“When fascism comes to America, it will call itself anti-fascism” – (Gov. Huey Long among many others) Links 1, February 1, 2021

1. “These vaccines are unlikely to ‘completely sterilize’ a population”. Professor Sir John Bell, SAGE! (November 29, 2020)

2. Opinion video: Lockdowns in Canada must end. Clear violation of charter rights.

Here is a nice contrast to the Soviet style state Canada is becoming, even if in a small way for the moment.

3. Taiwan-China clash first major security test for Biden presidency

China’s move to intensify military activity in the Taiwan Strait is shaping as the first major foreign policy test for Joe Biden’s presidency.

That is the view of Australian security expert Peter Jennings, who told nine.com.au China’s President Xi Jinping probably saw a window of opportunity to test Mr Biden.

“In my view, Xi thinks he can exploit a window of opportunity created by COVID-19 and the change of US president to accelerate China’s ambition to take over Taiwan.”
Beijing regards the island of Taiwan as a renegade province of the mainland and strongly opposes diplomatic attempts by other countries to engage with the democratic island.
China dispatched military aircraft – including nuclear-capable bombers – on two patrols over Taiwan airspace late last month.

4. FULL LENGTH Bust of Emperor Zuckerberg. (1 Hour)

2 minute: INSIDER LEAKS: Zuckerberg & Execs Admit Excessive Power –

5. Justice Alito Says ‘Not Surprised’ by Reaction to His Comments About Pandemic Restrictions

Associate Justice Samuel Alito said on Sunday that he was “not surprised” by the reaction to comments he made last year about state restrictions in response to the CCP virus pandemic.

Alito, 70, told a Federalist Society virtual convention last November that he thought the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic serves as a “sort of constitutional stress test.” He argued that America has “never before seen restrictions as severe, extensive, and prolonged as those experienced for most of 2020” and raised concerns over their impact on individuals’ civil liberties.

The rare public address garnered mixed reactions from lawyers, with some criticizing him for engaging in what they say is political speech.

In a statement to USA Today, Alito defended his statement, saying that the points he made in his November speech followed the same line of argument he made in a previous Supreme Court opinion he authored about the issue.

Thank you Hellequin GB., M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., ET., EB., C. and MANY more who are keeping the daily Reader’s Links posts up to date on the many intense events that are attempting to shape our world, one way or t’other.

The beginning of Biden’s legacy:


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  1. China doesn’t have to test Biden, they know how weak and easy he is to bribe, they are testing the rest of the nations over there to see how many will stand up to fight.

  2. https://torontosun.com/news/national/furey-pandemic-civil-liberties-abuses-most-popular-among-liberal-voters-poll-shows

    FUREY: Pandemic civil liberties abuses most popular among Liberal voters, poll shows
    A disturbing new national poll shows just how many civil liberties abuses Canadians — especially Liberal voters — are willing to inflict on their neighbours in the name of battling COVID-19.

    Only 29% of Liberal voters “strongly oppose” the police entering Canadians’ homes without a warrant to enforce pandemic rules. But that number shoots up to 47% and 46% respectively for Conservative and NDP voters.

    When it comes to jailing or fining people for “spreading disinformation” about the virus, almost three quarters (71%) of Liberal voters support the law clamping down on those who are “questioning the existence or seriousness of COVID” by making claims such as “it’s just the flu.” Although on a national level, 59% of Canadians still support such measures.

    Liberal voters are also most likely to support the police breaking up families in the name of public health, with 36% giving family separation the thumbs up. Support is not minuscule among other voter intentions, though, with 25% of Conservatives and 21% of NDPers OK with it.

    One of the few measures that is opposed across the board is the government compelling cellphone companies to provide individual location data to facilitate the enforcement of pandemic rules. “Surprisingly, 37% of Canadian voters support such actions by the government,” the poll release reads.

    While the poll shows the greatest support for civil liberties abuses by Liberal supporters, the total numbers reveal that Canadians in general are fairly split on the need for greater authoritarian measures.

    For example, 51% of respondents across the country oppose pedestrian checkpoints in their streets, with 46% in support. Likewise, 52% of Canadians support establishing police vehicle checkpoints while 45% of them oppose it.

    Perspectives differ by province, though. The numbers show support for these measures is highest in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces and opposition increases in Ontario and further west.

    When respondents are asked directly whether or not they support suspending civil liberties and rights, 52% of Canadians say no, with only 38% supporting it.

    It’s an interesting exercise in cognitive dissonance to see that while only about a third of Canadians answer yes to a theoretical question about suspending civil liberties, when they are presented with actual scenarios — separating families, entering private residences without warrants, and jailing people for having unorthodox views on COVID-19 — they are far more likely to offer support.

    These numbers present a truly disturbing picture of the almost carte blanche approach Canadians are willing to give their governments in the fight against COVID-19.

    While jurisdictions across the United States are loosening their restrictions as case numbers decrease and becoming more targeted in their response, Canada — which is also seeing decreasing cases — appears to be getting more blunt and regressive in its response to the virus.

    The month of January saw a drastic drop in the number of new daily cases in Canada, coming down from a high of 9,213 on Jan. 8 to 3,924 on Jan. 31.

  3. Wrong, and dismissive in a mean way. See wikipedia.
    Alito: America has “never before seen restrictions as severe, extensive, and prolonged as those experienced for most of 2020”
    Hirabayashi v. United States, 320 U.S. 81 (1943), was a case in which the United States Supreme Court held that the application of curfews against members of a minority group were constitutional when the nation was at war with the country from which that group’s ancestors originated.[1]

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