In Canada, we knew the tickets would not hold up: Links 3, March 12, 2021

1. Australia’s health minister hospitalized with ‘suspected infection’

(A few days after getting the mRNA gene therapy shot)

Greg Hunt is expected to make a full recovery and his condition is not thought to be related to the Covid vaccine he received on the weekend

The federal health minister in charge of rolling out Australia’s coronavirus vaccine program has been hospitalised with a “suspected infection”.

Greg Hunt’s office on Tuesday night revealed the minister had been admitted to hospital with a suspected infection and was “being kept overnight for observation and is being administered antibiotics and fluid”.

“The minister is expected to make a full recovery,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “His condition is not considered to be related to the vaccine.”

Hunt received his first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine on Sunday.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, was placed in intensive care after he slipped on wet stairs and broke several ribs and damaged vertebrae. Medical advice suggested he would “remain in intensive care for the next few days”.

2. This is an especially pernicious lie. He makes the claim that “we can get beyond the pandemic” by all taking the mRNA Gene therapy shot. But that ignores the fact that he, and Doug Ford, actually created the measures which are causing more deaths and suffering than Covid ever did, and especially so since the first few weeks of this that saw a small excess deaths wave in elderly care facilities. He is saying that we can get beyond this if we all take a shot. But the truth is, we can get beyond it by him simply stopping the excessive and totalitarian measures he and Ford implemented as a reaction to a pandemic that was never bad enough to justify any of the measures in the first place. It makes one think the “vaccine” which does not prevent getting or transmitting the disease, and seems to raise concerns enough that something like 11 countries have cancelled them, is just a face-saving measure. Texas, and many other states “got past the pandemic” by just saying screw it and opening up. And there was no negative effects from this. The overall deaths in California and Florida are about the same.

3. ANTIFA back at the Federal Courthouse in Portland

Also: Portland burns AGAIN: Federal agents shoot tear gas at Antifa protesters setting fire to American flags and smashing windows outside boarded-up courthouse

Antifa protesters have burned American flags and clashed with cops outside the Federal Courthouse in downtown Portland

The ugly scenes occurred Thursday evening, as dozens of the far-left protesters assembled in the area for a demonstration against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). 

The Courthouse has already been boarded up with plywood after sustaining damage during destructive protests last summer, but shocking video shared to Twitter shows all remaining uncovered windows were smashed during the latest demonstration.  

‘Anti ICE protesters gather. A few of the remaining uncovered windows have been broken. An American flag burns in front of the door,‘ local journalist Garrison Davis wrote beneath a video shared on Twitter. 

Several other demonstrators set fire to the plywood outside the building, prompting federal agents to deploy teargas and smoke bombs in a bid to push the protesters back towards a park. 

4. Scotland the commie

5. Victory in Alberta

(Watching the Rebel Media clip at the end, and listening to the woman at 8:40 or so, one is reminded of the quote by I think it was Ronald Raegan: “The government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have”. The health department lockdowns could not be a better example of this observation.)

Thank you all each and every one!

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  1. 4 It might have been Scotland once but the fast breeding, female foetus aborting parasites have taken over already and this is further proof of that.

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