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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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    • With Biden in the White House the Philippines know they can’t trust the US to defend them or sell them weapons. This is what is driving the Philippines to develop an organic weapons production industry.

      The Philippines will probably end up joining the Quad (less the US) so they have protection the next time China wants to steal more of their Islands.

  1. The West is becoming a cesspool so says Islamic so-called scholar, Mazin Abdul-Adhim, leader of the terrorist group, Hibz ut-Tharir, the Iraqi born promoter of Sharee’ah living in London, Ontario.

    The West is becoming a cesspool in terms of morality, the West is absolutely a cesspool of corruption and depravity. The Zina ( fornication and adulatory), pornography, homosexuality, drinking, drugs, etc, are not only widespread but they are completely and totally accepted as normal – – to the extent that anyone questioning or speaking shunned or attacked. The Muslim lands are a saint- haven in comparison, except whatever has been influenced by the West’s way of life.

    If a person is looking for something to be scared of, they will find it. We discuss the Khilfafah ( caliphate or Islamic state), we discuss corruption of the Western government’s, we discuss Shari’a (Islamic) law, we discuss many things that scare people to do the fearmongering by the media. But should not cause us to water down our message or choose words entirely based on the possible negative response of the weakest of society. The West is a cesspool of moral corruption and degradation.

    Muslim doctor gets no penalty for sexual assault on 16 year old girl.

    Imams saying it is moral to temporarily marry a girl 9 lunar years (8 years, 9 months).

    Muslim 21 year old old gets life sentence for beating a 75 year old woman so badly she remains in a coma for a year before she finally dies of her injuries. he will be eligible for parole in 13 years.

    Muslim Mark Levine, 25, enters Ecole Polytechinque, in 1989 injured and killed many.

    Faisal Hussain, 29, shot, killed and wounded people walking on Danforth Avenue in Toronto.
    Fadad Hussain, 31, the Danforth shooter’s brother was found unconscious from drug overdose, with 42 kilos of carfentanil, cocaine, 31 identical, stolen handguns, ammunition and an Islamic headdress.

    Muslims in Mississauga, Ontario block traffic and tell police to remember “Allah Akbar”.

    Jordanian citizen, freed in Canada, Othman Asad Hamdan, posting pro ISIS on line

    Pamir Hakimzadah, “all non- Muslims should be killed” Caught in Istanbul in 2004 on probation in BC, Canada

    Toronto 18, wanted to blow up buildings in Canada and cut the head off the Prime Minister, most of them are out on parole.

    Mazin Abdul-Adhim saying. “ Pigs and monkeys is what I call the likes of Netanyahu, yes, he is much worse than pigs and monkeys.”

    You are so right the West is becoming a cesspool because of barbarians like you.

    We definitely need to clean up the cesspool, starting with Justine Trudeau and then on to all the traitors living in Canada.

  2. German vlogger Christian Betzmann converts to Islam after spending a year in Pakistan

    “A prominent German content writer and travel vlogger Christian Betzmann has announced that he has converted to Islam after spending a year in Pakistan, emphasising it is a religion of peace.

    “I have accepted Islam,” Betzmann wrote in an Instagram post last week, after learning more about the religion during his time in the country…”

  3. Turkish Muslim groups in France oppose controversial anti-Islam bill

    “Turkish-Muslim groups in France have refused to sign a controversial bill pushed by President Emmanuel Macron, Turkish media reported on Wednesday.

    The Confederation Islamique Milli Gorus France’s new said it will not sign the “charter of principles” of Islam until amendments are made.
    The group’s chairman, Fatih Sarikir, demanded fundamental changes to the bill before he would sign it, according to Turkish news agency Anadolu Agency.

    “It is declared as ‘Islam of France’ so the content is arranged accordingly. Now the target is not only the imams but also the Muslims,” he said.

    “We will maintain our constructive behavior. We don’t have any problem with the laws of France. Our only concern is that Muslims can practice their religion.”

    Sarikir also stressed the importance of including Islamic leaders in efforts to change the bill, which he said was causing “psychological pressure” on the group after refusing to sign it.

    The head of the Coordination Committee of Turkish Muslims in France, Ibrahim Alci, said he also wanted changes to several articles within the bill, which aims to provide a framework for a new National Council of Imams that will be responsible for vetting imams practising in the country.

    “Six hundred to 700 mosques and associations are behind us. There are nearly 2,500 mosques in France,” he said, adding that the bill contains articles that could be against the interest of Muslims.

    Alci said he “was sorry” for how their refusal to sign the bill was being portrayed in the French media: “They see us as Islamists and terrorists.”

    The charter offers “a clarification of how the Muslim community is organised,” Macron said after a meeting with representatives of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), his office said.

    “This is a clear, decisive and precise commitment in favour of the republic,” Macron said, hailing “a truly foundational text for relations between the state and Islam in France.”

    Macron had urged the council to act against “political Islam” in November, after the killing of Samuel Paty, a teacher who was beheaded outside his school after showing controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohamed as part of a free-speech lesson.

    The attack prompted a crackdown against mosques and Islamist associations, along with a vigorous defence of French secularism.

    It also explicitly rejects racism and anti-Semitism, and warns that mosques “are not created for the spreading of nationalist speech defending foreign regimes”.

    Macron has also said that authorities plan to expel the roughly 300 imams in France sent to teach from Turkey, Morocco and Algeria.

    The charter accord comes as a parliamentary commission began a debate over a new draft law apparently to fight “pernicious” Islamist radicalism with measures to ensure France’s strict separation of religious bodies and state in the public sphere.

    The legislation would tighten rules on issues from religious-based education to polygamy, though Macron has insisted the goal is to protect all French citizens without stigmatising the country’s estimated four to five million Muslims, the largest number in Europe.”

  4. Saudi Arabia: Stern warning issued for spreading false news

    “Saudi Arabia has issued a new stern warning against spreading false news and rumours, meting out tough custodial and financial penalties against offenders.

    The kingdom’s public prosecution has said that spreading rumours and false news “misleading society and jeopardizing its health and societal security” is prohibited.

    The prosecution pointed out that online production and circulation of rumours, which threaten public order, are punishable by up to five years in prison, a fine of SR3 million and the publication of the court verdict in the media at the expense of the defendant, according to the Saudi anti-cyber crime law…”

  5. Kuwaitis to replace expats in court jobs

    “Kuwaiti citizens will replace foreign employees working as court secretaries in the country’s law courts, according to a justice official.

    The Kuwaiti Justice Minister Nawaf Al Yassin has issued a decree to completely “Kuwaitise” all jobs of the session secretaries in courts, spokesman for the ministry Isa Al Bashir said.

    “This decree is part of a series of continued strategic measures aimed at replacement in subsidiary jobs in courts of different levels and offset potential shortages as well as providing new jobs for the Kuwaiti citizens in more than one sector at the Justice Ministry,” the official added, according to Al Anba newspaper.

    Foreigners account for nearly 3.4 million of Kuwait’s over 4.8 million population.

    Several state institutions in Kuwait have recently disclosed plans to limit hiring foreigners, prioritising Kuwaitis’ employment.

    In recent months, there have been increasing calls in Kuwait for curbing foreigners’ employment to redress a demographic imbalance amid accusations that migrant workers have strained the country’s infrastructure facilities.”

  6. Gunmen on Motorcycles Attack Moroccan Ambassador in Burkina Faso

    “Men on motorcycles attacked the Moroccan ambassador to Burkina Faso, Youssef Slaoui, on Thursday night. Local radio Omega and state media confirmed the sudden attack on the night of February 11 when armed men on motorcycles approached and attacked Ambassador Slaoui and his family in the capital of Burkina Faso…”

  7. 30 Taliban killed in own IED explosion

    “Security sources say a bomb blast at a mosque in Balkh province has killed at least 30 militants.

    The 209th Shaheen Corps said in a statement on Saturday that 30 Taliban fighters including six foreign nationals who were expert mine makers had been killed in a bomb explosion this morning.

    According to the statement, bodies of the six Taliban affiliated foreign nationals could not be identified because of the blast.

    The incident is reported to have taken place when a group of Taliban militants gathered at a mosque in the village of Qultaq in Dowlatabad district of Balkh province…”

  8. Germany: Military deployment should be extended in Afghanistan

    “German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has suggested that Berlin’s military deployment in Afghanistan should be extended beyond its expiration in March, Germany’s dpaInternational reported.

    Heiko Maas, German Foreign Minister demanded an extension of military deployment in Afghanistan, DPA International news agency reported.

    Funke Media Group quoted Maas that Intra-Afghan talks or peace process will not be completed by then, adding that “therefore, we must be prepared with a parliamentary mandate for various scenarios,” Maas said.

    The new US administration under President Joe Biden should make a partnership possible again going forward, DPA quoted Mass.

    Mass indicated that there is an agreement that the Germans “want to take this deployment to an end together as coalition partners in a responsible way that does not endanger the peace process,”

    DPA reported, that Germany can deploy up to 1,300 additional soldiers as part of its role in NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in the country and that the one deployment cost was estimated at about 427.5 million euros.

    This comes as the US-Taliban peace deal during the tenure of former President Trump, prompted full US troops withdrawal by the end of April 2020, and the amount of US military personnel stationed in Afghanistan have reduced to 2,500.

    On the other hand, the new administration in the United States is reviewing the deal and some US officials even have indicated that hasty withdrawal will not have a positive outcome and that the troops won’t leave the country based on the deadline.

    The Taliban was expected to reduce violence and commit to a ceasefire, despite the release of their prisoners and peace efforts war in the country escalated and the violence of one human killing another raged across the country.”

  9. 52% of Afghanistan is under the Taliban control: Pajhwok

    “Pajhwok Afghan News in a survey analysis found that at least 52 percent of Afghanistan’s territory is controlled by the Taliban and 59 percent of the population lives under the Afghan government.

    Pajhwok Afghan News indicated that the government controls 46 percent of the territory, the survey is conducted between November 2020 and February 2021.

    During the survey, 1,266 people were questioned through interviews, questionnaires, telephonic conversations, and in each part of the country, three people were given the papers to the questions.

    According to the survey Taliban controls 337,000 square kilometers of Afghan land and about 297,000 square kilometers are under government control. And 18,000 square meter is reported to have no influence over by any of the parties.

    The findings revealed that 27 districts are under Taliban control while 64 other districts are fully controlled by the government and the rest 297 districts are controlled by both of the parties.

    A Taliban spokesman claimed that the group has control over 70 percent of the country’s territories which was later rejected by the National Security Advisor, Hamdullah Mohib at a weekly briefing on Saturday.

    “The Taliban claims to have control over 70 percent of the territory, but even today, they convene their meetings in Quetta (in Pakistan) where they make plans on how to kill the people of Afghanistan and destroy the gains that we have achieved and destroy our infrastructures,” Tolonews quoted Mohib.

    head of Pajhwok Afghan News Danish Karokhel told media, “In 422 districts of which, 24 are temporary, we interviewed three people in each district to find out their perspectives and find who controls or has an influence on how many swaths of land,”

    This comes as National security Adviser, Hamdullah Mohib in a press briefing on Saturday said that the Taliban does not have the authority for negotiations and the group so far have shown no interest in the peace process and is seeking acquittance of complete power.

    The afghan NSA iterated that the government is fully prepared to give sacrifice for real peace in the country, he said the scale of violence has doubled in the country, but the Taliban has refused the claims and said they have not announced their so-called summer offensives.

    Mohib said Taliban leaders want absolute power, and that their supporters and want the destruction of Afghanistan, he added, that Pakistan apparently supports peace but behind the scene, they are supporting the violence by the extremist group in the country.Referring to Pakistan he said, they have invited their [Taliban] commanders to their homes in Quetta, to prepare for summer offensives.

    Earlier, Second Vice President Sarwar Danish hinted that US Special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad once had warned that if the government does not release the remaining 400 notorious Taliban inmates, the security situation in the country will worsen.”

    Military General warns of ‘bloody spring’ ahead

    “Senior Commander of 207th Zafar Corps in the western zone of Afghanistan, warned that the Taliban are preparing for a “Major Attack” in the upcoming spring…”

  10. Turkey neutralizes 48 PKK terrorists in northern Iraq

    “Forty-eight PKK terrorists were neutralized, including two senior members, in northern Iraq during Turkey’s anti-terror operation that has been completed, the Turkish defense chief said Sunday.

    Hulusi Akar said two terrorists were captured and the region was mostly cleared of the terror group during the “extremely special and critical” operation in the Gara region.

    “The operation has been completed. Our land and air elements returned to their bases and barracks safely,” he said at the operations center on the border in southeastern Sirnak province.

    Akar stressed the reason behind launching the operation was Turkey’s right to self-defense, according to international law, to prevent the PKK/KCK terror groups’ efforts to re-establish positions.

    He said Turkey also wanted to confirm the intelligence about Turks who were abducted by terrorists, which was not disclosed for security reasons, and to take necessary measures.

    During the campaign, more than 50 terror targets, including ammunition depots, caves and bases in Gara were destroyed, he said.

    13 Turkish nationals martyred by PKK found in cave

    “While our activities in the Operation Claw-Eagle 2 area were continuing, the mortal remains of 13 citizens who were detained in a cave, which was taken under control following the intense clash, were found,” said Akar. “All of the terrorists in the cave that martyred our citizens were neutralized.”

    He said following an evaluation, it was determined that the innocent and unarmed Turks were martyred by being shot — one in the shoulder and rest in their heads.

    Akar said three soldiers were martyred and three others were injured in the land operation.

    Highlighting that the operation was successfully carried out in difficult land and climatic conditions, covering a very large area, he congratulated Turkish Chief of General Staff Yasar Guler and commanders.

    PKK terrorists often use northern Iraq as a base to plan cross-border terrorist attacks on Turkey.

    Turkey launched Operation Claw-Eagle 2 on Wednesday in line with its right to self-defense according to international law to prevent the PKK/KCK and other terror groups’ efforts to re-establish positions used to carry out terror attacks against Turkey.

    Turkish authorities use “neutralized” to imply that terrorists in question were killed, captured or surrendered.

    Turkey’s operations Claw-Tiger and Claw-Eagle were launched last June to ensure the safety of Turks and borders by eliminating the threat of the PKK and other terrorist groups that often use northern Iraq to plan cross-border attacks.

    In its more than 30-year terror campaign against Turkey, the PKK – listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the US, and the EU – has been responsible for the deaths of 40,000 people, including women, children and infants.”

  11. “The Ledger Report 1101- Trump Impeachment Attacking 1/3 US Population Including Sidney Powell”
    The Ledger Report with Graham Ledger – February 12, 2021

  12. “He’s Been Cancelled by 22 Big Box Stores! Mike Lindell is Here to Tell All!”
    David Harris Jr – Streamed live on February 12, 2021

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