Woman films hospitals which contradict state narrative, gets banned from them all: Links 2, February 4, 2021

1. Exclusive: Special Forces Warned Against Using Pepe the Frog, III%ers, Other ‘Extremist’ Symbols

An Army commander recently briefed U.S. Special Forces candidates and trainees they could be detained or chaptered out of the Army if they are found affiliated with certain imagery popular on the political right that is now considered to be associated with extremism, Breitbart News can exclusively reveal.

The briefing, by Army Col. Mike Henry, MD, deputy commander of Special Warfare Medical Group (Airborne)/Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center at the U.S. John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (JFKSWCS) at Fort Bragg, came two days after President Joe Biden was inaugurated, a source familiar with the briefing said.

(The unconstitutional and grotesque aspect of this beyond the obvious of course, is who makes the association. So now, the left can invent any narrative it wants, and then ban or even make illegal a thing, group or symbol as the Canadians did to The Proud Boys, even though the association made with the group, idea, symbol etc. is entirely fictional. What is real, is that these things are counter-revolutionary. And THAT, is why they must be suppressed. Any claims of extremism or terror is of course, pure sales language. Laudanum for the useful idiots.)

2. Covid denier mom banned from ALL HOSPITALS after repeatedly posting footage of ‘empty wards’

(This is Marxism at its near distilled state. This woman is a threat for exposing the lies of the state. Things are good in a way, in that they only banned her from hospitals in the hope that she will not expose any more state lies as opposed to the gulag or gas chamber which is the logical end point of these policies. But notice the Marcusean language. She is a “Covid denier”. A perfect example of The Frankfurt School’s Marcuse theory on how to force a minority consensus on a majority by calling out all opposition as hate speech. A “denier” is equivocating anyone who disagrees with the state view with a Holocaust denier. Therefore, its hate speech to show the truth of the empty hospitals after the media has just told you that they are overwhelmed with Covid patients.)

A British woman questioning the Covid-19 crisis in the UK has been banned from visiting any hospital across the country save for emergency, after she repeatedly filmed and shared videos of what she claimed were “empty wards.”

Serial lockdown breaker and prominent coronavirus denier Hannah Dean, 30, has been banned from all the hospitals across the country following her new endeavors over the weekend. On Saturday, she entered the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, roaming it for about 10 minutes before getting caught by a nurse and being kicked out. The following day, she visited Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth.

Footage posted by Dean on Facebook shows her trying to approach the hospital, only to be confronted by a security guard who immediately recognized her.

I believe this is the first video she did:

3. Suffering through “unconscious bias training”

4. France bomb plot: Iran diplomat Assadollah Assadi sentenced to 20 years

An Iranian diplomat has been convicted of a plot to bomb a big French rally held by an exiled opposition group.

Assadollah Assadi, 49, who worked at the Iranian embassy in Vienna, was given a 20-year jail term by the court in Antwerp in Belgium.

It was the first time an Iranian official had faced such charges in the EU since the 1979 revolution.

Three others were also convicted. They were arrested during a joint operation by German, French and Belgian police.

Tehran insists the plot was a fabrication.

Tens of thousands of people attended the June 2018 rally outside Paris, including Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

The verdict comes weeks after US President Joe Biden took office, with Iran hoping he will reverse some of the sanctions introduced by his predecessor.

5. Mandating ‘vaccination passports’ for access to services, travel would be a violation of civil liberties

(CBC opinion piece suggesting that forcing vaccination passports for various services could maybe be a bad thing.)

No vaccine, no service? As the distribution of the much-anticipated coronavirus vaccine continues its rollout worldwide, with varying degrees of progress, there is troubling talk from governments and organizations over requiring evidence of vaccination to obtain goods and services such as airline flights post-pandemic.

While the impulse may be understandable from a population largely terrified of the virus, we must put out of mind entirely the notion of making the provision of services contingent on proof of immunity.

The requirement to carry some form of post-vaccine certificate in order to fully participate in a re-opened society is an unacceptable violation of civil liberties. Such requirements are ripe for backsliding towards discrimination and stigma, as well as creating inequitable outcomes globally, with the harms arising far outweighing the purported benefits.

Nevertheless, there has been increasing chatter about vaccine certificates.

(I was sent a rumour that Canadian Lawyer, Rocco Galati won some kind of victory in Canadian courts such that vaccine passports will not be permitted. Let us hope that is true, and that it doesn’t get transformed into something worse)

 Thank you Kalloi87, M., Wrath of Khan, ET., EB., GunGoddess, Kim K., PePi, and MANY more who have sent in items, ideas and corrections.

Ontario is screwed

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  1. So the hospitals are actually far more empty than normally. Does this truly mean people are being denied service, that people’s operations are cancelled, that cancer patients’ treatment is cancelled, while the capacity is there?

    • “The five big constraints on governments are: political, economic, financial, geo-political and legal/constitutional.

      Seen in this light, even if true, that governments wanted to impose a totalitarian communist regime globally, surely they are constrained from doing so. Right? RIGHT? They can’t just fscking do it.

      But… all kinds of things I thought governments couldn’t just come out and do over the last year…. well they just came right out and did it. And just to really mess with my head, Papic added two wildcard constraints to his list: terrorism and pandemics.

      The problem is, those wildcards, they aren’t wildcard constraints – they’re wildcard enablers”

      As is war, a ‘wildcard’. In fact any external threat, real or political propaganda, can allow a few people in government, ‘for your safety,’ to do anything before realisation sets in.

      It is this opportunity for a coup against democracy, that is so quick and so slow to repeal; and so coated in the blood of brave innocent lives that only the mass unintelligent remain as beasts of repetition will have any demands beyond sweets. They may never recover from the Hate Crime cultures of prisons and plantations that rule them.

  2. 3. Suffering through “unconscious bias training”

    The victim-oppressor market is a very lucrative one.

    Every beggar can demand money by calling you a “racist” if you don’t. To create guilt in giving, and once guilty, to be coerced to give more until it becomes a virtual signal of pride: that in return for blind automatic-giving there will always be a blessing. The beggar exalted and you the lesser. “Oh thank you God for soothing this thorn in my side, to live this with forever comforted,” even though the beggar had stabbed you with it first.

    National-guilt seeks the lowest and debauched form of humanity to forgive them. It is not they that forgive you to set you free; but you forgive them to set you free

    This was the story I returned to my dear Late friend, a charitable, sincere and devoted Brahmin, who told me of the wiley rascal Sai Baba of Shirdi (and of the reincarnated Sai Baba 2 who perfected it). Of course, he was their devotee.

    Give to the One Sent from God, and God will bless you. Convince you of that, and you are only paying for reward and gain for yourself. The beggar becomes the Saint compared to you.

    Crooks cannot get any more powerful than to create more beggars-to-riches enterprises, and turn them into more religions of priests-and-fools. Creating exclusive media platforms for their marriages in hell, that will demand payment for emergency services and all care possible to ‘help’ their disturbed little ones. Brainwash, rinse, repeat.

    The weak will only inherit the Earth as willing slaves.

  3. #1. …”if they are found affiliated with certain imagery popular on the political right that is now considered to be associated with extremism, “. The Pope has recently proclaimed in one of his encyclical’s that the “virus” is individualism. It works against the common good he says. I can see how right wing thought would fall into his cross hairs. He demands total homage to him and needs to get the mind set of the people of the world to 1st get used to following the common good, which now is wearing masks and distancing, later, well he will define the next one of course. Next is the Climate Emergancy that Canada and others have not acted on yet.
    My bet he will be centre stage for that “crisis”. He will have the so called solution that pleases both sides.

    From Fratelli Tutti: Individualism does not make us more free, more equal, more fraternal. The mere sum of individual interests is not capable of generating a better world for the whole human family. Nor can it save us from the many ills that are now increasingly globalized. Radical individualism is a virus that is extremely difficult to eliminate, for it is clever.

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