Last Night’s Tucker, Bitchute links, and the big white male problem in America: Links 3, March 24, 2021

1. Dispelling another anti-white myth

2. A little perspective on Covid

3. Last night’s Tucker Carlson. Its quite good. All of it.

4. Interesting tweet:

On that note, it is true. The greatest threat to the US are all white males.

5. 2nd amendment going the way of the first:

Thank you MarcusZ1967, M., Richard, Johnny U., Yucki, PC., EB., ET., Chris Jones, Mad W. and all who wrote in and assisted this site and its community in any way at all.

PROBLEM with Bitchute links MIGHT be the same as REDDIT but with the spam filter ASKIMET!

Waiting for word.




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9 Replies to “Last Night’s Tucker, Bitchute links, and the big white male problem in America: Links 3, March 24, 2021”

  1. 5 – This one is headed for SCOTUS and this court has been very friendly to the Second Amendment, I don’t think this ruling will survive.

    A lot of Judges are getting scared and are ruling to limit the Dems and the Government.

    • Yes, most judges are scared. One great example would be the Barrett judge. She has a family of seven young kids. IMO, the only worthwhile judge is the one who has nothing to lose.

      Trump failed badly with the Barrett nomination. It was probably the only time Trump failed.

  2. I’ve been gone for a while, busy working on complex docs. I should be done by Friday evening. I miss you all.

    Once in a while, I stray for a few minutes of break-time. Big mistake. It takes a while to get back into the flow of the documents.

    That said, Tucker covers many issues and we need that guy. He’s the only T.V. voice of sanity going for us.

    IMHO, the majority of Black and Islamic people might be the most racist of all because they hold a knife against our throats with the victimhood issue. It’s a win-win for them.

    – “Suck a dog’s d—k, p—-y. Then cook it and eat it in front of your mother,” the man tells the cop, according to footage of the shocking incident obtained by The Post.

    He goes on to tell the officer to have “a goddamn tea party,” before repeating the word “soy sauce” in a mocking accent. –

    Guess what races are involved, anything but White:

  3. UPDATE on this story: the Chinese lady wanted him to wear his mask. He refused after eight hours of working with a mask. I’m siding with the Black guy. If everybody, all socially distanced, had removed their mask in solidarity with the Black guy, that Asian lady would have lost her power.

    We all hate the damned useless mask. Never before had we had to cover our faces for something invisible that is equivalent to the seasonal flu. Unless people’s solidarity kicks in, politicians will continue to crush us.

    • “”I don’t give a fuck what you saying, man,” he responded. “I got daughters older than you. Mind yo’ goddamn business, Chinese lady. Ugly-ass chink. Mind yo’ goddamn business, man.”

      The exchange grew heated, and the man continued calling Lai names.

      “I don’t care about you peoples, man. Go to hell, dog. This America, Jap,” he continued.

      When Lai responded that she is American, the man continued to berate her and gave the camera a middle finger.

      “Smile for the camera,” he said. “Smile for this chink.”

      The insults continued. Before getting off the bus, he told her: “Fuck your culture.””

      The fe-man reacted with ad hominem abuse. This is not intelligent nor civilized, and belays a disturbed creature beneath. The white female was trash to him, for in the presence of women, he is their bitch.

      “I’m siding with the Black guy.”


      For the legitimate risk, in a confined space, to pass on covid-19, even if I disagreed and I felt my freedom to die was more important than their concern to live, like a person preferring new pronouns to suit their psychosis, I can be courteous, kind and respond appropriately on my terms.

      If my terms do not suit the bus company, I can walk.

      So that I leave will leave the bus at the next stop by choice, not like the wimps of Black Lives Matter.

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