Censorship more the norm at this point than the 1st amendment: Links 3, February 11, 2021

1. Sky News has a look at the state of Marxist rewriting of the culture, language and parameters of thought and behaviour, even if they don’t call it that

2. Project Veritas being limited by Twitter

(Twitter is a narrative driver. It isn’t social media in any sense at all. It is an aggregator of opinion, information and ad hominem that supports the agenda of the owners of Twitter. Ok. Fair enough. But they get special consideration for not calling themselves a blog under law, and they get millions of people investing time and effort on their blog thinking its a fair platform. It is neither fair, nor is it a platform. If you do not have the right values for Twitter, and those would be neo-Marxist in nearly every way, you will be suppressed such that you will waste your energy operating in that space thinking that the reaction and views you get are based on your merit. Of course they control how much people can access your material. If they like you, meaning you are a left wing activist, you can doxx people, insult them, act against them in any way at all and face no consequences. Even get boosted in some mysterious way I’m sure. Doesn’t feel like they should be free from civil litigation to me, but they are. Trump could have fixed that. He didn’t.)

3. Ex-Madrassa teacher ‘kills’ 6-yr-old son in the name of ‘sacrifice’ | Palakkad

4. Vigilantism becoming a common thing in Democrat, crime ridden cities

5. Tucker Carlson asks why the Democrats are angrier now that they have won than they were in opposition. He offers a scary hypothesis.

“When they come for you, they will sound like social workers”. By the way. Go to Youtube and type in Tucker Carlson. Notice what the first few items are. That is not an accident.

Thank you ML., M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, EB., and so many more behind the scenes supporting us, and working on things unseen and to be seen soon.

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