I’ll believe this is a communist revolution when Texas freezes over”: Links 1, February 18, 2021

1. Much like there are many many deaths resulting from Wuhan Flu policies, there are going to be many deaths from Global Warming policies. The one in Texas appears to be from frozen, Chinese wind turbines. Which makes one wonder if we aren’t suffering from a major philosophical reversal. Instead of having problems and finding solutions, which is the entirety of Human History generally speaking, one wonders if leftists haven’t tricked us into finding solutions to fake problems in order to create real problems which we never would have accepted had we known or understood the end game. This isn’t as outlandish as it sounds. When problems which are fictional are announced, like man made global warming etc. solutions are proposed which many people initially state out loud would be insanely destructive to implement. These voices are quelled by the consensus method, or by getting people to think the consequences of the fictional problem are worse than the damage of the unneeded, and usually terrible anyway, solution.

For example, if man made CO2 was causing a runaway greenhouse effect, then the real answer is nuclear power and the video we posted recently showing how easy it is to grow even citrus in a snow covered north by geothermal. These solutions are also quelled. Because the one they want, is the death of Western civilization.

2. Why did Pelosi refuse security on January 6?

3. The best lies are the ones done 2 weeks at a time.

(Her reasoning of course could be used to justify anything for any reason at all. It is Pascal’s wager gone mad. It ignores the the cost of the solution as does Pascal, which makes it, well, BS.)

4. This is what a real political leader sounds like. Why are they so rare?

Let’s compare her to what Toronto must endure:

5. Tucker Carlson: This is the part of the revolution where they jail opponents. This is from January 27. But its more relevant now, not less.

Thank you to so many who remain keen observers of events, and brave enough to note those observations down.

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4 Replies to “I’ll believe this is a communist revolution when Texas freezes over”: Links 1, February 18, 2021”

  1. They are following in Karl Marx’s footsteps…
    “We will create problems for the people, so that we can give them our solutions” – Karl Marx
    The other classic case of Socialism — have total control over people’s lives and then blame the people for the government’s failure to protect them.

    When you do your in-depth research, many “Green” solutions are more hazardous to the planet than the normal standard practice. Remember how we would ‘save trees’ with plastic bags? Now we have vast shoals of bags and other plastic detritus floating in the middle of the oceans of the world.
    They also kill Sea Turtles, who mistake them for the sea jellies (jellyfish) that they eat for food.
    Liberals… “Save a Tree”, (that was purposely grown just for its fiber) and kill an endangered turtle!

    • 3-
      Fear monger to submission the cowering hoards.
      Season their days with sunshine and rain.
      Spice their nights with worry and pain.
      Play them like fiddles.
      Then feed them all bugs.
      Whip them on Mondays
      Then Tuesdays give hugs
      Wednesdays dangle a carrot ahead
      Enticing a freedom they don’t know is dead
      Thursdays the variants arrive on the scene
      Like a zombie apocalypse and you’re what they’re fed
      But the virus gets tired like some high-miled tool
      So Friday the bullhorns blare “Climate Change Shutdown!”
      –The narrative morphing to fool all the fools
      Then Symphony Saturday (as the Globalists say)
      Comes sauntering up all well-dressed and neat
      It speaks to you so lucid and clear
      The clouds in your head are beginning to thin
      Till Sunday grinds in
      Then we rinse and repeat.

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