People blow up a bridge in the Netherlands, theoretically as part of riots over a 6:00 curfew


(Really. WTH is going on here. How many of your average Dutch people would know how to do this, both in theory and be able to pull it off? What is really going on here?)



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  1. This was a wooden bridge, probably a foot bridge across a large creek or small river. From what I saw in the video it to 20 or more gallons of gas, a hand cart to carry them and some type of ignition system hooked to a primitive timing device. Open the gas cans to give the fumes time to build up and mix with the Oxy in the air. Push the cart out onto the Bridge and set the timer then run as fast as you can.

    Crude primitive but it worked well enough to burn the bridge.

    If this is antifa pulling false flag riots and burning the bridge they are smart enough to not use a sophisticated device that would scream professional EOD person.

    • Yeah, this looked like a gasoline explosion. Four open plastic containers with a charge in between them, I assume a Cobra 6 or other illegal fireworks. No timer needed, those things have fuses.
      Such explosions are not uncommon in the Netherlands, especially around NYE. It’s been worse than usual this year because of the fireworks ban. It was an incentive for some people to come up with their own improvised explosives.

      But this was a pretty extreme one, also this kind of thing is usually done in a field or in an empty square. The purpose of this IED was obviously vandalism / arson.

      PS I noticed a color difference. The liquid in the left canister looks reddish, it might be fuel for use in agriculture. Such fuel is VAT-exempt, and a color additive is used to mark it as such (to prevent use in private vehicles).

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