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2 Replies to “How Merkel uses language to force the vaccine, without getting the pushback she richly deserves”

  1. A Laboratory made the virus
    That Western governments paid
    To cheaply research for us
    So new vaccines can be made.
    Within a hell without a primus
    Of Humanity on the stage.
    The same are going to fix-us
    As the ones that caused outrage.

    • “According to Newsweek, funding for the WIV occurred in two phases. The first took place from 2014 to 2019, through a $3.7 million project for collecting and studying bat coronaviruses. This work was largely led by Dr. Zhengli Shi, known to many as “batwoman” for her years investigating caves in search of new bat viruses. The second phase began shortly after, with another $3.7 million. Unlike the first, this project appears to have included work on “gain-of-function”: research that investigates how a virus can gain the ability to infect a new type of animal.”

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