The vice appears to be in place and the first screw is turned: Links 2, February 15, 2021

1. Anthony Fury video on Facebook’s newest set of determinations on what is true, and that they will enforce. Even though the truth of these things is very much in doubt among experts.

(One thing we can learn from this is how Facebook applies the Marcuse tactic of enforcing a consensus over an actual agreement. The narrative uber truth. The consensus on global warming and the Wuhan flu we all know. That is the only thing your allowed to say. Any attempt to say otherwise results in anything from cancellation on social media, to being fired and impoverished to solitary confinement in a Toronto jail, as happened to Kelly Anne Wolfe recently. An interview with her is being prepared. In this case, the 100+ doctors that go with medical science and against the consensus would of course, be banned from Facebook as they are enforcing a consensus. Same is true of course of Twitter and all the other large social media. Understanding what you are seeing at the strategic level, makes this much easier to understand, explain, and maybe work around. Outrage is pointless. In fact its part of the psychological judo, the DIY enemy propaganda sites depend on.

All of us who reject communism and the narrative who operate on Youtube, Facebook or Twitter, have for years been highly suppressed in terms of our reach. People who subscribe to us become unsubscribed unbeknownst to them. Tweets or videos you make, are visible to you, but not your followers or the general public. Several other tactics are used to effectively attenuate your energy. You may put days work into making a video and or tweet, or hours or whatever resources you may use, only to have it dry up and blow away in a wind of the approved narrative.

If you happen to post material that is with the narrative, one might assume the opposite. You get followers, you get subscribers and your material is promoted across the platform to anyone who might be interested. Your outrage only serves their purpose. To drain you of energy and lead you to despair. This also is important to know. This would be the tactical aspect of it. But the strategic remains Marcuse. Create a narrative/consensus. Enforce it on a majority who know its not true, and suppress any independent thought with cries of “hate speech”. This takes a few familiar forms. Climate denier is a great one. It attempts to make any actual scientist who blows holes in the insane narrative of man made global warming and equate them with a Holocaust Denier. At least in the minds of the listeners. The same tactic is used for the Wuhan Flu in so many ways. Not being allowed to call it The Chinese or Wuhan Virus for one, while being free to call the ‘much more deadly and contagious’ the UK variant.)

2. Frozen wind turbines trigger Texas blackouts

The Texas grid operator has announced rotating blackouts amid winter storm and frozen wind turbines

“Traffic lights and other infrastructure may be temporarily without power,” the agency added.

The operator issued a level three energy emergency alert on Monday, urging consumers to reduce electricity use.

“We urge Texans to put safety first during this time.”

Ice storms knocked out nearly half the wind power-generating capacity of Texas on Sunday as a rare deep freeze across the state locked up turbine towers while driving electricity demand to record levels, ERCOT reported on Sunday.

3. About Twitter’s hate speech standards:

Twitter can’t bring itself to ban those calling for Israel’s genocide on platform

“That answer happens to be unsatisfactory as a Jew whose genocide is being called for,” said MK Cotler-Wunsh.

By Josh Plank, World Israel News

Twitter “cannot predict” what, if any, action will be taken against world leaders who call for the genocide of the Jewish people on its platform, a Twitter representative told a special Knesset committee hearing Wednesday.

“Let me ask you, please, squarely: Is and are calls for the genocide of Israel in the public interest as a statement of foreign policy?” asked Arsen Ostrovsky, an international human rights lawyer.

In response, Twitter’s public policy representative Ronan Costello said that the area was “developing.”

“I think that one thing that we can take from the developments of the last few months – and I hope you’ll appreciate this – is that no world leaders are exempt from our policies and that we will enforce our policies where we feel there have been violations of them,” said Costello in an apparent reference to the platform’s banning of President Donald Trump last month.

(The article continues on to grow a substantial amount of mushrooms, as one would expect from any senior staffer at Google, Twitter, or Facebook.)

4. Lets be clear. He is right.


5. Bill Gates. Yes, he is planning something really big, and it will cost everyone but him.

This is especially hideous and arrogant.

Remember, Gates’ bullsh*t offset fee means absolutely nothing at all. It costs him zero for his lifestyle. He took a solo private jet trip to the Paris accords. So if he paid 50M$ “carbon offset” it doesn’t effect his actual quality of life at all. But the changes he is setting in motion will dramatically cost us in every way you can measure cost. And we won’t even have the option to continue to live as we want, even if we could afford the “offset”.

More Gates Hubris


Thank you ML., Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, PePi, EW., EB., ET., Richard, Malca, Yucki, Hellequin GB., Johnny U. and MANY more who pushed through the ‘holiday’ to teach and learn.

This was today. I just can’t imagine Biden supporters doing this for some weird treason.

The Media is indeed the virus.


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  1. 4. Lets be clear. He is right. “Climate change lockdowns”.

    Everything Paul is saying is true. This is exactly why I am so bummed out. They’re going to come at us any day now with new rules about what you can do and what you can’t do because of the next phony “pandemic crisis” or the old phony “climate change crisis”, and, of course, the “White supremacist hate-misinformation crisis”. And I have noticed that Amazon and others are getting rich as hell over the pandemic and soon there will only be one store in the entire world and it will be Amazon.

    Our lovely little world is being torn apart limb from limb. We are getting creamed. Obama was a Manchurian Candidate and Biden is so compromised he might as well have a gag in his mouth and a sword hanging over his head. We are at war and we are losing badly…
    The enemy has now decided two US elections and put their own guys in twice. They’re killing us!!!

    • FEB 15 2021- europravda- Bill Gates says getting to zero emissions will be ‘best thing we’ve ever done’


      “It should be a cause that humanity can come together on. It’ll be hard, but if we achieve it, it’ll be the best thing we’ve ever done,” says Bill Gates,


    I know it sounds like hyperbole but Dr. Fauci and a whole lot of others actually deserve to be sentenced to life in prison for murder in the second degree, along with Hillary and Barack for murdering the President of Libya and handing his country over to the Jihadists. This is why I think it is the enemy that is behind all this, not just left-wing Westerners. I can’t see one of us actually being OK with killing tens of thousands of our own people just to spite Donald Trump. It has to be somebody who really doesn’t wish us well…

    I can just hear Yuri Besmenov nodding his head and saying, “This is exactly what I meant. Exactly… And you are now entering the last act – the ‘crisis’ phase…” The only thing that really matters now is for them to bring in as many Guatemalans and Syrians and Somalis as they can until the magic democrat number is reached and no Republican can ever win another election. At that point, total victory will be achieved…

  3. “Best thing we’ve ever done” — well, you know, Genghis Khan was extremely successful in knocking human carbon emissions down to zero in a large swath of the Old World. He may even have brought on the Little Ice Age, in part. Simple. He exterminated the humans and the carbon holding grasslands and forests took over.

  4. A computer geek that just fucking lucked out
    Right time
    Makes billions
    And now preaches bullshit
    Ego maniac
    Wants to go down in history
    Wants to disrupt the entire western world
    And put it on the same level as the poverty stricken countries

    Why the fuck isn’t he prothletising his theories in CHINA
    And third world countries
    Central America
    Parts of South America
    Etc etc etc
    Get all them on board first you fuckhead
    And we’ lol gladly jump on board

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