Scientist explains that now that we allowed Covid lockdowns, we will get Climate lockdowns next

For the detailed explanation please see this RAIR Foundation report

This interview done at the Ottawa Covid Measures protest, February 14, 2021

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    • From what I’ve been reading on Watts Up With That and other websites of the same nature, sunspots are the main driver. It’s cyclical and there ain’t a damn thing we can do about it, except adapt.

      That said, I hope most people are aware of the cooling occurring around the world, especially this winter. It’s so obvious that we are not warming. Snow in Greece, snow in Saudi Arabia, snow in Arizona, New Mexico and California – to mention a few among many – and what to say about Texas? Even China and Russia are experiencing unusual bitter cold this winter.

      If they try to impose lockdowns resulting from ‘global warming’, I wonder if people are intelligent enough to figure out the scam and will they resist?

      I keep coming back to the Canadian Government request for 66,000 military-grade teargas munitions, delivery March 21, 2021, for provincial distribution via RCMP.

  1. “Climate lockdowns” are my greatest fear. What better tool to completely screw up the Western world than establishing the idea that producing CO2 is killing the planet and must be stopped. By that way of thinking, of course, it makes perfect sense to take an AR-15 to school with you and shoot a few dozen of your classmates and rid the world of a few more Planet Killers, doesn’t it? Would a 100 megaton bomb on Barcelona and another one on London actually lower the Earth’s temperature by eliminating millions of breathers? I mean, that is what they are saying, isn’t it?

    Climate change is a dream-come-true for the true left-wing A-hole. It gives him the power to stop absolutely every activity you can think of as he poses in his Fidel hat and looks in the mirror. Once they get the “deniers” completely dealt with it will be checkmate and they will be able to state their case as irrefutable fact and they will start bullying the hell out of us from dawn to dusk. I dread what I know is coming… A whole lot of things are about to become illegal and a whole lot of Karens are going to be out there to rat you out if you step out of line…

    Oh, and it also opens up a thousand opportunities for corruption through all the new laws and offices and Brownshirt gigs… Don’t forget that…

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