Turkey to shoot the moon, Mandalorian Studio fires only 1 actor for Nazi comparison, Queen lectured by ignoramus leftist: Links 2, February 11, 2021

1. This is a fascinating story of the cancellation of an anti-nazi actress who isn’t anti-nazi in exactly the right way. One of her statements for which Lucas films cancelled her, is so spot on I would say its important. Important to understand so that we can see it happen again and hopefully stop it. This of course is why she was cancelled. The real forces driving the left, do not want it recognized, interfered with, and certainly not stopped.

Lucasfilm Calls Gina Carano Social Media Posts “Abhorrent”; Actress No Longer Employed By ‘Mandalorian’ Studio

[…] “Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors…even by children. Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views,” she wrote. […]

(Her crime of course, was pointing out how the left is using precisely the same tactics to destroy all ideologies that oppose their total move to power, as the Nazis did. That cannot be noticed and certainly not so well explained on what we think of as “judo-media” where the point is to use the energy of the public to move everyone to where the elites and the powerful want us all. I really hope she, James Woods and Tim Allen start a new film company. Maybe they can call it, American Films. Or 1A movies. Im sure they can come up with a better name.)

2. Tired of living in constant fear of your neighbours who, in an Invasion of the Bodysnatchers like way, might LOOK like your friend or your neighbour, they might ACT like your neighbour, but REALLY they could be carriers of the Wuhan Flu, UK variant. So don’w worry about not worrying. The CBC explains to us that we can look forward to at least another 10 years where the only people we can trust to have freedom in our countries, are the plane loads of Chinese, and the bus loads of illegal maghrebis who walk into our countries. Also important to note, a second Mandalorian actor also made a Nazi comparison but was not fired and he suffered no consequences. Can you guess before you click what that comparison was about?

3. This video of a leftist activist heckling the Queen of the Commonwealth, is dated today although we have no idea when it took place.

If truth was still a factor in policy, laws and decision making it would be interesting to advise Mr. Agbetu that the only nations in the world to start, fight and win wars specifically to end slavery, which was ubiquitous all over the world at the time, was The United States and England/Great Britian. But as Tucker Carlson explained in the previous clip with stellar examples drawn from both the BLM riots as well as the narratives from January 6, 2021, truth is an obstacle to policy, not a factor to include. Which brings me back, as it so often does, to the famous quote by Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels.

(One might also make the mental contrast about what would happen if a non-communist, or non narrative person where to enter a building where the powerful Left are in control and hammer them with fictional or even truthful narratives that challenge their authority. I bet they would call it an insurrection and use it as an excuse to take extreme power by exaggerating the incident out of any reality at all.)

4.  Turkey makes video saying they are going to land something or other on the moon.

(I am confident that Turkey can make a video saying they will do things. But to land something on the moon, its hard to imagine them doing it in any way except for maybe the Jackie Gleason method.)

5. Greek Far-Left Anarchists Storm News Agency To Support Terrorist Killer

A group of anarchists stormed the Greek state-run Athens-Macedonian News Agency in support of an imprisoned far-left terrorist currently on a hunger strike.

The extremists stormed the building housing the news agency in Athens on Tuesday while carrying a flare. They threw flyers around the offices and hung a banner from the balcony, then fleeing before Greek police arrived.

Theodoros Livanios, Greece’s Minister of State, criticised the extremists’ actions and urged his political opponents to do so, as well, Ekathimerini reports.

According to the newspaper, the action was in support of convicted terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas, who has been on hunger strike in prison since January.

The former hitman for the notorious far-left Revolutionary Organization 17 November (17N) was previously convicted and sentenced to multiple life sentences for murders spanning from 1975 to 2000.

He has been undertaking a hunger strike after demanding to be transferred away from a maximum-security prison where he is currently being held.

(So interesting that an ‘anarchist’ group would organize to do a violent action like that to support a communist murdering terrorist. I guess anarchists are about as libertarian as ANTIFA is anti-fascist. Which is to say in name only.)

Thank you ML., RJ., Richard, M., Johnny U., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, MarcusZ1967, Michelle, Sassy, and everyone who contributed to this effort in any way at all.

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  1. 1. This is a fascinating story of the cancellation of an anti-nazi actress

    This struck me as a particularly telling and important story because I think it perfectly displays the nature of the new norm that’s coming toward us. This beautiful talented young woman hasn’t been thrown in a concentration camp but she has had her career utterly ruined for going against the will of the Democrats, and that is scary enough. She’s probably in despair at this moment. She is now officially an anti-Semitic non-person who can never work in this town again. Few things could be as frightening as having your method of making a living and your life’s work simply removed from you, leaving you standing outside a closed door with nothing.

    And tellingly, when I first saw this story in MSM they neglected to mention what she actually said which is exactly how it works in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Once you are accused of “insulting the Prophet” your words are too terrible to be even repeated in court so you just have to take our word for it that they were pretty gosh-darn bad and we find you guilty. Welcome to Pakistan, folks… And, of course, the real reason they won’t repeat your words is that they are true…sigh…

    Oh, and the point she’s making is incredibly perceptive and accurate and certainly not anti-Semitic. They are turning conservatives into the new Jews and are probably going to start rounding us up at some point. They certainly rounded her up well enough. And I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t have the nerve to wear a MAGA hat outside, and that tells you something. It’s already happening. Instead of it being a yarmulke that you’re afraid to wear, it’s a red hat. What’s the difference…?

  2. 1/ It’s not exactly parallel.

    It was not what the Jews said or didn’t say, what they did or didn’t do. It didn’t matter if they were practicing their religion or “identifying” as Jews.

    Or even if their parents had converted to Christianity before they were born. Even if they were baptized in their infancy.

    It was who they were.
    The Jewish race.
    Jewish blood.

    This is a non-trivial distinction.

    • You are 100% correct Yucki. The Jews who were enslaved then murdered were as diverse a group as any group can be except for ONE variable. They all had one Jewish grandparent. Which itself requires some defining, but at the end of the day, its that they could be seen as racially Jewish.

      But its equally true that the methods the Nazis used, and the communists for that matter, to get a people to loath and despise a group, be it my imputation of attributes or special-interpretation of actions to force it into an imputed attribute, is the same now by the left towards anyone who they feel is a counter-revolutionary.

      They lie about the reasons of course. That its Trump supporters, racists, etc. etc. But really what they mean is the middle and working class, and those likely to oppose the revolution which is taking place now.

      The comparison is not fully accurate. But as a predictor of the future it deserves thought.

      At the end of the day though, Jews will likely get treated the way the Nazis and communists treated them. That does seem like a historical constant and the useful idiots at J street and all the other phoney leftist Jewish groups are feeding the crocodile so they get eaten last. But eaten they will be.

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