.

This is political. Its to make sure when leftist propaganda which is clearly BS is posted, we cannot take solace in the amount of dislikes, and thereby know we still have some form of truth available to us online. This is a Winston Smith move. Nothing else.

Here is a test for Youtube’s new Winston. If a video is counter-revolutionary, then it will show dislikes. But if it is pro-revolutionary, trans-kids or whatnot, it will hide dislikes. Any takers?

Test #1

4. You can really tell this is about a disease when people manhandle someone who isn’t wearing a mask. Clearly this is about conformity and obedience. If they were actually afraid they would have stayed 30 feet away from her. 30 feet because that is a real number, where 6 feet is arbitrary.

5. Blast at church in Krimpen aan den IJssel where journalist was assaulted

An explosion took place at the Mieras Church in Krimpen aan den IJssel on Tuesday morning. There are no injuries, but the front of the church building is damaged, reported AD. It is believed that the attack is connected to Sunday’s incident when a journalist was assaulted at the church’s door following the service.

Police confirmed on Twitter that residents were startled by a loud bang and smoke around 04:35 on Tuesday morning. According to the police spokesman, a firework was likely used, although this has yet to be confirmed by officers on the spot. The police investigation is still underway, thus it remains to be confirmed whether this was a targeted action.

The Mieras Church came into the spotlight on Sunday when a reporter from RTV Rijnmond was hit while reporting on the hundreds of churchgoers getting together despite the corona rules. A 43-year-old man from Krimpen aan den IJssel was arrested in the aftermath but was later released. He will have to answer to the public prosecutor at a later date.

In another attack on Sunday, at the Sion Church in Urk, a PowNed reporter was intentionally hit by a car.

Three more links on that issue:

Urk church abandoning Covid restrictions in favor of “spiritual well-being”

Reporters attacked while covering large church gatherings

Man arrested for hitting journalist with car at Urk church

Four held in assault on journalists at church gatherings; Editors Assoc. dissatisfied with police response

Thank you C., M., Richard, Radu, PC., Johnny U., and everyone who has managed to cling to a little bit of sanity.


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  1. The Chinese economy is collapsing, they may be able to keep the internal economy going for several months, possibly as long as a year by printing money . The problem is their international economy, their trade partners are going to insist on hard currency instead of stiff and almost useless toilet paper. They need the hard currency coming in to be able to pay for the food and raw materials they import, this is why they are pushing so hard to try and convince everyone that the virus wasn’t the product of a Chinese lab.

    China is running scared, they are afraid that the Chinese people will decide that the CCP has broken the social contract and that the PLA will agree. It was only a couple of years ago that the Chinese Vets were complaining about how their pension wasn’t enough to live on and the PLA was acting piss enough that the CCP was afraid of a national mutiny These problems were temporally solved by increasing the pension and printing more money. The problem is that increasing the money supply leads to massive inflation. People are predicting a return of Jimmy Carters stagflation in the US, if this happens the ripples will hurt China more then the stagflation hurts the US and it will do massive damage to the US. .

    • Bullshit
      China just hit a deal with Iran for oil and e o o mic relations
      China at this moment has Usa by the balls
      Your post is deamland

      • China going out and buying a bottle of milk does not refute Richard’s unsourced statement.

        Please use reasoned argument and directly attack his premis: ‘the Chinese People are rising up against their overlords.’

        And then your premis ‘China has total control over America’.

        Two totally different statements, that have no bearing on each other except that you are saying ‘everything about Richard is sh*t.’

        It’s like listening to a Socialist cancelling someone.

        (Unless you are working for the CCP, then carry on the good work as there are a lot of sites to cover today).

        • Thank you, as to the sources Gordon Chang’s articles at Gatestone, there are others but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

          Once you read the Gordon Chang articles remember that China is an export economy, they make their money by exporting items. When the rest of the world is not importing as much as normal the Chinese can’t export.

          The Iranian oil deal is for resale and they have to find customers that are willing to risk the US reimposing sanctions on Iranian oil. They are gambling that by spending some of their hard currency they can resell for a greater amount of hard currency. Given what is happening in China and elsewhere their may be a greater gamble then most people think.

          • ChiComs might find themselves at ground zero of a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.
            Or drafted in a mission to bring on the Mahdi.

          • Chinese music operates in their Left Brain
            Language in their Right
            Create Western lyrics from the opposite domain:
            Frustration with no insight.

            ‘China has adopted an education system that brainwashes its youth from elementary school to the university level, which thoroughly and fundamentally destroys their ability to critique. Vicky X Xu, a journalist now living in Australia, remembers her school days in China, “Where the No 1 criterion to be a good student, a good citizen, is to love the government without question. Compulsory Student Handbook Rule No 1 is to be loyal to the party.” The state has fired and jailed thousands of educators and university scholars who have been critical of the Communist Party of China. For example, Liu Xiaobo, a public educator and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, was tortured to death in 2017″

      • Here is the url for the Gatestone Institute articles by Gordon China, he has also been interviewed by China Uncensored many times talking about the Chinese economy.

        Also over the past year there have been many articles posted on Vlad bout the state of the Chinese economy, the way the Bird Flu, the Swine Flu, the Floods, the usual weather and the insect hoards are destroying the Chinese good supply. This means that the Chinese have to purchase food to feed their people, this requires hard currency since no nation will accept Chinese currency as payment. A couple of months ago there were many reports that China was selling US debt, the reports (which make no sense) were saying that China was selling the debt to punish China. This as I said makes no sense, China was disposing of a liquid asset at a loss and the sale didn’t hurt the US. The only reason for the sale that make sense is they needed hard currency.

        China owns a lot of US debt because they want the US dollars that we pay them as debt service. This is one of their main sources of hard currency.

        • Thank you. I’ve put them on my home page. Thank you to Jan too for making this such an important subject that you went so much to hide.

        • Long-term deals with the govt of Twisted Ragheads would be long odds. Looks like a PR stunt, timed to give both ChiComs and ayatollahs a boost they so desperately need.

          China will be skinned by this crafty bunch of rug dealers. This isn’t like fleecing Africa. Nor is it clueless Western pushovers.

          There are riots everywhere now. Chinese infrastructure will be ripped up as fast as it’s built. Look at the response on the ground to this nefarious bargain:

          Let’s talk Iran – March 30, 2021

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