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6 Replies to “Microsoft produces chirpy video showing how data will be registered for your new mRNA device injection passport”

  1. https://www.newsmax.com/politics/world-health-organization-biden-pay/2021/02/17/id/1010372/

    I can’t stand this. Doesn’t Biden even wonder for one second why Trump was so against the WHO? Does he think it’s just because he’s crazy? The WHO is obviously in the pockets of the bad guys and they literally led the charge against hydroxychloroquine thus is responsible for thousands of deaths, especially in the industrialized West. “WHO” was probably set up by the KGB years ago and has been quietly working toward world communism ever since. They’re the ones who keep saying “bacon gives you cancer”, knowing full well that bacon is hugely popular in the US and is a part of their culture. Demoralization, anyone…?

      • You’re probably right but I can’t help thinking that if I was the bad guys I might just go ahead and start some of these bodies myself or at least get right in bed with the people who are right from the beginning. How do we know that “Random House Publishing”, for instance, or the ACLU weren’t projects of the KGB? It would be damn clever to start a publishing house or a political activist group in the US and get in on the ground floor of opinion-making. I’m just saying. It would be a great idea. Considering the scope of the power they have over our world it is probably a good idea to think outside the box. And starting businesses in the West would also have been a good way for them to get the hard currency they were always so desperate to lay their hands on…

        • Random House wasn’t, I can remember when all of the large publishing houses were conservative, and when the left started taking them over (the 1970s). The ACLU was started prior to WWII to use our legal system against us, try to make us live according the the letter of the law taken to illogical ends.

          • That’s one of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for radicals”. “Make them live up to their own laws.” Have you ever noticed that their main goal always seems to be to really piss you off?

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