Tucker Carlson on item 3 is a must, MUST watch:, and more very important items: Links 1, February 10, 2021

1. Patrick Moore is one long cool dose of reality

2. At this point we all know Twitter is a dishonest actor. Even if they inform you in the incomprehensible TOC that they have a right to screw with you without your knowledge, consent or even understanding, its still dishonest since it is all to their agenda and they use you to do it.

To find out how much they screw with you, put your Twitter handle into this site.


3. Tucker Carlson on the second impeachment of Donald J. Trump, and why can we not question the vaccine?

4. China is bent on stealing Canadian secrets, silencing critics: CSIS chief

(The Chinese communists are so aggressively targeting Canadians opposed to a full on Chinese controlled Canada that anyone not getting robo-calls in Mandarin should be looked at with suspicion at this point)

OTTAWA — The head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service warns that China is undermining Canada through its efforts to steal valuable technology and silence critics of Beijing’s policies.

In a speech Tuesday sponsored by the Centre for International Governance Innovation, CSIS director David Vigneault said all sectors of Canadian society must work together to fend off these threats.

Vigneault stressed that Canadians have benefited for decades from their relationship with Chinese researchers, scholars, artists, business people and others.

“To be clear, the threat does not come from the Chinese people, but rather from the government of China that is pursuing a strategy for geopolitical advantage on all fronts — economic, technological, political and military,” he said.

Vigneault bluntly stated that Beijing is using “all elements of state power to carry out activities that are a direct threat to our national security and sovereignty.”

5. FAKE SCIENCE was used to force the destruction of our nations and economies and most importantly, freedoms:

C. was good enough to submit links on this exact subject:

German minstry of interior “ordered” fear campaign from scientists. In Dutch (couldn’t find English version yet):

Original article, in German. Paywalled:

Similar story, in German, without the “conspiracy” angle:

Opposition is asking questions in parliament:

Thank you Hellequin GB., C., M., ML., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., Yucki and MANY more who have found critically important items challenging both the narrative and even the counter-narrative where needed.

Thinking about the various items in this post, and for that matter, over the last number of years, the one thing that in a way has been better from our perspective is the fact that what is going on has become both simpler, and easier to see.

Its a three step process:

  1. Invent a narrative that makes people want to act in the way you want them to act, or justifies the use of force to make them act in accordance with the policy seemingly created to deal with the fictions or exaggerations in the created narrative.
  2. Use the carrot and the stick to make media and large tech as well as researchers and people with authority to sign off on the narrative. This means of course money for those that obey and cancelation and censorship to those that do not.
  3. Total censorship of any independent voices that have any opinion, true or false, that differ from the narrative views. Ultimately this will likely mean some form of gulags beyond the digital. Probably eventually even death, if history is any guide.

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  1. 3. BOA – Repost:
    “Answers To The Questions We Are All Asking | Flyover Conservatives”
    David & Stacy Whited – January 26, 2021

    Corporate Blackmail – RetiredArmy Colonel Phil Waldron
    10:00 – 14:43

    Grassley: Review of Non-profits’ Political Activity Continues, Despite Fannie Mae Foundation Move
    Chuck Grassley – February 23, 2007

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