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8 Replies to “CocaCola’s New Woke, anti-White campaign was as good as New Coke”

  1. It’s not hard to figure out who is pulling the strings over at Wokeka Kola !! It’s the same woke fools that thought it would be beneficial to change their brand product with an all new taste. To the millions of people who wanted what the original……. Woke !!

  2. Coke is the best metaphor:
    Those who sell junk to the masses, need an identity to drink to be blind to the reality that it is toxic kool aid.

    The same as Disney.

    Getting free stuff from Free Stuff. Woke is a Brand. A feel-good virtue to spread over the world.

    Until the next big trend.

    • Coke’s greatest ability was for cleaning toilets, unblocking(some, not all) drains and cleaning coins.
      (Not as good as burning matchbox phosphorous on that coin but who uses matchboxes now? I guess we soon will be..time to buy shares there perhaps?). As the only mouthful of the new swill was spat out in disgust(not onto anyone but I was tempted), I cannot say IF it is as useful.

  3. Any plans for the other coke, the WHITE stuff? Like dyeing the powder brown or black or even rainbow-coloured? Would be fun watching the elite’s offspring all powdered in black around their woke snouts. For fucks sake, this madness is getting worse by the hour; just wait until the pendulum starts swinging back the other way, it’s going to hit hard, really,
    really hard…

  4. When the ordinary people fight back they win, all it takes is the right cause and leader and the entire left wing revolution will be overthrown. The left thinks Trump is the leader to overthrow their seizing so much power, this is why they are continuing to attack him even though they know it is just making him stronger.

    • Exactly. And the consequence is that they created Trump the symbol, which is much more powerful than Trump the man. And if they martyr him, which they appear determined to do, then we can guess how that will play out.

  5. Pure discrimination madness !!, the can’t stand white people because guess what with out white intelligent people with a high IQ level this world is a one big primitive garbage that’s all , so watch out what you are wish for , you bunch of racist idiots..

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