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4 Replies to “Tucker Carlson scratches the surface of the enemy propaganda industry referred to colloquially as “The Mass Media””

  1. Joe and Jill went up the Hill
    To fetch a pail of power
    Joe fell down and broke his crown
    And Jill came mumbling after
    Then O pulled on his magic strings
    To trip them as he’d planned
    Then up the Hill so did he will
    Kamala of the Damned.

    The ground was laid and the right folks paid
    To ascend the first black woman
    Up to the crown and the White House grounds
    Her master rolled in laughter
    Once installed Kamala read
    His orders of attack
    In turn she told the employees
    To paint the building black.

    “Free at last, oh free at last!”
    Kamala told the people
    The MSM her praises sang
    Her praises to the sheeple
    “We’ll build back better,” she told the crowd, “with melanin so thick, the only white you’ll ever see is in the prisons–quick!”

    Then suddenly all projections and inversions swayed and frayed
    As light shone through the litany of lies that were in play
    The Black House house of cards once narrated to perfection
    Came crashing to the White House lawn
    Then dawned the insurrection.

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