Your daily laugh: A classic Leftist/Islamic attack on history

The highly amusing lie

The facts

When was Big Ben built?

The Palace of Westminster was destroyed by fire in 1834. In 1844, it was decided the new buildings for the Houses of Parliament should include a tower and a clock. 

A massive bell was required and the first attempt (made by John Warner & Sons at Stockton-on-Tees) cracked irreparably. The metal was melted down and the bell recast in Whitechapel in 1858.

Big Ben first rang across Westminster on 31 May 1859. A short time later, in September 1859, Big Ben cracked. A lighter hammer was fitted and the bell rotated to present an undamaged section to the hammer. This is the bell as we hear it today.


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  1. I guess they will lay claim next to the Colosseum in Rome that the Romans stole from them during their reign in Palestine.
    Or what about the Arc de Triomphe in Paris?
    Napoleon fought in Palestine in 1799, they besieged Arce….. so they must have stolen it from there, mustn’t they?
    I think I must get the book “The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise again”, just to see what THEY stole from Europe, besides our Tax-money through our corrupt and traitorous political class.

    • We teach our children the lie that carbon dioxide levels affect the Earth’s temperature when the Vostok ice-core samples clearly show that they do not and that the truth is that planetary temperature fluctuations affect CO2 levels, not the other way ’round, while being fully aware that the subtext of that message is that the planet would be better off if us “breathers” breathed our last. Ever wonder why there are “school shooters”? We literally tell them they are killing the planet by exhaling so why not bring the AR-15 to home-room…?


    This will be the literal downfall of New York. The truth about New York is that gangs of “teens” like this one can appear anywhere, any time, and in any numbers via the turnstile-jumping subway, and you’re not allowed your Second Amendment right to own a firearm and protect yourself. Screwed blue, in other words… And they’re busy defunding the police…

    There can be no doubt that many thousands of “teens” in New York, after years of listening to Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright, hate white people unequivocally and see them as nothing more than prey, as a leopard or hyena would see a Thompson’s gazelle or a warthog. The fact is that if you have white skin New York is not a place you can be because it contains a large minority of raging deadly teens who blame you for everything that’s wrong in their lives. New York is going to implode and become exactly like the Kurt Russel movie, “Escape From New York”. Did you see the teen sucker-punch little Rick Moranis? And have you noticed they all know how to punch like prizefighters…

    Did you see what they did to the white kid in the fur-lined coat? And what do you bet the whole bunch of them get away scot-free…?

    I honestly think the Big Apple is going to turn into a deserted slum with boarded-up stores and roving bands of murderers, and DeBlasio will still be blaming the rich but they’ll all be gone to Poland or New Jersey or Texas…

  3. This is how they start their myths of fake stolen stuff in order to conquer and actually steal. There are enough muzrats and useful idiot commies who would go along with it.
    Buck Foris

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