An example of BBC as enemy propaganda

First, the BBC report:

Covid: Man charged with assaulting officer in Burnage cafe raid

A man has been charged with assaulting a police officer at a Manchester cafe where Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were suspected of being broken.

Police went to investigate claims of up to 50 people found inside the cafe in Burnage on Sunday.

Greater Manchester Police later said an investigation had begun after footage of an alleged altercation emerged.

Lucjan Domanski, 38, of Chapel Street, Levenshulme, will appear at Manchester City Magistrates’ Court on 23 February.

A police officer was injured but did not require hospital treatment following the disturbance in Burnage Lane.

A “significant amount” of people who were “blatantly breaching” restrictions were discovered, before attempts were made to disperse the crowd, police said.

Officers also suffered verbal abuse from those at the scene.

GMP said footage of the incident, which circulated on social media, had been referred to its Professional Standards Branch.

It said while initial reviews suggested officers’ actions were reasonable, when assessed within the wider context of the situation it had been referred in line with policy.

I wonder what the video might reveal:

Hellequin GB summarizes this event this way:

One officer pins the victims hands behind his back. The second one starts smashing his face in using his handcuffs as a set of knuckledusters. They then later start strangling him
The third officer then watches.

So what do you do? Make a complaint? Nah, Greater Manchester Police says no. You can’t complain
What about a Crime Report for the Assault? Nope, you can’t make a crime report. Greater Manchester Police don’t want their crime statistics going up.

So they lock him in the cells, and charge him with assaulting the policeman by damaging the policeman’s fist with his face.

(Please leave a comment when this evidence of the new/old police fascism is removed from Youtube so we can restore it somewhere else.)

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  1. How long is it going to take before some officer(s) suggest to the business owners that a “donation” to the police fund wills stop the police from hassling the business for minor infractions? Once this starts how long until bigger “donations” will stop the police from looking at bigger infractions?

    • That would depended upon the level of leftist indoctrination of those involved as opposed to the dishonesty of said police.
      The soviet police were rarely used to arrest anyone for purely “political” reasons as that was the role of the CHEKA/NKVD etc.(unless the poor dears were overloaded as in the Ukraine).
      How long will it be before we see political police in uniform in the west arresting people for such legal rubbish as “hate crimes”? It cannot be far off as I know that the average decent cop is pretty disgusted with it all but being a public servant with a mortgage he is tied in.
      I am curious to know have they started to weed out any potential dissidents in western police forces. I have not heard of any but….

      • How long will it be before two or three cops try to arrest an innocent man trying to run his business, but then the people present have become so frustrated by government overreach that they fight the cops off to free the man?

        Such a precedent would result in a draconian police reflex which would, in turn, create still greater resentment among the plebeians.

        • Standard pre 20 century west behaviour, Street gangs in those days looked after their own. They had to as the police were only there to protect the upper and middle classes. Dickens glosses over all of this after being warned off.
          Feeling cynical? watch:
          It was on YouTube three weeks ago but not now. Funny that!

        • This depends on the level us frustration, back during the Obama years it would have taken much loner now…Who knows.

          I do know that almost half of the States are either Second Amendment Sanctuary States or have counties that are Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties.

          Also there are 17 States (the last I heard) who are suing Biden and his administration over one or more of his Executive Orders, one of the suits is for Executive Over Reach. The States are choosing up sides for the next Civil War, they may be able to hold off the kinetic portion until after the 2022 election but even that is up in the air.

      • The left won’t be able to turn the Antifa and BLM units into police until the
        Cities and States have driven more police from their jobs and the crime rate is higher. That is the reason they are trying to defund the police, the fewer cops on the job the higher the crime rate and the sooner the political police can be formed.

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