China Virus banned as term, but UK Variant still OK: Links 1, January 28, 2021

1. Ted Cruz accuses the Biden administration of ‘crawling into bed with China’

2. Joe Biden Signs Executive Order Banning the Term “China Virus”

Joe Biden signed an executive order today that banned the term “China virus.”
It’s not clear how this will help with the pandemic.
The coronavirus is widely believed today to have been created in a lab in Wuhan China.

This was one of his 37 executive orders in six days.

3. Indian news on the new Secretary of Defence of the Biden admin

4. Australia plans to limit the power of big tech to exploit and manipulate the individual. Google plans retaliation by blocking use of its search engine.

5. This is worth it just for the footage of AOC if nothing else.

Thank you all for your observations and comments this week so far.

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9 Replies to “China Virus banned as term, but UK Variant still OK: Links 1, January 28, 2021”

      • He or more properly his handlers are moving so fast the few moderate Democrats left are getting scared, they are starting to side with the Republicans.

  1. China virus
    China virus
    China virus
    Funded by Fauci
    Altered to enhance effectiveness against humans
    This is the sickest horrific crime against humanity
    And Fauci and others responsible should be held to
    Account, and evidence presented
    Instead of a farce impeachment against Trump

  2. 1)
    Crawling into Bed with CHINA?
    They’ve been romping between the sheets with China for ever it seems.
    Biden has been sucking on the CCP’s Dick for a long time, like Justin has been sucking their toes.
    Both of those are more than happy to bend over and take it for and from Team Mao.

  3. From the ever-fattening globalist bullshit file:

    Hurry up, he says. Standardize, he says. Why the rush, I ask? Is it because we are learning from qualified sources what a menace these injections represent, with their side effects and unknown efficacy, and the Blairs know we are learning and will resist more as we inform ourselves? That they are not vaccines as we understand vaccines to be? That the world is the neo-fascists’ guinea pig of CCP/Globalist control techniques testing? That none of this would be happening if not for the rampaging speed of technological advancement? Well, if anyone thinks I’m going to triple up on stupid face masks, and risk turning myself into a twitching vegetable (more than I am now, anyway) without being able to sue for my kids the big pharma who poisoned me, they’re wrong.

    My question is, if Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and Tony Blair, et al, are so repulsed by what they say are conspiracy theories, why don’t they use their omnipotent legacy media to inform the people, instead of simply calling people conspiracy flaks without proof? Why not make a list of the issues that concern us and blanket the world with scientific evidence dispelling why, for example, it is impossible for the mRNA devices to cause the body to attack itself? Have a news conference every day, everywhere. Counter the scientific studies on masks that prove they are useless. Explain the validity of the models that locked us down and that we now resent for their damage. Explain without clever, duplicitous language why unelected people such as Klaus Schwab in transnational organizations deserve power over us.

    They would if they wanted to, but they don’t so they won’t. Their agenda is the big fat Reset, which is meant to checkmate the white pieces on the chess board of humanity, forever.

    • Oh Johnny, your problem is you don’t realize Hitler was wonderful. Just stay home, stay safe and shut up. Freeland knows we are all conspiring against her and Justine, the little commies are going to Build Back Better and with Muslims crying for Shari’ah, you know where it is all going …put on your masks, practice the goose step, stop being a super spreader, just fall in line…shhhhhhhh

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