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6 Replies to “Tucker Carlson for March 16, 2021”

  1. I wonder if Pierre Trudeau had had some hanky panky with Newsom’s Mother.
    Justin and Gavin look like brothers to me, and not only in the Ideological Retard way.

      • Not only do they have the same face, they have the same body. I’ve seen pictures of them both with their shirts off and they both have all the same bumps in the same places and share the same professional athlete-type tall strong frame, while Pierre was short and looked totally different from either of them…

        Obviously, Fidel must have hopped a secret plane to Vancouver and had one farewell night with Margaret before she married Pierre. People act as though that is too far-fetched, but Castro could get on a cargo plane if he wanted to. He was a Latin Lover after all…

  2. In our current troubled times, Tucker Carlson is by far the best journalist we have. He dares go where nobody would. We’ve rarely seen such courage from a TV personality.

    Now we find out JoeBama closed the border today. Would Tucker Carlon’s interview clips with El Savador’s President that will be aired tonight, and the full interview on Fox Nation, have anything to do with the sudden border closure? I think yes.

    MARCUS: Thank you.

    • Tucker is hitting hard now, too bad he was so quiet before the election. Fox News helped bring down Donald Trump. Tucker should leave Fox and any other so called Patriots.

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