Project Veritas busts Zuckerberg for holding views that he banned on his own platform

Firstly, at this point Im surprised every CEO doesn’t start their weekly meetings with, “Hello staff, colleagues, volunteers, and of course, whoever is watching from Project Veritas”. At this point they really should.

But I see this a little differently than James O’Keefe does.

This isn’t about hypocrisy, This is about Judo-Propaganda. That is when a platform like Facebook or Youtube or Twitter, pretends to be a user’s forum for ideas and free speech, but actually uses the energy of their users as a weapon to achieve a specific agenda or outcome. The people who work against the desired narrative will be suppressed but subtly so that their energy is drained while not actually getting out to very many people at all. If people know, for example on Facebook or Twitter, how little their audience really was, even after the culling of subscribers we see for non-leftists, they would not bother to use it and find some other means to reach people who want to share their views.

So its quite a nasty little trick to play on them. Meanwhile, people who push the consensus narrative, for example pro Covid measures or Global Warming or criticism of Islam is racist etc., will actually be amplified by the platform so its narrators will have more authority than their actual, shall we say, ‘organic’, following would naturally be.

Clearly this mRNA treatment is not a vaccine in any way that we would define it.

It is not made of killed or attenuated live viruses for the purpose of training your immune system against the wild pathogen.

It does not confer immunity or interfere with the transmissibility of the pathogen to the recipient.

It does cause the cells to manufacture a new protein which itself is part of the Wuhan Flu virus. In theory this offers an attenuated immune response to the wild virus so you don’t get quite as sick. But it’s a very new technology and people are quite reasonably trepidatious about having it injected, particularly if they are of child bearing or siring years since we have no idea what this might do to one’s germ line.

So this tends to lend weight to the idea that Facebook is not a sincere censor of the truth as Zuckerberg sees it but it is the Habermas-Marcuse narrative engine we always knew it was.

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