Man Arrested for “Non Essential” Walking

Man ARRESTED standing up for his wife. They went for a walk at the nearest beach after her brother was hospitalised and in a coma. He asked them to stop harassing her. So cuffs on and off to Wrexham police station. The husband’s uncle had also just died. This was a family who were grieving and in crisis. They just wanted a walk and an ice cream to try to cope. They hadn’t travelled far. The husband did not give his name, which it’s now confirmed he does not legally have to do. Radek (the man arrested) claims that while at the station he was forced to change into police issued clothes. Told if he did not comply they would cut his clothes off him and they brought scissors in. He had to strip naked in front of them and put the prison clothes on. He was released after three hours without fine or charge.

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    • There will never be any over such as it is nothing compared to what they (the globalists, not their henchmen) really want to do to us in the west.

  1. The fact that the cops don’t just tell their bosses to fuck off is frightening. The left-wing has just scored an enormous victory and it’s just a matter of time before the new ultra-leftist paradigm shows itself in our lives. I think we are about to step into the worst hell our civilization has ever seen and the knock on the door in the middle of the night is about to become commonplace…

  2. The “I only followed Orders” is the one excuse that is unexcusable and should be a executable offense.
    i.e. A nice walk down High Street, shackled to a cart, all the way down to the Docks for the “Dance Macabre”

    • I disagree.
      Refusing to obey an execution or even a torture order from a superior in a totalitarian state is a certain death sentence. Just how many non Christians or even Christians would refuse such an order in such a state?
      It is okay to talk big(not a shot a you) but the reality is something else.
      Look at the Jehovah’s Witnesses in both Nazi Germany and the USSR and how short was their given shrift.
      A policeman in the west who refuses to obey such ludicrous order would be cautioned and suspended. If repeated he would be sacked and blacklisted losing his medical benefits, his income and probably his home as another job would be difficult to find. (watch a few old English police shows(Morse, Frost, Lewis, Prime Suspect etc., to see how the ruling elite there see things)
      I actually feel sorry for the majority of police whom I have always found to be decent, a couple of exceptions apart.

  3. God forgive me, I can’t stand women cops (I know, I know, cancel me … I’ll apologize profusely and profoundly later in sack cloth and ashes).

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