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  1. Offence to emotional insult, imprisoned under life-threatening stress, their fight-flight not ever permitted to be released by the authorities, may lead to a deeper hypnotic imprint of powerlessness, and thus awaken, akin to love, an undivided loyalty to their new single-parent. Resetting the imprint to the duck hatching from the egg. For love is what makes the world go round and cults have jacked into this forever.

    What will happen to Deplorables and bat-lovers:

    • Is thie torture?
      “In this video I start off slow but pick up steam as I submit the evidence and examples.
      By comparing our situation to the study of torture & coercion on Prisoners of War, I believe it becomes clear that what we are being put through with the virus response is a near perfect parallel to the Amnesty International definition of torture & Bidermans ‘Chart of Coercion.’”

      When there are enough willing-slaves from islam, Socialism and Sexual-affection, (already-turned by cowardice into the Protected Characteristics of imaginary kingdoms), these become prison guards in the police.

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