Thorough update on the Islamic forcing of sharia on a UK school

1. British school and local governments capitulate to sharia law with unabashed appology to muslims and a promise of an investigation for showing a cartoon.

For context, if a school showed a Nazi era cartoon to show what Nazi cartoons of Jews were, that would be both OK and even necessary on a course which included Nazi propaganda. So this is about only one thing. Enforcing sharia limits on the West. And its working.

BBC article to get up to speed for those unfamiliar with the tempest in a teapot which this issue should be. As I write this though, it occurs to me, the way to take total control of a teapot is to create a tempest in it.

Prophet Muhammad cartoon sparks Batley Grammar School protest

A teacher who showed pupils an “inappropriate” cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad – sparking protests outside a school – has been suspended.

The image depicting the founder of Islam was used in a lesson at Batley Grammar School on Monday.

Videos posted online show dozens of people standing outside the school on Thursday, with some demanding the teacher be sacked.

The government said it was never acceptable to “intimidate” teachers.

Head teacher Gary Kibble apologised “unequivocally”, adding the member of staff had “given their most sincere apologies” and been suspended pending an investigation.

Apology by school head.

A lone voice worried about the consequences of capitulation?

Tweet calling for protest:

Muslims use the classic threat of jihad against the school in the form of group allah ackbarring.

Statement by spokesman of the muslim community, who may or may not be a parent of one of the children. Chances are not, if its anything like the Sam patty event.

The demand for criminal proceedings against the teacher is much in accordance with UN resolution 16/18 which demanded that each nation enact some kind of legislation that would make Islamic blasphemy or criticism of Islam to be a criminal matter.

With religion and blues musicians as a rule, the bigger and more ornate the hat, the more important the leader or performer. Below, a complex hat delivers a lecture on the matter.

Another video of the protest:

Daily Mail story on some of this. Note that the protestors are not the parents. This is a critical aspect. This is the Islamic use of an extension of the Rahm Emanuel slogan. Create a crisis, then maximize its use.

Thousands sign petition started by students calling for suspended teacher ‘who showed Prophet Mohammed cartoons’ to keep his job – after he was whisked away from home on police advice over death threats

A petition started by students of the teacher suspended by Batley Grammar School has been signed by thousands of people today – at a rate of one per second – as it was revealed he was forced to flee his home because of death threats.   

The ‘burly Yorkshire lad’ in his 20s, who has not been named, is getting support from police after he allegedly showed cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed as the headteacher today kept 980 children at home after 50 Muslim protesters from outside the area turned up for a second day.  

Some of his students have launched a petition trying to save his job, which has been signed by more than 3,000 people by 2pm today, up by 2,000 in the past 12 hours.

People who backed the campaign to save his job have described him as a ‘good man’ and a ‘diligent teacher’ who is ‘respectful of all religions’. Others said the school must stand by him, insisting he was being ‘bullied out’ by ‘radicals’. 

One Muslim parent signed the petition, named Mohammed J, wrote: ‘I would like to convey my support for the school and also the teacher concerned. He has taught my daughter and she speaks very highly of him. I would not hesitate to see him teach her again. I am confident that the teacher concerned did not mean any offence and I hope following an investigation he returns to his role at the school.’

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14 Replies to “Thorough update on the Islamic forcing of sharia on a UK school”

  1. BBC: “A teacher who showed pupils an “inappropriate” cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad – sparking protests outside a school – has been suspended.”

    This implies ‘if the teacher had shown an “appropriate” cartoon of Muhammad, there would be no problem. muslims are just like you.’ The teacher was offensive, (racist), and very bad.

    Common Purpose. One voice disappeared at a time.

    • It’s their classic modus operandi. They have networks and show up in intimidating groups of stern men. It reminds me of hostage-taking where a ransom must be paid for release. If no ransom is paid, torture is applied – may it be psychological and/or physical.

      We see a guy in a few of the videos wearing a suit and beige coat. That could be an Islamic lawyer they recruited for more subtle intimidation as they knew the police would be there. And the police knows it.

      There’s still hope for Britain as we see one courageous student starting a petition to reinstate the teacher. That one student is by far much braver than the entire UK Metropolitain Police Force.

  2. Fitnah chaos, causing problems between people.

    Demand, Demand, Demand

    “The principles of Ijihad and deduction are well known, and there is no vagueness or looseness in them. No one is allowed to devise a law and say that it is according to the law of God unless it is declared that God Is the Legislator, and that the source of authority is God Himself and not some nation or party or individual, and a sincere attempt is made to find out the will of God through reference to His Book and the teachings of His Messenger —peace be on him.

    But this right cannot be delegated to a person or persons who want to establish authority by taking the name of God, as was the case in Europe under the guise of ‘the Church’.

    There is no ‘Church’ in Islam; no one can speak in the name of God except His Messenger—peace be on him. There are clear injunctions which define the limits of the Devine Law, the Shari’ah.”

    Demand, Demand, Demand
    We are witnessing POPULATION REPLACEMENT

  3. Schools sees second day of protest amid Muhammad cartoon row

    Association of Muslim Supplementary Schools Ashfaque Choudhury discusses the Muhammad cartoon row after protesters gathered outside the school for a second day.

  4. ‘Fundamentalists shouldn’t dictate curriculum’ | Former teacher on Muhammad cartoon row

    “There’s just no way that religious fundamentalists should be allowed to create this situation in our country.”

    Former teacher Gareth Sturdy weighs in on the protest outside a school over the teacher’s use of a Muhammad cartoon.

  5. SKY NEWS UK – Protest grows over teacher showing image of Prophet Mohammed to students

    The Department for Education described demonstrations, and reports of threats at a school in West Yorkshire as completely unaccepatble.

    The crowds are protesting a teacher who showed pupils a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed.

    Batley Grammar School has suspended the teacher involved and the head teacher has apologised.

    Sky’s Inzamam Rashid reports.

  6. WEST LONDON ISLAMIC CENTRE – Insulting the Prophet MUHAMMAD (pbuh) – Batley Grammar School

    Mr Denville, the RE teacher at Batley Grammar School intentionally decides to insult and ridicule Muslims, by showing an ‘image’ of what he labelled as the Blessed Prophet Muhammad

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