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11 Replies to “Tucker Carlson’s Friday show”

    • Brilliant! Thank you!

      Marcus can you find the whole Town Hall CNN Joe Biden thing? I managed to download part 1 from CNN but part 2 wont play for me and we have to preserve all the idiotic, senile and deeply racist things he said in that presentation or no one will believe it.

    • MARCUS, I just watched the entire movie. It’s the second time in some 15 years that I watch a movie, in full.

      Very refreshing and thought-provoking. No boobs, no sex scenes, just the story. At the 1h30 mark, I was reminded of today’s societal situation with our schools,.and as the movie progressed, of where we are headed with the BLM and Fascist movements.

      Thank You many times.

  1. Tucker is amazing
    Yes I saved this one on Education
    It is so very very relevant for Canadian schools
    And such a worry for thinking educated and aware parents
    Who must monitor so closely what their young are being taught

    The curriculum is changing now in every province
    And becoming more woke
    Filled with biological nonsense, political left ideology
    And permeates from the top down
    Curriculum writers
    School boards hiring practices
    School principals who monitor classrooms and teachers
    And guess what…. parents are loosing footholds to left wing
    Lunacy and at times monstrous ideology

    • Two of my neighbors are teachers. We don’t communicate. But some ten years ago, I asked one of them if she was teaching about Islam in school. And she answered, “Yes. Isn’t it a great religion!. It’s so much fun teaching it”.

      I can’t imagine what they are teaching nowadays.

  2. It’s up to the parents. Only they can remedy the situation. And they can’t do it alone, they must set up groups, groups like Muslims do when they set up a meeting with city councilors or the mayor. Intimidation is the strategy parents must use.

    Homeschooling is a great option for pre-teen children. But are parents willing to give up on some of their luxuries to benefit their child?

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