Leftist turn massive protest into injurious riot in Bristol England

There seems to have been highly kinetic riots in Bristol, where massive crowds attacked and badly damaged some police.

I know nothing about this yet. But I would wager that in the spirit of Yuri Bezmanov, “There are no grass roots revolutions”. There are no grass roots large scale demonstrations one might suspect. ACAB, which is written on the police van in one video, is an ANTIFA/BLM slogan. This looks like the far left using people’s genuine dissatisfaction with Covid measures, as an excuse to wage war against police and the state on the backs of the common man.

At least at first glance and based on how leftist groups have acted tactically since before the 1960s.

This of course will give the state an excuse to act in an even more authoritarian way.

Please feel free to correct me in the comments. I am walking into this event blind and purely speculating here.

(The video above is labelled “Far-left anti-police riot in Bristol England.” Thankfully its at least being labelled properly by someone. That someone is Andy Ngo though. The MSM is laying this at the feet of “Kill the Bill” people, meaning everyone.)

Again, “UK Protestors clash with police”. Sorry no.

Sky News UK – Several police officers injured during protest in Bristol

A demonstration against plans to give police more powers to deal with peaceful protests has spilled over into violence described as “disgusting scenes”.

BBC – Police in injured in Bristol as “Kill the Bill” protest turns violent

Two police officers have been taken to hospital with injuries after protesters clashed with police in Bristol.  

Thousands of people turned up at a rally against the Police and Crime Bill, which includes plans to give officers more powers to control demonstrations.

Officers had told people to stay away.  Avon and Somerset police condemned what they called “disgraceful scenes” and called on neighouring forces for support.

the guardia – UK – BRISTOL – ‘Kill the bill’ protestors storm police station in Bristol

Activists stormed a police station as a ‘Kill the Bill’ demonstration turned violent in Bristol.

Footage from The Bristol Cable shows protestors kicking in the windows of Bridewell police station and graffitiing the outside of it.   

The protestors are opposed to the police, crime, sentencing and courts bill, which would give the police in England and Wales more power to impose conditions on non-violent protests, including those deemed too noisy or a nuisance.

Those convicted under the proposed legislation could face a fine or jail.

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10 Replies to “Leftist turn massive protest into injurious riot in Bristol England”

  1. Kill the bill…

    “Policy paper
    Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021: protest powers factsheet
    Updated 10 March 2021”

    “4.2 Why are these measures needed?
    Existing public order legislation was passed in 1986 and is no longer fit for managing the types of protests we experience today.

    ‘The highly disruptive tactics used by some protesters cause a disproportionate impact on the surrounding communities and are a drain on public funds. For example, the Metropolitan Police Service’s cost for policing Extinction Rebellion’s 2019 “April Uprising” in London was over £16 million.

    These measures will improve the police’s ability to manage such protests, enabling them to dedicate their resources to keeping the public safe.”

    Extinction Rebellion:

    Funded Activists:
    “The list of financial backers of ‘XR’ is not made fully public, but some high profile elite donors include ‘master of puppets’ billionaire activist George Soros, the son of British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, the granddaughter of oil magnate John Paul Getty, and the rock band Radiohead, amongst others.

    Extinction Rebellion’s finances have come under scrutiny as the group has paid no taxes on the money it has paid to its activist members.”

  2. Distasteful as these commies are,they are preferable to lining up to board the cattle trucks,or half arsed demonstrations which the administration simply ignore.

  3. I don’t think it’s possible any longer to have a large, meaningful protest without Brown Shirt subterfuge. With msm controlling the firehose the combination of violence and media misreporting is very effective. Infiltrating every large peaceful protest, use violence to discredit the peaceful and subsequently turn police on the law-abiding dissenters.

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