Geopolitics, terror, and mysterious historical Church burnings: Links 2, February 20, 2021

1. Brad Johnson video on Turkey’s increased naval power is alarming Russia and other nations

2. YouTube Takes Down New Trump Interview

YouTube took down a newly recorded interview with former President Donald Trump in Google’s latest action against conservatives.

Newsmax spokesperson told The Epoch Times via email that the company was told the Feb. 17 interview was removed because it violated YouTube’s community guidelines.

A Google spokesperson told The Epoch Times via email: “We have clear Community Guidelines that govern what videos may stay on YouTube, and we enforce our Community Guidelines consistently, regardless of speaker and without regard to political viewpoints.”

“In accordance with our presidential election integrity policy, we removed this video from the Newsmax TV channel,” the spokesperson added.

The Post Millennial link to story

3. The Democrat Party is now using neo-Marxist language to justify kinetics against the Republican Party.

4. I wonder what would happen if this sign was in Canada.

5. UK: Police investigating after 170-year-old cemetery chapel destroyed in fire

Police are investigating a fire which destroyed an historic cemetery chapel.

Firefighters were called to Heywood cemetery in the early hours of Saturday.

Pictures from the scene show the building, which is thought to date back to around the time the cemetery opened in 1856, has been severely damaged.

The roof and interior has been completely destroyed with just the exterior walls left standing.

Forensics officers are also at the scene, while fire crews continue to damp down the wreckage.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: “We were called at 2.59am to a cemetery in Bolton Road, Heywood.

“Three pumps from Rochdale and Heywood attended along with an aerial appliance from Oldham.

(In other Manchester news, in 2017 muslims bombed a concert and killed 22 people)

Thank you all who participated in the unravelling of the narrative today. A project of Herculean proportions.

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3 Replies to “Geopolitics, terror, and mysterious historical Church burnings: Links 2, February 20, 2021”

  1. 3 – And some people wonder why I keep a firearm close at all times.

    1 – One question is will France decide to come into the war if it starts, Macron is trying to act like France is opposing Turkey.
    Also as I said in a different comment when this war starts there will be people fleeing the Russian Troops that will flood into Europe. Will Greece let them pass through or will they try and stop them?
    What will the Moslems already in Europe do when Russia starts kicking the Turks around? Will they decide to attack the European nations they are in?

  2. ITEM 5 – It’s either Antifa or Islam.

    VLAD cited the words ‘Herculean Proportions’. I agree. Most of us are on information overload. What to post and what to discard?

    TIP: To sleep well, before bed, look up The Dodo on YouTube. Always pleasant videos of animals being rescued and ending up happy.

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