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8 Replies to “Dr. David Martin explains that this is not a vaccine, and calling it such is a con to get people to accept it as one”

  1. dr. Martin is a fucking blowhard!…loves to hear himself speak…oh oh youre so smart dr….gosh you might be the smarteat person in the world….wow…fuck off, and answer the question…..nobody cares…..take it or not, but jesus christ , shut the fuck up…..cliff claven is less of a know it all than this guy…..and dont give me the …but he is telling the truth bullshit….it is not exactly the truth….i have taken my shots like a good puppy , because I want this fucking lockdown to end, and in the literature that my hospital and pfizer hand you to read, the word Vaccine is used 20 times…..now do any of you geniuses think that a team of doctors and lawyers did not check this shit out????..look up the word vaccine….there are about 7 different kinds, and Mrna is one of em….it is noty a living or a dead vaccine….so the fuck what…….and if I die or something , then so what ….gonna die sometime….but while alive I want my freedom back…so fuck all of you who want to keep the govt lockdown going while you dither about whether this is a vaccine! cowards!!

    • Dear Puppy, it’s sad you’re not able to speak and write without cursing and using “fuck” but what is even sadder is your lack of understanding of the subject. The use of precise language is the key to fact-based reasoning, ie., the mRNA gene injection is not a vaccine because it is a different, experimental procedure from inoculation with a pathogen. Also it is being used on humans in a non-scientific way. The lockdown which upsets you is not based on statistical evidence but on the plans of the global oligarchy in their pursuit of power. See the World Economic Forum and Agenda 21 for more detailed information. Maybe you would find reddit a better “home” for your expression of angst.

  2. CDC reports
    Between Dec. 14 and March 5, 2021 there were 31,079 adverse reactions.

    1,534 deaths

    5,507 serious injuries

    390 cases of Bell’s Palsy

    Inactive ingredients in COVID vaccines (gene therapy) could trigger allergic reactions.


  3. Did your Momma ever tell you, “Profanity is the way in which a useless and feeble mind expresses itself forcefully.”

    Now be a good boy and go jump off the cliff with the rest of your friends.

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