How communist is the US at this time? Freedom March for March 20, world-wide: Links post 1, March 16, 2021

1. Dennis Prager did nearly his whole show on this one article. It is written by that former NYT editor, who snapped and wrote a reveal of how grotesque the NYT’ agenda driven propaganda really is. In this article, she discusses the state of American schools, and American parents who know better, but don’t take the kids out because of the prestige of the schools in question. During Dennis’ show, a parent of a child at one of these schools called in and said she agreed with him on all things, but that she couldn’t take her child out because she would be labelled a racist and white supremacist. This woman was an African American.

The Miseducation of America’s Elites – Bari Weiss 

The dissidents use pseudonyms and turn off their videos when they meet for clandestine Zoom calls. They are usually coordinating soccer practices and carpools, but now they come together to strategize. They say that they could face profound repercussions if anyone knew they were talking.

But the situation of late has become too egregious for emails or complaining on conference calls. So one recent weekend, on a leafy street in West Los Angeles, they gathered in person and invited me to join.

In a backyard behind a four-bedroom home, ten people sat in a circle of plastic Adirondack chairs, eating bags of Skinny Pop. These are the rebels: well-off Los Angeles parents who send their children to Harvard-Westlake, the most prestigious private school in the city.

2. Hope springs eternal. As the good doctor said in the earlier post, “Masks outdoors do nothing. That is science. There is not one super-spreader event outdoors because of no masks. They happen indoors with poor ventilation”.

3. Australians appear to be organizing a world-wide demonstration to reclaim our basic rights, set for March 20 this year.. Some links to info below:

World-Wide rally for freedom

Objectives of our protestKassel, March 05, 2021

On Saturday the 20th March 2021, a World-Wide Demonstration for Freedom, Peace, and Democracy will take place in more than 40 countries all over the world. We will reclaim ourfundamental rights, and take a stand against excessive Coronavirus restriction measures.

Objectives of our protest

Our Fundamental Human Rights have top priority, and are not negotiable.The Excessive and Unlawful Coronavirus Restriction measures must end immediately

The Unreasonable and Tyrannical suppression of dissent by police forces must be stopped.In the past year, people’s Livelihoods and Freedoms have been destroyed by Lockdowns and Borderclosures

We have had our bodily autonomy violated by mask mandates, and plans to mandate CoronavirusVaccinations are being rolled out internationally.

Marz Loves Freedom

On March 20, 2021, we will stand side by side with people from all over the world for our freedom! ? One day – all together! ? Fundamental rights aren’t privileges, I am exempt from wearing a mask because I say so, I don’t need anyone’s permission to breath freely period!

Video promoting the march

4. Activist Attacked On The Streets Of Montreal For Campaigning Against Giving Puberty Blockers To Children

(Combining several profound horrors into one story, a man who feels that children should not be sterilized and surgically mutilated till they are old enough to make informed decisions, is attacked for having the “wrong” view on this issue. An issue which should not even exist.)

Chris Elston, an Activist from Vancouver known for campaigning against giving puberty blockers to children, was brutally attacked in Montreal on Friday night.

The attack on Chris by violent leftists was caught on video.

Once again we see that ANTIFA should be known as ANFINO. Anti-Fascist-in-name-only.

5. CBC butters the path from Covid lockdowns to the coming climate lockdowns

Notice the disturbingly partizan attitude of the CBC host, a publicly funded network, who attempts to move the issue of climate change from politics to sacred truth that all must accept. Proving that the truth is often not in the middle at all, climate change is a matter of science and not politics or capital T truth. Oh, and it isn’t happening from human activity if one goes by the science.

Below an interview from February 14th where this transition was discussed with an aerospace engineer.

Thank you Richard, C., M., ML., PC., Johnny U., Yucki, EB., ET., Kalloi and MANY more who are dumpster diving along with the rest of us for scraps of information that contain actual meaning.


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  1. 5- What a crock of utter shit this Carney spouts. “…Global problems need global solutions…” while every grassroots issue is a nail for the globalist hammer under Agenda 2030.

    • Beware. They are a few who think they can establish the rules. And these people wield loads of power, in more ways than one.

      To accomplish their goal, they give power to their underlinks who then do the same to their underlinks, and on and on it goes, all the way down the foodchain.

      In my area, they are a tiny group who have just started the Social Justice crap and they have the attention of the local media. My area is all Caucasian. A march will be held on Saturday. Before the Social Justice crap, it took only one of them to get the Mayor to submit the town to the ‘Climate Crisis’ agenda.

  2. The US is more communist then we would like but the people and the politicians in the Red States are organizing and fighting back. What we are seeing is the middle of the beginning of the Civil Wars, wars that are going to last for several decades and bring about a new paradigm for us to learn and live by.

    • Hey, maybe people will wake up to the fact that there’s nothing to fight a war about and that they are being manipulated into believing that it’s OK to kill a guy who’s wearing a red hat or a Trump t-shirt. Isn’t this exactly what Vladimir Lenin did to the Russian people resulting in millions of deaths that shouldn’t have happened? Instead of Reds vs Whites, it’ll be Reds vs Blues all fighting to the death over nothing but BS!

      Somebody is pulling a great big fast one on us all…

      • And somebody somewhere will be making out like a bandit selling stuff to both sides. And stirring the pot till we finally kill off our own alphas and betas.

        • And then when the Martians come to visit Earth they won’t be landing on the White House lawn, they’ll be landing on the lawn in Beijing.

          And China will have accomplished what Hitler and others tried to do by knocking the hated West out of their exalted position and stepping into their space. No one will be interested in our so-called democracies when they can see the nightly car-burnings and race riots and paralysis and the steady progression toward complete civil war.

          I felt all this really start in 2008 when the great smooth-talker was elected President-without-vetting. I never saw the guy do anything that wasn’t detrimental to the welfare of the United States or its people. He was a lot nicer to the Muslim Brotherhood than he ever was to ordinary Americans…

        • @Chris
          You may be able to find accounts on line from before 2008 that describe meetings where someone introduces him as the next president, even before he was a senator.

          • I remember the first time I heard Senator Obama speak. It was on CNN and the first thing that hit me was the question: “Is this the first black President of the United States?”. He sounds so bloody reasonable. And the two news guys presenting the clip were thinking the same thing. I was very impressed by Obama and I remember saying, “Please let him be a Republican”.

            Obama had “President” written all over him which is probably why he was used as a Manchurian Candidate in the first place. People don’t understand what a hole-in-one a “Manchurian Candidate” would be for the bad guys or how seriously they are constantly trying to make that happen. They’ve probably been following the guy since he was a red-diaper baby…

            And now they’ve got this poor compromised senile dope in the Oval Office who’s probably just as “Manchurian” as Obama ever was… They must be very happy indeed…

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