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4 Replies to “LIVE NOW: Heart of Oak in the UK interviewing Clare Lopez”

  1. What Claire Lopez states regarding what we Americans — and by extension other peoples who adhere to and owe their freedoms to a common Judeo-Christian heritage — seek to forestall through the vetting (restriction) of settlers from foreign lands (Islamic specifically), strikes me as rational and sincerely well meaning; but it’s ineffective as a means of either diminishing or retarding our slide into oppression and misery.

    I wish it were otherwise. But God’s judgment, His punishment speaks clearly — and long before we faced the near certitude of being overwhelmed by civilizations hostile to our God of the Bible. The moral depravity of our culture is itself a punishment upon our nation; the blatant corruption of our leaders; the murder of our unborn; the moral inversion and censoring of truth — just a few of the litany of blasphemies aimed at our God, has laid the ground for what is to come. And the happy heralding of an Apostate church by comfortable atheists, agnostics, and the indifferent is not lost on God.

    And we think by our much reasoning and insightful analysis that we can maybe appease God? Or think our way or communicate our way out of this?

    We are not the ancient nation of Israel which thrust its fist in God’s face. And God destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD for its rejection of Jesus. NO. But I see our nations’ ever-increasing love of sin and Satanic darkness as invitations to God’s judgment.

    You’re a great teacher, Claire Lopez; I’ve followed your work for a decade. Thank you for educating those among us who are late to the game in showing any curiosity about the earthly contours of our collective dilemmas.

      • Throughout the Gospels the Sadducees and Pharisees dogged Jesus’ steps to find a way to accuse him of blasphemy — in other words, the Jewish leaders were out for blood.

        Then on Palm Sunday when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the colt of a donkey it happened that many among the cheering crowds were later that week crying “Crucify him.”

        Adam Fahling’s Life of Christ (1936, Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis) and Ylvisaker’s The Gospels (1932, Augsburg Publishing, Minneapolis) demonstrate conclusively that within the Gospels’ narrative are numerous and substantial incidents of the Jews efforts to silence Jesus — the Son of God, true man and true God.

        And before Jesus’ time, the history of both Judah and Israel is replete with
        the people “going after other gods” — In Judges, for example: “every man did what was right in his own eyes” is the constant refrain, casting off obedience to the Law as delivered to the Israelites on Mount Sinai — the norm, by the way, for all people for all time.

        I have lots more to share if you’re interested. Thank you for the question.

        The Jews — God’s special people — rejected him and the gospel then went out to the Gentiles, “being grafted in.” The first chapter of Colossians describes this as “the mystery” once hidden, v. 26-27, “Christ in you the hope of glory.”

        • I was confused.
          You wrote G-d, not Jesus or the “Son of G-d”.
          That’s different.

          Israel, the “ancient nation”, has endured. Now the same people, speaking the same language, living in the same land, have been worshipping the same G-d for thousands of years.

          One G-d.
          Am Yisroel Chai.

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