Frankfurt Knife goes on stabbing spree, more doctors speak out against totalitarian measures: Links 2, January 26, 2021

1. If a conservative of any ethnicity shoots anyone for any reason, its “white supremacy”. But if what is likely a muslim goes on a stabbing rampage then its the fault of the knife.

Frankfurt knife attack: ‘Several injured’ after horror spree in German city centre

SEVERAL people have been injured in Frankfurt, Germany, this morning after a knife attack.

The incident is understood to have taken place near Frankfurt train station district at about 9am local time. At least three people are believed to have been seriously injured in the attack. Police cordoneded off the site as a large number of emergency services attended the scene.

According to initial findings, the suspect acted under the influence of drugs.

Those injured in the attack were rushed to hospital and are not believed to have life-threatening injuries.

(Subtle but clever writing. All to deflect agency away from the attacker and on to the weapon. Gun control advocates will do this as well to guns when the shooting is not more expedient as a tool against “white supremacy”.)

2. ANOTHER Doctor speaks out against the measures being forced on Ontarians

3. David Wood speaks to how Big Tech became Big Brother

4. Gun store says it won’t sell firearms, ammunition to Biden supporters: ‘Sorry for the inconvenience’

(Our entire ethos is about not discriminating on the basis of this sort of thing. But as Biden is 100% anti-gun in the hands of non-state agents, it certainly makes sense to force them to live to their own standards. In a way, its a fair version of Alinsky rule 4. Except with Alinsky’s rule, the idea is to force non-leftists to live up to their own rules in a way that they force to fail. Alinsky’s example is, if an organization promises to write back everyone who sends them a letter, send them hundreds of thousands of letters. You get the idea. This is a more just application)

A Missouri gun store is turning more than a few heads after announcing that it’s not selling guns or ammunition to supporters of Democratic President Joe Biden.

Oh, and Trigger Firearms and Reloading in Jefferson City posted its Facebook message on Inauguration Day, no less:

What was the reaction?

It isn’t clear how many Biden supporters in the area took issue with the stance of Trigger Firearms and Reloading. But bear in mind that Missouri voters solidly supported former President Donald Trump (56.8%) in the 2020 election compared to Biden (41.4%), and that Jefferson City — the state capital — also leans conservative.

5. I got the following insightful text last night:

You know youre being controlled by billionaire totalitarians when if you want what you had before you need to subscribe for permission now
no vaccine no travel
No mask no food

Double-masking is a sensible and easy way to lower your risk when you have to spend more time around others — in a taxi, on a train or plane, or at an inauguration.

Pete Buttigieg, right, the former mayor of South Bend, Ind., and his husband, Chasten Buttigieg, wearing double masks at the Capitol on Wednesday for the inauguration of President Biden.Credit…Kevin Dietsch – Pool/Getty Images

But the fashion trend that most excited me was the double mask! Double-masking is a sensible and easy way to lower your risk, especially if circumstances require you to spend more time around others — like in a taxi, on a train or plane, or at an inauguration. Pete Buttigieg, the former presidential candidate and now the nominee for secretary of transportation, was spotted double-masking. It appears he was wearing a high-quality medical mask underneath a black cloth mask. His husband, Chasten, was sporting a similar double-masked look, but with a fashionable plaid cloth mask that coordinated with his winter scarf.

Thank you MissPiggy, Richard, Johnny U., EB., ET., M., Hellequin GB., Vic A., C., PC., and a large number of others, regulars and new people who are red pill pharmacists, or new recipients of prescriptions.

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    This is an example of a horrendous crime-against-humanity that’s just sitting there in plain sight despite being ignored by the media. There is enough evidence out there that the “Zelenko Protocol” is effective against the COVID-19 virus that no one should be confused into thinking it’s all “anecdotal” and therefore nothing but a joke. Here’s an “anecdote”. “Yesterday I walked into a bar and sat down with a Rabbi, an Imam, and a Priest. The priest ordered a beer and the Rabbi said, “Oy vay”. There’s your anecdote…

    The truth is that the “hydroxychloroquine deniers” are guilty of mass murder. The focussed left has consciously decided that it is worth it for hundreds of thousands of people to die as long as it helps to get Donald Trump thrown out of office, which is exactly what just happened. There should be a Neurenberg Trial followed by hangings and long prison sentences for the perpetrators, starting with little Dr. Fauci… Fauci knows that HCQ works but he’s bad-mouthing it anyway because he hates Republicans more than he loves his patients. These people are literally guilty of murder and that might just be too much for some of their followers to stomach once they finally figure out what just happened…

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