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3 Replies to “Tucker Carlson on Lee Harvey Oswald’s communist motivations”

  1. Tucker is so right about the writing of false history before our eyes. –A history conjured from a narrative, which was invented from a flock of plastic ducks with, maybe, one real duck in their midst–their facts are lies.

    Lies are the communists’ currency. Lies are like our fiat dollars. They’re only worth something if they’re backed by power. Sure, they may appear elaborate and credible on a superficial level, like when Rosemary Adams told me she loved me in grade four, but I believed her because I wanted to.

    It seems to me that in Tucker’s examples, the time and distance between the narrative and the accepted-as-fact “history” is quickly shortening, like a tightening noose.

  2. I don’t disagree with Tucker’s analysis, but regarding Oswald, the line of Colonel Pickering in My Fair Lady — “I think you’ve picked a poor example” — comes to mind. I won’t bore anyone with speculation about the JFK case (although, read “Accessories After The Fact” if you can find it), but I couldn’t help but note the juxtaposition of Tuckers “Oswald” analysis and his (deserved) dissing of Michael Beschloss. Tucker mentions that Oswald met with communists in Mexico City. Ironically, it was Beschloss who, when reporting on the LBJ tapes, came across a transcript of a tape recording (the tape had been erased) that recorded a phone conversation between J. Edgar Hoover and LBJ at 10:01 am on November 23, 1963. Hoover tells LBJ that the FBI has a photograph and a tape (of Oswald’s call to the Soviet embassy in Mexico City), but the man in the photo is not Oswald, nor is the voice on the tape that of Oswald. The Mexico City mystery is one part of a much larger mystery, as most people are aware, but the juxtaposition struck me as interesting. In any event, keep speaking out, Tucker. We need you more than ever in these dark times.

    • Thank you for that very reasoned comment. I have no opinion on the Oswald issue. But I agree that Tucker is more needed than ever, and that it is reasonable at this point to doubt the official narrative on nearly anything. Always be skeptical, but try not to be cynical is my personal approach. This gets harder by the day.

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