Muslim convicted for attempting to poison royal ice cream: Links 1, February 17, 2021

1. Military opens fire to quell protests in Burma

More: Former Burmese leader brought to court:

2. 27-year-old Sahayb Abu was arrested in July over accusations that he was planning to carry out a terrorist attack in the UK. The man denies any wrongdoing.

(If only the Islamic world would use even half of their creative efforts to making things better for themselves as they do for trying to kill and destroy all non-Islamic icons, symbols and systems, they would have a man on Mars by now)

A British man, Sahayb Abu, who is suspected of terrorism, has spoken up about a bizarre plan to target the royal family with poisoned ice cream from a local branch of Sainsbury’s, according to Sky News.

Abu reportedly discussed the “sweet” scheme with an undercover police officer, known as Rachid, during one of their meetings last year, after the two met in a jihadist chat group on Telegram. A recording of the conversation was played at the Old Bailey criminal court where Abu is being tried for alleged terrorist plans.

The transcript of the meeting, cited by the Independent, revealed that apart from other topics, Abu apparently lamented the life sentence handed to pro-Daesh* agitator Husnain Rashid in 2018 over a number of terror-related offences.

According to the Independent, Abu claimed that the man “got 28 years in prison” for planning an “attack on Prince George”.

3. Now isn’t this interesting. Just imagine how much we don’t know about the Reichstag Fire that was the January 6 event in DC.

4. Muslims demonstrate in France against new legislation that forces Islamic practice to be limited by French Law.

5. Media Silence After Biden Removes Petitioning From White House Website

It appears that the ‘We the People’ petition system has been taken off the White House website. Here is an archive of what it looked like before Biden took office.

The system has been around for many years. At any given time, hundreds of petitions were active. If you get 100,000 signatures, the White House is supposed to give an answer. You may remember that there was an active “Free Assange” petition that the Obama Administration was obligated to answer (and gave a bad answer).

When Trump took office, he briefly discontinued it but put it back up after a media uproar.

Now it appears the Biden White House has removed it. The website used to be here:

This URL, as well as URLs for all currently-active petitions, just forward to the White House front page. I explored the website and could not find any mention of it. The link used to appear in both the “Contact” and “Get Involved” links, but it is gone from both.

I have seen nothing about this in the media. When I Google “White House Petition System Down” and other similar searches, I only get 4-year-old articles about the time that Trump temporarily disabled it.

Alternate source: AntiWar blog

Thank you Cassandra, Michelle, M., ML., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Johnny U., Sassy, PC., EB. and everyone who has tried to help preserve the essence of reason and Greek thought, inside this site and anywhere at all.

RIP and thank you so much Rush Limbaugh.

You know you where good because of the amount of irrational and childish hatred that was constantly streamed your way.

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11 Replies to “Muslim convicted for attempting to poison royal ice cream: Links 1, February 17, 2021”

    • The world will miss him, he was the man who found a way around the leftist control of the TV news industry. He showed the conservatives that there were a lot of them and that they could fight back against the leftist.

      RIP Rush

      • Think about it. Traitorous and lobbyist best friend John McCain got a funeral worthy of a President. If anything, Rush deserves such a funeral.

  1. I used to enjoy casually mentioning Rush Limbaugh in front of leftists and watching them turn all red with hatred and ridicule even though none of them would even recognize Rush if he was standing right there talking to them let alone understand any of his political points. Leftists just don’t want to know anything other than their opponents are evil bastards. And I know that their vision of Limbaugh would be os a dark and hateful racist whose every second word was the “n-word” and who hated anything that wasn’t white, white, white…

    Rush had the courage to disagree with a person of color but he was never a racist. Just saying that Al Sharpton or Barack Obama is wrong isn’t racist…

  2. 4. Muslims demonstrate in France against new legislation that forces Islamic practice to be limited by French Law.

    Notice how we are, after all these years, yet to work up the nerve to actually name the enemy. It’s not “violent extremism” that we are up against, it is “Islamic Jihad” that we are up against. Imagine if they couldn’t bring themselves to say we were fighting the Germans and had to keep calling them “ideological adversaries” or something equally stupid. The religion of Islam teaches its believers that their ultimate goal is the utter genocide of all human beings who are not of the “Sunni Muslim” sect, including all the Persians and the Amahdis and the Syrians and the others. Islam is both predatory and genocidal and we are not allowed to even mention it or we get called “racists”. And the kicker is that Muhammad was white as I am according to the Hadiths…

    • They’re not shy about who’s friend and who’s foe.
      They don’t quite get the nuances yet, but they’re a refreshing counterpart to Western-MB Pravda. We’re no longer totally reliant on RT.

      I love Singapore’s CNA. They too have limitations, of course. They’re hamstrung by their precarious location. Plus it’s a [benevolent] dictatorship with strict media censorship.

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