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4 Replies to “Jordan Peterson takes a very fair look at Islam”

  1. How one looks at Islam comes down to a personal subjective opinion. If in your opinion, it is wrong to attack a person weaker than yourself, kill them, steal their property, rape their wife and sell their children into slavery just because you can, then you will think that Islam is an immoral religion. If that’s OK with you and sort of borne out by Darwin’s “survival of the fittest”, then you’ll see things the other way. Are lions evil? Yes, if you’re a gazelle, no if you’re us in a safari car and you like lions. Muhammad was, after all, a very scary warlord…

    The entire purpose of Islam was to create the absolute perfect life for a white-skinned man by the name of “Muhammad Abdallah”. He lived in a world of riches and cruelty and gorgeous 10-out-of-10 babes. Islam is entirely predatory and is always pushing toward its goal of absolute genocide of all people who are not Sunni Muslims… The goal today is to provide a perfect life for the male higher-ups within the system…

  2. Revered, Islamic scholar, Sayyid Qutb:
    “A society which places the highest value on the ‘humanity’ of men and honours the noble ‘ human’’ characteristics is truly civilized. if materialism, no matter in what form, is given the highest value, wether it be in the form of a ‘theory’, such as the Marxist interpretation of history, or in the form of material production, as in the case of the United States and European countries, and all other human values are sacrificed at its alter, then such a society is a backwards one, or in Islamic terminology, is a Jahiliyyah society.

    The direction of the line which separates human values from animal-like characteristics is upward; but if this direction is reversed, then in spite of all the material progress, the civilization will be ‘backward’, ‘degenerative’, and Jahiliyyah.

    According to our unvarying definition of civilization, the Islamic society is not just an entity of the past, to be studied in history, but it is a demand of the present and a hope of the future. Mankind can be dignified, today or tomorrow, in striving toward this noble civilization, by pulling itself out of the abyss of Jahiliyyah into which it is falling. this is true not only for the industrially and economically developed but also for the backward nations.

    In this world there is only one party of God; all others are parties of Satan and rebellion.
    Those who believe fight in the cause of God; and those who disbelieve fight in the cause of rebellion.
    Then fight the allies of Satan; indeed Satan’s strategy is weak.
    There is only way to reach God; all other ways do not lead to him.
    This is my straight path. Then follow it, and do not follow other ways which will scatter you from His path.
    For human life there is only one true system, and that is Islam; all other systems are Jahiliyyah

    Islam cannot accept the mixing with Jahiliyyah, either in its concept or in the modes of living which are derived from this concept. either Islam will remain, or Jahiliyyah: Islam cannot accept to agree or agree to a situation which is half-Islam and half-Jahiliyyah. in this respect Islam’s stand is very clear. it says that the truth is one and cannot be decided; if not the truth, then it must be falsehood. the mixing and co-existence of the truth and falsehood is impossible. command belongs to God, or otherwise Jahiliyyah. God’s Sharee’ah will prevail, or the people’s desires.

    The foremost duty of Islam in this world is to depose Jahiliyyah from the leadership of man and to take the, leadership into its own hands and force the particular way of life which is its permanent feature.

    Jahiliyyah is evil and corrupt, whether it be of the ancient or modern variety.

    It is fruitless to try to construct a system of life which half-Islam and half-Jahiliyyah. god does not forgive any association with His person, and He does not accept any association with His revealed way of life. Both are equally Shirk in the sight of God, as both are the product of the same mentality.

    We need not rationalize Islam to them, need not appease their desires and distorted concepts. We will be extremely outspoken with them.

    The chasm between Islam and Jahiliyyah is great, and a BRIDGE IS NOT TO BE BUILT ACROSS IT so that the people on the two side may mix with each other, but only so that the people of the Jahiliyyah may come over to Islam, whether they reside in a so-called Islamic country, in order that they may come out of the darkness into the light and may get rid of their miserable conditions, and enjoy those blessings which we have tasted — we who have understood Islam and live in its atmosphere. If no, then we shall say to them what God commanded His Messenger — peace be on him — to say: For you your way, for me mine (109:6).”

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