In the name of public health, police attack freedom protestors across the West: Links 2, March 21, 2021

1. Unless this is disinfectant, I don’t see how water cannon prevents the spread of covid. Unless the real idea is to stop the spread of resistance to utter and total government control of the public more or less arbitrarily.

“And the state shall be unto like a God that bestrides the land”. Hegel.

2. Marseille: 6.500 people defy anti-Covid measures to celebrate carnival

The event, unauthorised because of the pandemic, was described as irresponsible by the police, which later disperses the crowd.

3.RT – Parody video showing Trump knocking Biden down Air Force One stairs could lead to ASSASSINATION attempt, MSNBC analyst says

(I wonder what MicroSoft NBC had to say about that woman who did a photo of her holding the decapitated head of President Trump? Or the play in NY where they made I think it was Julius Caesar, Trump and assassinated him on stage? And a hundred other direct and symbolic suggestions to kill him like Madonna at some gathering or other?)

MSNBC regular Malcolm Nance has suggested that Donald Trump Jr. tweeting a parody video of his father using a golf ball to make Joe Biden fall on the steps to Air Force One “mainstreams the potential for danger.”

[…]Donald Trump Jr. was one of many users to share the video on Twitter, and a number of people believe this could somehow have real consequences.

[…]Appearing on the ‘Dean Obeidallah Show,’ author and MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance – who has claimed Trump is an “asset” of Russia and even suggested that the terrorist group ISIS suicide bomb a Trump property in Istanbul – hinted the sharing of the video increases the chance of potential violence.

“It’s dangerous because what he does is he makes light of the potential of injuring people,” Nance said, going on to claim he regularly monitors the public communications of “right wing extremists” and predicting how they could be responding to the short clip.

“Some of the forums that are prevalent are gun forums, and let me tell you, you want to see some seething hotbeds of violence, you know, potential violence, and some of these people have long range shooting skills,” Nance said. “And this is the sort of thing that they would, you know, they would see that video and it would turn into a discussion of whether they use a 338 Lapua [long range rifle] or whether they use 50 caliber BMG to get that shot, right?”

[…]Trump Jr. has already been pushing back against media coverage of the video he shared, blasting media outlets for needing to label it “edited” when the content should make that clear.

“Wait you’re telling me this is edited??? I’m sorry, I had no idea I was spreading this kind of gross disinformation,” he shot back at a headline from the Hill on Saturday.

4. It appears that Iran attacked an oil refinery in the capitol of Saudi Arabia. According to Yucki, the attacking drones had Iranian markings and may have been fired by IRGC.

(Looking forward to how Tehran looks in a week or so)

5. So what do United Nations Human Rights workers accomplish exactly? Well, they turn in dissidents to totalitarian and genocidal regimes. That’s what.

Leaked Emails Confirm UN Gave Names of Dissidents to CCP

Leaked emails prove that, contrary to United Nations denials, UN human-rights officials did in fact give the names of Chinese dissidents to the communist regime in Beijing before those activists were set to testify in Geneva against the Communist Chinese Party’s abuses.

In fact, it appears from the leaked documents that the practice of handing over names of Chinese dissidents to the dictatorship was viewed as a “usual practice” by all involved. The whistleblower told The Epoch Times that it continues to this day, despite UN denials.

Chinese communist authorities used the names received from the UN to prevent the dissidents from leaving China. At least one dissident identified by the UN and detained by the CCP before leaving for Geneva, Cao Shunli, died while in detention.

Thank you M., Yucki, ET., EB., EW., Richard, Sassy, Johnny U. Gates of Vienna, and many more who contributed their talents, ideas and efforts to this site.

A few thoughts about ANTIFA and BLM.

The thing that frustrates people about ANTIFA/BLM is what appears on the surface to be a double standard in law.  Solid examples happen every day. This weekend’s examples are how people protesting laws which violate many nation’s constitutions and are easily framed as fascist, get smashed up by police with violent arrests and unnecessary force, all of which would certainly put the police and protestors at risk of catching this hyper-deadly plague which is alleged to be the core of why these emergency measures are in place. Meanwhile, Leftist groups enjoy total freedom to post demonstrations of all kinds all over the place and quite often, and never suffer police interference.

Recently in an interview with a gentleman who had ANTIFA break his arm for believing the state should not sterilize and surgically mutilate children, too young to get a tattoo without parental consent, we learned that in previous encounters with ANTIFA, he had been arrested for incitement when they thugged and intimidated him for his signs in the location in Vancouver, famous for being THE spot for protests. Much like Speaker’s Corner in London is and which is now a safe space for Muslims and any criticism of Islam is silenced immediately.

In reality though, there is no double standard at all. There is only one standard which is being enforced by means that are difficult to accept. The police exist but their job is to hold classical thinkers to the letter of the law, and when needed, to interpret the law so that the left has the advantage in all confrontations. If a non-leftist defends himself with force against leftist force, he or she is a violent right wing extremist and maybe White Supremacist if they support classical civilization. But if a leftist attacks a non-leftist and that victim calls police, then that non-leftist is guilty of incitement.

ANTIFA’s role in all this, is to be the police where Marxist law isn’t yet established formally.

Having seen many demonstrations where a small number of fairly harmless middle aged classical liberals asked for the maintenance of freedom of speech from such odious bills as Canada’s M-103, or C16, (the opposition of which, made Jordan Peterson famous), and where ANTIFA showed up in greater numbers wearing face masks, (which is still illegal at a public demonstration), and moved to intimidate and even attack people on their way back to their cars or otherwise harass people seeking classical freedoms, it became clear by the police utter and total inaction, and when questioned, absurd and vacuous answers as to why ANTIFA could behave in this way and break all sorts of laws, that this was a tag team effort. Police make sure that ANTIFA isn’t interfered with using the logic that they had the right to counter-demonstrate (albeit with no permit, faces covered and interfered with our right to demonstrate) and ANTIFA enforced the nascent emerging Marxist laws that all opposition to the new Islamic-socialist order will be “quelled” as it says in M-103, and with “a whole of government response”.

So we see that this is not a double standard at all. We have ANTIFA which are defacto police, jacobin like, but nevertheless police, who’s job it is to apply force to counter-revolutionary ideas like the state not sterilizing your children or being allowed to speak freely, ideas which threaten the burgeoning socialist state. Meanwhile the traditional police, which are being diminished by defunding, and being made to act like government thugs in matching pants suits against peaceful and productive citizens who protest for the basic right to go outside, or work to pay bills, or see family as they choose, are being used to pervert the traditional laws and make them fit the new socialist order.

It is not a double standard. It is a continuum of one standard. And we know for a fact that the German government PAYS ANTIFA (ANFINO is still a better name. Anti Fascist In Name Only) which means we can easily surmise that other governments or political parties also pays them.

Although i do not mention BLM in the above, its clear that BLM and ANTIFA are fully interchangeable. They are both Marxist thug groups comprised of mostly elite white people who believe they are the vanguard of a communist revolution. And they may well be.

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  1. Uh… I hate to be Winston Churchill about this but somebody’s got to wake up and ring the alarm bell in the very near future or we are all going to extremely sorry. Please follow this logic.

    1. We know that President Joe Biden is a corrupt politician because we have all seen the video of him abusing his power to intimidate the Ukrainians into firing the prosecutor who was looking into Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, with regards to the $80,000-a-month no-show job that Hunter got from Burisma Oil. We know beyond doubt that Biden is corrupt and belongs in jail and is therefore extremely vulnerable to blackmail and extortion if the whole truth ever gets out.
    2.We can see that the Bidens have had private dealings with the Chinese as well and, since we know he is corrupt and takes bribes, we can assume that he has been up to monkey business with the Chinese as well as the Ukrainians.
    3. Unless you think that the Chinese are a bunch of dumb-dumbs who don’t know anything about propaganda and covert warfare then it is safe to assume that they would have it in their power to quietly produce evidence that could put the Biden in Fort Leavenworth for 50 years, so it stands to reason that they have Joseph Biden firmly in their hip pocket many times over.
    4. The Chinese are becoming more strident by the day and have taken to lecturing the naughty little Americans about their civil rights abuses and their lousy attitude.

    Folks. This is a complete disaster. They probably stole the last election and now their man is in the White House – maybe for the second time… This is an effing emergency! Wake up, people. Why can’t the Baiyzuo see what’s staring them right in the face. The Chinese are doing a peaceful (for now) version of Adolf Hitler’s dream of shifting the center of world dominance from the hated West to the new Axis, with Berlin at the center. You won’t like what happens if the Chinese become the world’s dominant power with the ability to censor your internet and digitally punish you for having a bad “social credit” score. Think effing NIGHTMARE! The Chinese do not share our fundamental values and they’ll turn the world into a prison camp if we let them…

  2. 4/ Arab News @arabnews·Mar 19
    #Interview: “All the missiles and drones that came into #SaudiArabia are Iranian manufactured or #Iranian supplied,” Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs
    tells Arab News


    “Yemen is solvable, we (#SaudiArabia) believe there is a political solution out there and have been trying to since the beginning of the commencement of hostilities”

    • I hate al-Jubeir the Snake.
      I’m not crazy about Arab News, either.
      Or Saudis.

      Wrath posted from such Truly Terrible Sites – Middle East Eye, Hurriyet, Tasnim – that Arab News was almost a relief. They try. Or pretend to try.

      For the lowdown on the election this coming Tuesday, they chose an odious academic from a university in London. An anti-Israel, Jewish Israeli.

      Read the article. It’s breathtaking: Arab News enlightening their readers.

      Israel votes again … and again, and again

  3. It is not a double standard. It is a continuum of one standard.
    Marxist thugs doing what they do, paid by govts, political parties, shadowy WEF-types. The former serving as militia/police for the later.

    We’ve seen this before. It doesn’t end well.
    It’s global. Probably gone too far to stop.

    Time’s short: don’t dither; don’t let yourself become an example; don’t expose yourself carelessly.

    Get the wagons in your train sorted. Prepared to MOVE ON OUT at any time.

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